Rimworld Arid Shrubland: Why is it the Best Biome in the Game?


In Rimworld, you can choose from a large number of biomes before starting the game. Those who wish can choose to play in the tundra, poles or forests. However, in general, players wonder which biome is more efficient. Based on my many years of experience in the game, we would like to tell you about the Rimworld Arid Shrubland biome, which you probably haven’t played before.

Rimworld Arid Shrubland
Rimworld Arid Shrubland

Arid Shrubland is a biome with an overall above-average temperature. Its desert-like nature and lack of trees are among its most important features. Well, you must have wondered how exactly such a restricted area is the best biome in the game. Let’s learn the answer to this question together.

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1. Lack of Trees is an Advantage

Most newbies to the game can find it quite comfortable in a biome with trees. We accept this. However, the absence of trees does not mean that we cannot survive. Because trees can be troublesome after you develop our colony. The most important of these troubles are the tribes that came to our region to raid and use these trees as a shield. This means that nothing will stand in your colonists way while they are shooting at enemies.

A second advantage is that forest fires have a low incidence. In general, during stormy weather, fires can occur many times due to lightning. Or, when a random fire breaks out, the probability of it spreading is very high thanks to the trees. But with the Rimworld Arid Shrubland Biome, you don’t have to think about such an issue.

2. Rimworld Arid Shrubland and Saguaro Cactus

Yes, at first we mentioned that there were no trees. However, this does not mean that you cannot create your own trees and forests. The Saguaro Cactus is one of the most fruitful trees in the game. A very warm environment will be enough for it to grow. Considered the best wood-producing tree in Rimworld, as it produces 1.63 wood per day, the Saguaro Cactus will solve your tree problem. However, if you are still planning to grow a large number of trees, be careful to plant them in a place far from your colony. Otherwise, you will have to deal with fires.

3. Crop Growth Rate Covers the Whole Year

Food is the most vital ingredient for a colony to grow and thrive. Therefore, as soon as you start the game, you can immediately start farming in the Rimworld Arid Shrubland biome. Because the crop growth rate in this biome covers the whole year. So you can plant anything you want and start food production any day of the year. By the way, planting products that can grow at high temperatures into the soil always gives you higher yields.

Rimworld Arid Shrubland
Rimworld Arid Shrubland farming

The only downside we can see will be the heat waves. Sometimes, severe heatwaves can kill your crops in this biome. Of course, we think that warm weather is quite ideal for farming instead of cold weather.

4. Livestock

Wildlife is almost indispensable to a colony. Elephants, rhinos, iguanas, and ostriches are the animals found in abundance in this biome. Hunting is always a good choice, especially when there are not many colonists when farming. Don’t make these animals go extinct, though. Because you can collect milk and wool by taming dromedary animals.

Rimworld Arid Shrubland

However, since the horns of elephants and rhinos are quite expensive, there is no problem in hunting them. You can sell these horns to Caravans for quite high prices. However, be careful not to kill all the elephants and rhinos. The main reason for this is that elephants and rhinos can lay eggs. Elephants and rhinos are generally better suited to breed when they find warm weather.

5. Electricity Generation and Cooling

Cooling is the biggest problem in hotter biomes. Your colonists cannot work very efficiently in the heat. Likewise, most of the products you store will start to rot quickly due to the heat. In order to avoid such problems, you will need to produce a lot of energy.

At the beginning of our guide, we mentioned that there are hardly any trees in the Arid Shrubland biome. We mentioned that in addition to trees, there are no mountains or hills. It is very easy to get full efficiency from wind turbines in a geography where every field is open. In addition, when we consider the daylight hours from the sun, which is the source of the hot air, we can get efficiency. The easiest way is to place solar panels.

Rimworld Arid Shrubland

As you can see, generating electricity is very easy in biomes with heat waves. You can give your colonists a sigh of relief by converting this extra electricity into cold air accompanied by a “Cooler”. You can even make an icebox for your food by using a lot of coolers.

In conclusion, although it may seem difficult to live in this biome, it is actually very easy. All you have to do is know what to do. Your colony can survive for many years if you design animals, plants, trees, and energy production according to the challenges of geography.

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