Rimworld Kitchen: How to Use it Most Efficiently


It’s pretty easy to get wild to survive on a desolate planet of Rimworld. The problem of needing food for a period of time can be solved by hunting. You can even survive by attacking and killing the merchants passing through your area and eating them like cannibals if you go too hard. But for now, there is no need for actions that will make you forget that you are such a human being. Because we have prepared a great Rimworld Kitchen guide for you.

rimworld kitchen

In our guide, you will find the butcher section, freezers, cooking points, and all the other details. We even designed our own kitchen for you. There are also important details, such as sterile tiles, in our design. Now, if you’re ready, let’s take a look at the details of our guide before your colonists die of food poisoning.

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Structures Required for Rimworld Best Kitchen Setup

First of all, if you have just started the game, it is very difficult to make a Rimworld kitchen room without any problems. Because you will need electricity, a cooler and sinks. It is also very important to store electricity for all of these to work. That’s why we decided to make a short list.

Electric Cooker and Butcher’s Table

The electric cooker is the main focus of our Rimworld kitchen guide. We will be able to produce all the dishes we will cook in the game thanks to this tool. You will need a very small energy source for this. Considering that you have just established your colony, a simple weather vane will do the trick.

Rimworld Kitchen

As you can see in the example above, you can use the butcher’s table wherever you want to store food. In addition, it is very good to use the storage area with the butcher’s table only for fresh food, herbs, drugs and medicines.

Rimworld Kitchen Sink

Rimworld Kitchen Sink is especially important for preventing food poisoning. If you look at the picture above, there is a sink in the room where the electric stove is located. Maybe it would make sense to put one of these sinks in the room with the butcher’s table. However, we think that one of them will suffice.


When designing the Rimworld Kitchen Freezer layout, be sure to place the Cooler in the butcher and storage room, and don’t forget to set the temperature to -15 degrees. In this way, as the meats and all other clean foods will be frozen, their spoiling time will either be prolonged or completely disappear. Also, since the Cooler works with 200 W of energy, maybe the Wind Turbine may cause delays in producing the electricity you need.

Rimworld Kitchen

Dining Room

It is very attractive to design an 8-by-8 or 5-by-5 dining room, even if it is small, completely separate from the kitchen and the freezer. You can create a pleasant space by decorating it with a table, chair and light. In addition, a comfortable space can be created for the Rimworld Kitchen layout by adding one or two small shelves. Maybe you want to store drugs and some other products here as well.

Rimworld Kitchen

Rimworld Kitchen: Food List

In order for the colonists to live a more comfortable life, we finally built simple structures on the Rimworld kitchen layout. We find it especially useful for beginners to make simple constructions. Now it’s time for the menu.

Wouldn’t you like your colonists to enjoy themselves with a sweet chocolate after a busy and tiring day? Moreover, good food can be one of the most important tools to keep your colony alive against depression and hopelessness. If you’re ready, let’s take a look at the list of dishes you can make.

MealsNutrient EffiencyTasteWork to MakeDescription
Chocolaten/aFinen/aChocolate can be harvested directly from the cocoa tree.
Lavish Meal100%Lavish800Generous food prepared by a master chef can only be cooked with an electric stove. Lavish Meal, made from meat or animal products, gives 100% satiety.
Carnivore Lavish Meal80%Lavish800Requiring 10 cooking skills, Carnivore Lavish Meal is all meat. It will specifically meet the food needs of the nobles in your colony.
Vegetarian Lavish Meal80%Lavish800Vegetarian Lavish Meal, which requires a level 10 cooking skill, consists of herbal ingredients. It can only be cooked on electric and fuel stoves.
Nutrient Paste Meal300%Awfuln/aIt is produced using many raw food ingredients. Because it tastes so bad, it can demoralize the colonists over time.
Fine Meal180%Fine450It is a quality meal made using both meat and vegetables. Requires level 6 cooking skill.
Carnivore Fine Meal120%Fine450It is a type of quality food that uses only meat. Cooking level 6 is required.
Vegetarian Fine Meal120%Fine450It is quality food cooked using herbal ingredients.
Kibble125%Raw450It is a type of food used as animal food. It can only be produced at the butcher’s table. For example, it would be enough to produce 40 rice and 40 insect meat.
Pemmican160%Simple700It is a food to be consumed on long trips outside the colony. Since it does not deteriorate for a long time, it is enough for the colonists to survive on different planets.
Packaged survival Meal150%Simple450It is the colonists’ primary food source at the start of the game. Colonists with cooking level 8 can produce this food later in the game.
Simple Meal180%Simple300Produced in 5 seconds even in campfires, Simple Meal quickly solves the food problem that colonists need. It can be cooked using rice, potatoes, meat, herbs or other raw whole foods.

As you can see, it is possible to produce all kinds of food in the game with a quality Rimworld kitchen design. It is possible to use rice, meat, potatoes, herbs and all other raw foods for the production of almost any food. Rimworld offers a wide range of opportunities to players in this regard.

As a result, we have finally come to the end of our article with the menu. We tried to prepare a very simple, understandable and beginners guide. Hope you liked it, see you in the next articles!.

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