How to Use Rimworld Rocket Swarm Launcher?


In Rimworld, some barbarian and aggressive tribes can threaten your colony in the early game. Especially those who have just started the game do not know exactly what to do against the aggressive groups that come in large numbers. To be used in such situations, Rimworld has developed a new weapon called the Rocket Swarm Launcher. The weapon carries out a rain of rockets on areas that cover a very large area. And it instantly kills almost anything it targets. Unless they’re pretty powerful Mechanoids, of course.

imworld Rocket Swarm Launcher

In today’s article, we will talk about how to use the Rocket Swarm Launcher, which we think should be one in each colony to help beginners. We’ll also take a look at other specific details, such as how to research and what materials are required. If you’re ready, let’s start.

What is Rimworld Rocket Swarm Launcher?

The Rocket Swarm Launcher is a heavy-damage security turret that must be activated by a colonist. It is generally recommended to be used in very urgent situations, that is when the colonies are under threat. Because of the rocket attack, it inflicts deadly damage against weaker attackers. When you decide to fire the Rocket Swarm Launcher in Rimworld, you will see that you can target a total of 110 squares. Since this hit area is really high, you have the chance to kill almost all the enemies in the 110 square area at the same time.

Rimworld Rocket Swarm Launcher

In addition to all these, Rocket Swarm Launcher fires a total of 25 rockets. By the way, do you remember the working style of Mortar, another turret in Rimworld? While using Mortar, it doesn’t matter if there are walls or various obstacles in front of you because it allows you to shoot directly from the air. However, this is not exactly the case when it comes to the Rocket Swarm Launcher. There should be no obstacles in front of you because the shots are perfectly straight.

Research and Construction

Since we are talking about the damage that Rocket Swarm will deal with, it is necessary to talk about how to research. First of all, it is very important that any of your colonists have a Construction skill level of 5. You also need to complete the “Rocketswarm Launcher” project from the research desk. Finally, you can build quickly with only 20 Platsteel, 200 Steel, 2 Components, and 180 Chemfuel.

We would like to remind you again that you should be very careful when choosing the place where you will place the Rocketswarm. The rockets will not reach the target if they get in the way while firing.

By the way, if you need more advanced technologies and weapons, you can check out our Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip guide.

How to Fire Rimworld Rocket Swarm Launcher?

Now we come to how you can use this magnificent turret in the game. Although it is actually quite simple, many players forget that it is used like automatic turrets. If you follow the steps below one by one, you can use Rocketswarm successfully.

  • First, Rocketswarm needs to be ready to use. Because once you use it to launch a missile, it needs 2 minutes of cooldown to fire again. Don’t forget to reload after spending 180 chem-fuel after the cooldown is over.
  • Secondly, make sure there are no obstacles where you place the rocket.
  • If everything is ready, wait for enemies to come within range and keep a colonist ready at the head of the rocket. Then click on Rocketswarm Launcher and click the “Activated” button. Afterward, you will see an area showing the firing zone. After your enemies are in range, click your mouse to fire the rockets.
Rimworld Rocket Swarm Launcher

That’s it! Even if groups of 100s of enemies come your way, you can instantly destroy more than half of them with a good shot. The remaining enemies will likely remain crippled or severely injured. Additionally, if you want to bring some enemies back to life, the Rimworld healer mech serum will come in handy.


As difficult as the Rimworld Rocketswarm Launcher is to manufacture and research, it is a truly useful security turret. Thanks to this rocket, which can inflict deadly damage against various enemies, you will have extra power against crowded enemies. In our opinion, the biggest disadvantage is that aiming is very difficult with this turret. Because having walls or structures belonging to you in the area where you aim with Rocketswarm creates serious problems.

It’s also pretty weak to use against uncrowded enemies. You don’t want to rocket a few people as these enemies come separately. As a result, as a deterrent of any kind, the Rocketswarm Launcher will suffice to slay the tribes that come to kill you. Have fun, and good luck to you all!

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