11 Charming Minecraft Lake House Ideas


Finding a place to live in Minecraft is a challenging task, especially if you’re a newcomer. In order to survive the first night, a secure base is a must-have element. Building a start house is hard enough, but choosing the correct place to build is even more challenging! And that’s when a lake house can help you.

In this article, let’s take a look at our best 11 Minecraft lake house ideas!

minecraft lake house

A Minecraft lake house is much more secure than other house types because of its location. Since not so many hostile mobs can spawn underwater, you don’t need to spend tons of hours fortifying the base with walls, fences, or traps. Instead, you can build freely and leave your farm outside without worrying about the crops getting trampled.

11 Minecraft Lake House Ideas For This Summer

Here at Console Bandit, we cover most Minecraft lake house types. From starter houses to a fancy temple in the middle of the lake, you can pick the idea you love and implement them quickly by following the tutorial listed below each idea. Without further ado, let’s see the list!

1. Starter Lake House

minecraft lake house

We are starting off the list with a simple yet aesthetic Minecraft starter lake house.

The main structure consists of the main wall made from oak wood and spruce flooring with a series of oak fences. The roof has a gambrel shape with cobblestone trim and spruce stairs inside. Besides that, the building has enough space for you to decorate both the interior and exterior. For example, you could plant some sweet berries and flowers near the windows.

Moreover, this starter house has a small dock where you can park your boat after a long expedition.

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2. Lake House in Swamp

minecraft lake house

Unique from the rest of the ideas in the list, this Minecraft lake house is located in the middle of the swamp lake.

It may be challenging to construct a house above the water with no surrounding land, but when you’re done, this design is a safe zone that can save your life! With that being said, you will only worry about drowned and phantom since they can swim underwater and fly in the sky, respectively.

The lake house has 2 spacious rooms with a natural balcony. The dormer roof plays a big role since not only does it provide lights to the attic but it also creates the aesthetic aspect of the house. Right below the main room is a playground, where you could build some small tables and a cooking area. Plus, remember to plant some crops for food as well.

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3. Small Fisherman Lake House

minecraft lake house

If you love fishing, this hybrid fisherman lake house can satisfy your needs!

By using mostly oak and spruce wood, you could have a small fishing hut with full functionalities. You have a sleeping area with a small storage room. However, the main storage area is the dock itself since you can store the fish caught in the water in the nearby barrels.

To enhance the house, using some Minecraft shaders such as BSL or Sildurs is recommended!

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4. Wooden Lake House

minecraft lake house

With a unique shape and a safe entrance, this wooden Minecraft lake house could be on your bucket list!

Normally, people tend to build houses facing outwards to the sea. However, this lake house provides a spruce stairs entrance on the land side for easy accessibility. The house is not too big but not small either, providing enough space for you to live with your friends. In addition, you can always expand the house by building more floors on top.

With an ocean view on another side and shaders, you can enjoy the sunset scenery through the glass layer right in the house. Isn’t it romantic?

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5. Survival Lake House

minecraft lake house

Building a Minecraft lake house in the middle of the lake is the most common idea, and most people choose the swamp biome since it already has a great atmosphere, as well as already having lily pads lying around.

However, not every Minecrafter loves the color tone of the foliage in the swamp biome. Instead, you could choose a normal lake, warm ocean, or jungle biome for the greenest leaves, vines, and grass blocks. And by combining those greeny blocks with spruce, oak, and birch wood, you can create a vibrant lake house within a few days.

The house consists of several small rooms, including a bedroom, a smelting room, a storage room, and several small crop farms. With many food sources like this, you won’t be starving soon.

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6. Natural Lake House

minecraft lake house

Next, we have a medieval Minecraft lake house ready for you to pick!

Like other ideas, we have a 2-story house, a dock with fences to prevent you from falling over, and a stone brick chimney on the roof. The first floor is spacious, with a lot of rooms to decorate. You could have everything set up here for your everyday needs, such as cooking, crafting, upgrading gear, sleeping, and more.

On the second floor is the enchanting area with some bookshelves and a small balcony. Moreover, you can use the Better Leaves Add-on to create an aesthetic visualization for the leaves, including changing the leaf’s color.

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7. Lake House with Farm

minecraft lake house

Here’s yet another lake house built in the swamp lake that can change your mind instantly.

The house is perfectly designed to create a succinct exterior. And when it comes to gathering the materials, this design uses almost every single wood type in Minecraft, including oak, spruce, acacia, and jungle. Besides two big rooms and a small balcony, you will have a lovely pathway around the house and a small farm right in front of the dock.

Whether you just started playing Minecraft or are a veteran, this design is totally worth the effort!

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8. Survival Japanese Lake House

minecraft lake house

If you love Asian culture, especially Japanese, we have two Japanese lake house ideas for you to pick. And let’s take a look at the first design!

First, the pathway from the land to the lake house is made from unlit campfires. This alone already makes this build stand out from the rest, not to forget to mention the torii gate and the lotus flowers in the nearby lake.

The main house is based on a Japanese pagoda, with 2 floors and a curvy roof. Combined with the details that come from the hanging lanterns, spruce fences, barrels, spruce leaves, and bamboo, this lake house idea ranks high in the top position.

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9. Large Wooden Lake House

minecraft lake house

Symmetrical and complex, this large wooden lake house consists of 2 main rooms and a spacious hallway connecting the rooms. Besides the perfect location, this design also has a tall foundation, which can be a huge advantage when it comes to defending waves of hostile mobs.

The exterior is not too complicated to replicate. The frame is mainly made from spruce stairs and oak logs, while the wall is made from stripped logs. In addition, you will need some birch stairs for the roof.

A unique feature of this lake house is a cute boat located right underneath the hallway. To furthermore expand the base, you could dig down from the boat to create a mine entrance and get rich from diamonds.

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10. Lake Fortress

minecraft lake house

Similar to the large wooden lake house above, this lake fortress design is partially symmetrical but instead of wood, Lex The Builder uses stone bricks and mossy cobblestones for the foundation of the building.

The fortress has two watch towers to observe the enemy from a far distance. And the only way you can enter the fortress is through the main gate, which is submerged in the water to slow down the speed evermore. If you don’t have elytra, entering this lake fortress is a real challenge.

Regarding the living area, you will have enough space to build whatever you want. From a luxury living room to a spacious bedroom, a whole cooking and sorting system room, and of course, a full enchanting room with at least 15 bookshelves.

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11. Japanese Zen Lake House

minecraft lake house

The final Minecraft lake house is quite special and it’s also the second Japanese structure on the list.

The entrance contains several stepping stones, lotus flowers, and torii gates, which makes the onboard process is exciting than ever! Once you’ve passed the gate, you will come across a small hallway that connects two main buildings. By using a distinctive color from acacia and dark oak wood, Hakdow creates an incredible design with over 24,000 likes.

For the roof, you have to enter the Nether dimension to gather some blackstones. Although it sounds dangerous, the result is totally worth it!

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And that’s our best 11 Minecraft lake house ideas for now.

With enough playtime, resources, and building skill, you can surely expand your building to create a whole lake empire standing steadily on the ocean surface. So let’s pick an idea, gather the materials, and start building your own lake house. Happy building!

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