7 Brilliant Ideas For Minecraft Docks


There are endless possibilities for constructing your survival starter house, but sometimes, the choices vary, and you might find them overwhelming. In this article, we’ll guide you through the list of 7 epic ideas for Minecraft docks!

Minecraft Docks

First, you need to find a perfect place to settle your Minecraft docks. Building one near a river or ocean biome is recommended, where you can access both the forest and the water source. This way, you can efficiently harvest the wood for the building, as well as have enough space to build a dock.

7 Awesome Designs for Minecraft Docks

From the most basic, small base to the most complex, enormous mansion, our seven ideas for Minecraft docks offer anything you are looking for. Since all designs require vanilla materials, it’s best to spend time collecting them in advance and then let these ideas be your next step. Without further ado, let’s see the list!

1. Minecraft Fishing Hut

minecraft docks

It’s always pleasant to start a list with a simple design. And this Minecraft fishing hut is so easy that everyone can build it effortlessly!

The hut is made mainly of wooden resources like spruce logs and trapdoors. The combination of cobblestone and stone bricks, oak planks, and stripped oak logs in the walls make the hut sturdier. Although the interior space is relatively small, it is still cozy and adequate for setting up the necessary items. You can make a railing with any wooden material, and remember to put out some oak leaves and flowers for a better look.

If you’re a fan of spruce wood, feel free to check out those awesome Minecraft spruce house ideas!

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2. Basic Minecraft Dock And Survival House

If you think the first idea is too simple, then let this one satisfy you!

The basic Minecraft dock has almost the same design as the small fishing hut but is more extensive and complicated. The house uses spruce logs and spruce planks, while polished adesite brings a brilliant look to the front as the border of the roof. This two-story dock house also has a more significant interior that allows for extra storage and a chimney on top of the roof.

minecraft docks

The outside view needs several lanterns for night visibility and to prevent hostile mobs at night. Plus, you can build a proper dock for fishing, but it’s up to you.

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3. Aesthetic Minecraft Dock House

minecraft docks

Let’s get some vibes with this eye-catching Minecraft dock house!

The design we showcase here contains two parts: the survival house and the dock. The house uses various resources, including cobblestone, oak logs, and spruce stairs. It’s distinguished by a row of crimson trapdoors built along the walls. Furthermore, a bunch of flowers and vines provides an impressive view of the entire house.

The dock, however, is not only the storage area for boats but also for chilling purposes. The area is constructed mainly from wooden materials, such as oak, spruce, and birch. The open view is decorated with a group of flower pots, and staying at night will no longer be a problem thanks to some hanging lanterns.

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4. Two-floor Dock House

minecraft docks

This charming, breathtaking dock house will soon win your heart!

It’s typical for Minecraft players to build a dock house with wooden resources instead of metal, and this design is no exception. The structure is formed by variations of oak wood, while the floor and the railing are composed of spruce planks, oak fences, and oak fence gates.

The house’s second floor uses almost the same material, but it also has a balcony, which you can use to enjoy the atmosphere and the views around. To make your house more lively and vibrant, we’d recommend adding some vines and a pack of flower pots, as usual.

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5. Medieval Minecraft Dock House

minecraft docks

This medieval Minecraft dock house is the project you won’t want to miss if you’ve already got a medieval city or want to bring an old-fashioned vibe into your world.

The design we showcase here has the floor, the pillars, and the frames constructed from spruce wood, while the walls are made of white concrete and diorite block, which allow for solid durability.

The house also features a gambrel roof style, which significantly increases the usable space underneath and perfectly matches the medieval theme. Gray concrete is used primarily to build the roof, bordered by spruce stairs. As usual, oak leaves and vines are used for exterior decorations, but you can create a cattle farm or a crop to differentiate.

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6. Modern Suburban Dock Mansion

minecraft docks

This modern suburban dock house captivates our attention with its contemporary design, making it an absolute game-changer.

The mansion is constructed from many materials: smooth stone slabs, polished diorite, birch planks, smooth quartz stairs, stone brick blocks, and more. Although most of these materials take more time to create or craft, the result is absolutely worth it!

The first floor is literally used for dock purposes, as there are two areas to moor the boat. The survival house is built above, smaller than the first floor, but it’s still acceptable to leave out several items.

After setting up all items inside the house, according to your liking, let’s pay close attention to the outside. Not to mention that oak leaves, bushes, and vines are too essential to make your home look full of life. Some tables, chairs, or chests can be placed around the large balcony. Moreover, it’s also necessary to build a fence to prevent hostile mobs, but it’s up to you.

7. Medieval Dock Warehouse Storage

minecraft docks

There is another ancient option for a dock house you may wish for. The design features a spacious warehouse not only for survival but also for storage.

The dock is constructed aside from the main house, which is made of oak logs and spruce stairs. The house is divided into several parts and uses many oak pillars to support it, which are boned with walls made of cobblestone and bone blocks. The roof is made from variations of stone bricks and covered by spruce stairs and spruce slabs.

A set of warehouses is built next to the main house. Plus, you can build them with wooden resources instead of blending them with metal. Once finished, its massive space is enough to save anything you’ve already harvested. The outside and inside are decorated with chests, melons, and pumpkin blocks. Some hanging lanterns can be added for better visibility.

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Building Minecraft docks is undoubtedly a crucial yet exciting part for any player trying to make an impact. Since the design of the house is the first thing we all focus on, it is best that we put a lot of effort into making it appealing. We hope these seven ideas for Minecraft docks will level up your experience. Happy fishing!

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