13 Inspiring Minecraft Cliff House Ideas


When it comes to building a house for survival, Minecraft has provided thousands of choices. One of the most stunning structures that players consider is the Minecraft cliff house, which offers players a unique blend of protection and breathtaking views.

Minecraft Cliff House

A Minecraft cliff house is a type of building built on a cliff or mountain biome. This structure is often used as a base or hideout, and players can use the natural walls of the cliff to create a shelter to keep themselves away from hostile mobs. The design of a cliff house can vary greatly depending on the player’s creativity and imagination. Let’s take a look at our best Minecraft cliff house ideas!

13 Impressive Minecraft Cliff House Ideas

To build a Minecraft cliff house, the players can use common materials such as wood, stone, cobblestone, sandstone, and nether brick. However, other resources, such as clay and quartz can help personalize your legacy. Without further ado, let’s get into our suggestions!

1. Simple Minecraft Cliff House

Minecraft cliff house

For players who are new to the game, we’d like to introduce the most straightforward Minecraft cliff house!

This simple house has an entrance made of spruce trapdoors, spruce stairs, and oak logs. Once you have installed the entrance, let’s dig the cliff to create the interior area. Since we define this idea as simple, you don’t have to make it big. Just make sure you have enough space to set up some necessary things, such as chests, bed, bookshelf, loom, armor stand…

If you build this simple Minecraft cliff house near a pond or a lake, you don’t have to spend much time beautifying the exterior. But inside, you have a lot of options for decorating like placing oak leaves and building a lovely aquarium.

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2. Super High Cliff House

Minecraft cliff house

Nestled on top of the towering cliff, this small yet cozy Minecraft cliff house offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life!

The design we showcase here has an entrance made mainly of wooden material: oak logs and spruce logs. The roof has a gable style, which is versatile and well-adapted to fit this cliff style. Don’t forget to install a fence and a lantern to ensure safety and visibility.

You can expand the inside as much as possible according to your liking. Or dig it all the way out on the cliff’s edge to increase space, create an entranceway, and improve privacy. To make it truly a home, you’d better set up some furniture like a bed, bookshelves, and chests… not to mention that you can grow crops inside to create a self-sufficient and sustainable living environment.

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3. Survival Cliff House

Minecraft cliff house

If you wish to enjoy an extraordinary view after waking up every morning. This Minecraft cliff house idea will make your dream come true!

The entrance of this magnificent dwelling is a perfect combination of wooden and metal materials, providing the perfect balance between durability and style. Wooden blocks like spruce planks and stripped birch wood create a warm, welcoming feel, while stone bricks and stone brick walls provide sturdiness and security. The living space inside contains two floors. A first floor is a place for cooking as well as taking care of your crops, while the second is used for sleeping and observing.

The best part of this idea is its location. You should find a high enough cliff next to a lake or a pond. The lake provides a stunning view and a tranquil atmosphere perfect for relaxation. For more ideas, check out those awesome Minecraft lake house ideas.

To enhance the exterior appearance, we recommend adding lanterns and flower pots. In addition, you can also place some vines or oak leaves on the cliff nearby. In case you do not pay too much attention, there’s also an additional storage room on top of the cliff!

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4. Cozy Cliff House

Minecraft cliff house

Whether you are looking to enjoy a stunning, pleasing view or simply want a comfortable living space, this design can fit them both!

Instead of building the front of the house first, this project starts by digging the cliff two blocks of depth. The texture of the house is built primarily with wooden materials such as dark oak woods and spruce planks. In fact, you can expand the house by increasing the volume of materials instead of digging into the mountain.

The front facade contains glass blocks, allowing you to take the world’s beauty all the time. Access to the house is easy thanks to the ladder leading up to the entrance, making it more convenient and practical.

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5. Wooden Cliffside House

Minecraft cliff house

Next up is the go-to idea that most Minecraft players prefer!

Due to its massive size, you must first locate a suitable, good-sized cliff. If your cliff has a different shape than the tutorial, you must adapt and change the size of your house accordingly. The design we showcase here has a structure similar to that of a suburban house, offering comfort similar to a traditional home. The house is appropriate to build in your early game because you only need some wood.

The ample size of the house provides plenty of space for all you need, while the gambrel roof adds a touch of elegance. The bottom of the house is reinforced with supported beams. On the other hand, you can extend the cliff to make the house better.

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6. Hanging Mountain House

Minecraft cliff house

Perched on the edge of a majestic cliff, this hanging mountain house is sure to leave an impression on all who behold it!

There are many locations to consider building this idea. You can choose a large cave, which you can build completely underground or near the entrance. Plus, you can build your home in a ravine, over a valley, or a river. The last option is to build it on a natural mountain cliff. It’s all up to you!

The mountain house is hung by a support made of spruce stairs, oak logs, scaffolding, and oak trapdoors. The frame is made of oak logs and oak planks, while the walls are filled with glass blocks. In addition, you can make a small space at the bottom of the structure for relaxation purposes. Now, let’s add some decoration inside! You also need to place torches around the house for lighting. Moreover, vines and oak leaves add a touch of nature.

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7. Hanging Cliff House

Minecraft cliff house

If you want a small yet compact cliff house with beautiful views, this idea will be the first on your bucket list!

Compared to the idea above, this idea has a significantly smaller size, but yes, it still meets the basic needs. The support is made of stone blocks and stone stairs, which ensure sturdiness. The house is well-balanced thanks to the chains made of grindstones.

The body of the house, however, requires andesites and glass panels. Andesite differentiates the appearance, while glass panel provides clarity. A ladder inside is a must to easily get in or out. You can leave out some necessary furniture inside, such as bookshelves, armor stands, or chests. If you have more space to work with, consider building a small farm for food.

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8. Cozy Mountain House

Minecraft cliff house

Next up is our excellent Minecraft cliff house option!

The design we present here contains three separately observable parts, but in fact, it includes a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, brewing, living room, smelting, storage room, and an enchantment room. These rooms provide ample space for Minecrafters to not only live comfortably but also chase their in-game activities.

The floor of the house is filled with birch planks, and the ceilings are replaced with white concrete. As usual, you need glass blocks at the front to watch what’s happening outside. Each room has its own function, so it requires specific furniture. But in general, we’d recommend placing furnaces, flower pots, plenty of paints, bookshelves, and lanterns for decorating.

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9. Cute Mountain House

Minecraft cliff house

A safe, cute mountain house not to be surprised by creepers anymore!

Starting by making a primary part of the house, five or six blocks from the bottom. This part is made of dirt, oak log, and spruce planks. Then use these materials to build the second floor. Finally, put two windows at the side symmetrically, which play a role as the eyes of the house.

The depth of the blocks you mine depends on the size of the house you want, our recommendation is six to seven blocks of depth. The floor, walls, and ceiling are replaced with oak planks. You can use this design as a storage room, as we have some crops at the bottom of the house. In addition, you can build an entrance door at the right of the house or simply make a ladder directly for easier access. Not to mention that you can always put some oak leaves and vines around to decorate.

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10. Dangerous Cliff House

Minecraft cliff house

Have you ever wondered if you could build a house that is dangerous unprecedentedly? This idea will broaden your horizon!

The design has an idea of flipping the triangle-shaped house upside down, which is quite impressive and unprecedented. The house primarily uses quartz variations, adding a modern and sleek look to the structure. In fact, you can differentiate it by using white concrete, which is another versatile material!

You can thoroughly enjoy the fantastic front view thanks to those transparent glass blocks. The entrance door is on the house’s side, allowing easy accessibility. In addition, you can make a backup exist that leads to the top of the mountain to keep yourself away from hostile mobs. The interior is beautified with a bunch of oak leaves and flower pots. If the space is too dark, hanging lanterns will sort it out. The living room has a table made of upside down adesite stairs, and don’t forget to leave some spaces for armor stands and barrels.

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11. Hanging Canyon House

Minecraft cliff house

A build intended to be an inspirational design that could be used in survival mod!

This complex design contains three separate hanging Minecraft cliff house that is built in the same way. The frame is made of stone bricks and wooden material, these resources are quite common so that you can get your build even in the early game. The roof has a massive space that you might leave some beds inside to sleep. The area below is used for planting flowers or some crops such as wheat, carrots, and potatoes.

At the bottom of the houses, you can place some specific banners. Not to mention that each house is connected by a bridge, which requires oak fences as a must to prevent you from falling down. You can also put a couple of torches around the area to ensure visibility at night.

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12. Modern Cliff Mansion

Minecraft cliff house

Next up is our architectural masterpiece that you shouldn’t miss!

The design we showcase here features a structure of a modern city villa, but it is built on the edge of the mountain. The mansion uses a mixture of smooth quartz blocks, oak planks, light grey concrete, cyan stained glasses, and polished granites. Each floor is the same and contains a balcony as well as several small rooms.

Besides the primary home, Irie Genie also makes a stairway alongside, creating easy accessibility and supplementing places for enjoying the peaceful view. Since you use cyan stained glass, you don’t have to put many hanging lanterns inside. The stairway, however, requires more lanterns. As usual, green leaves and flowers are indispensable to bring a fresh touch.

On top of the mansion, the flat space can be used for tiny crops or even an infinity pool. But make sure you put some oak fences or glass blocks around to avoid falling down the cliff.

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13. Ultimate Modern Cliff House

Minecraft cliff house

Our last suggestion will definitely blow your mind with its luxurious appearance!

The idea causes a huge attraction thanks to its look. This massive-sized mansion contains three floors, each of which has almost an open space and a spacious balcony. The balcony is made of acacia wood, grey concretes, deepslate bricks, and grey stained glasses, creating a minimalist, transparent design that blends perfectly with the surrounding natural environment.

The ceiling, however, is innovative: It uses moss blocks and dark oak trapdoors, making a unique and intriguing design that is sure to impress. Such a modern cliff mansion comes with modern decorations. Feel free to set up anything inside according to your liking and the purpose of each floor. On the other hand, the outside is adorned with soul lanterns, azalea leaves, and flowering azalea leaves.

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It’s no wonder that Minecraft cliff house has become a popular choice among Minecraft players. The combination of the elegant and simple design and the breathtaking views make cliff house an indispensable decision for players who want to immerse themselves in the game’s world, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer.

What are your thoughts about this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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