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The one and only limit to what you can do in Minecraft is your imagination. Sometimes you can build a huge town; sometimes you can build a magnificent castle. We wanted to prepare an aesthetic Minecraft church design list, especially for those who like to create towns, villages, or small cities.

Our list of Minecraft churches will include a variety of architectural designs, including medieval, gothic, and modern styles. We believe that everyone who plays Minecraft will find the church designs in our guide appealing. Now that you are ready, let’s get started and take a quick look at the details of our article.

Easy Minecraft Church Design List

We have gathered and listed a total of 10 distinct designs for you in our article on Minecraft church designs. We have also chosen designs that are easy to create. Let’s slowly get into building. We hope you have a fun time in the game.

1. Medieval Church Minecraft

For those who enjoy a medieval atmosphere, the medieval church is at the top of our list. The medieval church has an appearance that will completely change the atmosphere of Minecraft. We believe you can build it quickly, especially given that it is made up of simple blocks. The design we are presenting to you was made by YouTube user Stevler and has a really stylish appearance.

Medieval Church Minecraft

In our opinion, players who have built villages and towns can undoubtedly accomplish amazing things with this Minecraft medieval church. In addition to all of this, the interior decoration of the Minecraft church is stunning. The medieval church, with its lanterns, flowers, and seating area, can be easily created in your Minecraft world.

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2. Gothic Church Minecraft

We’d like to take you away from Minecraft’s medieval church concept and into the contradictory world of modern architecture now. Of course, when we say contradictory, we are talking about Gothic architecture. YouTuber 啟StCheese’s Minecraft church design can be a challenge to build for beginners.

However, if you follow the guide exactly, you can have a wonderful post-Enlightenment European Minecraft church building. By the way, if you do not use the creative mode in the construction of the building, you might have trouble finding some of the blocks. Therefore, building this Minecraft church will take a lot of time if you play in hardcore mode. But you can alter the layout and continue construction using the available blocks. This is completely up to you.

Gothic Church Minecraft

If we need to discuss the interior design of this Gothic church architecture in Minecraft, we can say that it consists of very simple designs. Lighting, seating, and even a confessional are included in the interior design, which makes use of standard blocks. If you enjoy role-playing in Minecraft, this gothic church design is highly recommended.

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3. A Modern Church in Minecraft

In our Minecraft churches list, we don’t just share architectural designs from old times. A great design for innovative cities and towns, the modern Minecraft church is quite simple to build. The design we are presenting to you was made by the famous Minecraft YouTuber “Biggs87x.”

Modern Church in Minecraft

Perhaps one of the largest churches on our list, this modern architecture contains blocks that are hard to find for those who play the game in hardcore mode. If you are playing Minecraft in creative mode, then you can do this design quickly with peace of mind. However, if you are playing in the hardcore mode, as we just mentioned, then you can continue building according to your own taste by using similar blocks to those that you do not have.

4. Village Church Minecraft

When we start a new seed in Minecraft, we can always come across different villages as we wander around. Some of these villages have structures resembling churches. Now, we will tell you how you can transform a simple village church for those who do not want to deal with building a church from the ground up.

Finding a village in your game is the first thing you need to do. A structure similar to the one below is typically present in the village you have discovered. Hopefully you can find a village like this, as we’d like to introduce you to one of Jeracraft’s outstanding designs.

Village Church Minecraft

This video provides the answer to your question about how to build a simple Minecraft village church without putting in a lot of time or effort. The video will show you that the blocks used in this build are very easy to loot. Within ten to fifteen minutes, you can modernize the existing church.

5. A Neo-Classical Church in Minecraft

Are you tired of medieval and Gothic architecture? Let’s take you away to a little more modern architecture. The exquisite architecture of Normanton Church, located in Rutland, England, can awe us with its appearance. A great video on the WBC Builds YouTube channel shows you how to easily build this Minecraft church design.

church minecraft
church minecraft

The blocks that were used in this church design are fairly simple to locate. You can easily build it in either the creative or hardcore modes. Moreover, the Minecraft church interior designs are planned in a very simple way. In other words, you can design the interior of your building according to your taste and aesthetics.

6. An Edwardian Church in Minecraft

While preparing the Minecraft church design list, we did not want to share simple-looking architectures that you can see everywhere. For this reason, we are trying to share with you the churches with the most different exteriors as possible. Now we will take you back to 17th- and 18th-century England. This time, we have the magnificent Edwardian Church design before us.

This Minecraft church is also a design from the “WBC Builds” YouTube channel. We think you might have trouble finding some of the blocks, despite the fact that building it is not too difficult. However, if you’re playing in creative mode, this won’t be a problem at all. Red brick block crafting will take a long time if you play Minecraft in hardcore mode.

best minecraft church
minecraft church

In most cases, the interior designs of our Minecraft church examples are left up to the players’ own preferences. However, we recommend that you place items in the interior without disturbing the spirit of this church’s design.

7. A Modern Minecraft Church with a Medieval Look

A church will always add variety to your Minecraft world, even if you’ve built a modern city or a simple town. For this reason, we wanted to show you a modern architectural building with a medieval appearance. The design of the church was made by the “TSMC – Minecraft” YouTube channel, and you can watch its guide in detail.

Modern Minecraft Church
Modern Minecraft Church

It can be quite challenging to locate some of the blocks used in this Minecraft church building. However, given that it is a small structure, we do not anticipate any significant challenges in building it. You can design the church’s interior according to your preferences or as shown in the video. A garden is also included in the design. Creating a garden that reflects your personal aesthetic preferences can be a wonderful experience. In fact, you can use colors that are compatible with other buildings if you have created a town or city.

8. A Simple Minecraft Church Tutorial

Dealing with complex structures while playing Minecraft isn’t your thing? Are you looking for architectural designs that are much less complicated? Then we can safely say that this simple Minecraft church is for you. As you can see from the pictures, simple stone and wood blocks are used in this design prepared by the YouTube channel “Mechitect.” This church’s architecture, which will only take 30 minutes to build, will add color to your game.

Simple Minecraft Church
Simple Minecraft Church

9. A Basic Minecraft Village Church

Now we have another simple church design. Although it is not as simple as the church design in the 8th place on our list, this design is also quite simple to make. However, the interior design and the blocks used add an eccentric appearance to the church.

Basic Minecraft Village Church
Basic Minecraft Village Church

This Minecraft church was designed by YouTuber “TheMythicalSausage Except for the glasses and a few blocks, there are no details in the design that you might find challenging to complete. We believe that the colors of the windows may be an issue, particularly for players using hardcore mode. However, due to its relatively simple design, we are confident that many Minecraft players will enjoy it.

10. Another Medieval Church Minecraft

A fantastic medieval church design in Minecraft is at the end of our list, along with tinted windows, red carpets, and a magnificent cross sign. The church was designed by Master Majesty, who is also a YouTuber. Moreover, classical stone and wood blocks are used in its construction. If you are playing in hardcore mode, you may need to kill a lot of sheep to craft the red carpets.

Medieval Church Minecraft
Medieval Church Minecraft

Apart from all these, when we look at the Minecraft church design in more detail, we have to say that the building is quite large. Players in hardcore mode, in particular, can use a portion of the church as a home. In addition, try to remove anything that would block the windows of the church. We can say that pleasant views await you when the sunlight enters the church window.


Today, we have done detailed research on Minecraft churches and examined many architectural structures for you. Then we’ve listed 10 of our favorite church designs that we think you’ll like as well. If you like these designs, please leave a comment and tell us which ones you like best. You can also contact us if you have any problems with any Minecraft church designs on our list. It can help you to build without any problems. Enjoy the game.

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