How Many GB Is Minecraft? All Platforms


Minecraft is a popular game where you can push the limits of your imagination. You can create a new world from scratch in detail and embark on an adventure. All you need while playing Minecraft is creativity and an answer to the question “How many GB is Minecraft”.

How Many GB Is Minecraft
How Many GB Is Minecraft

Although Minecraft is a very old game, the game is constantly being developed with new updates. Despite the addition of brand new content, the size of the game does not change much. Then let’s find out together how much space should be on the platform you play in order to explore the world of Minecraft.

How Many GB Is Minecraft PC?

Minecraft is a fairly small game and takes up close to 1 GB of space on Windows and iOS platforms. However, this is base size and as you play the game and explore new areas, the space it takes can increase up to 30 GB.

If you are curious to know how many GB is Minecraft total, actually it’s up to you. The more additional worlds, mods, skins, plugins installed, the more space the game takes up. If you overdo it, the game will take up too much space and your game quality may decrease.

Especially for the answer to the question of how many GB is Minecraft PC, it may be more difficult for an iOS device to run a very heavy Minecraft than Windows. That’s why you should keep the additionals you install to a minimum and not overdo it. Thus, you will have a non-freezing and smooth Minecraft experience.

How many GB is Minecraft

Want to adapt your creativity into your world in Minecraft? Then build a Minecraft Woodland Mansion for yourself right away and enjoy the aesthetics!

How Many GB Is Minecraft on Xbox?

Minecraft approximately takes up 1.30 GB of space on Xbox One and 113.21 MB on Xbox 360. As you can see, although the platforms are different, there is not much difference between the file sizes. Just because the Xbox 360 is an older model, it’s normal for the size to be smaller. We think that we have given the answer to the question of “How many GB is Minecraft on Xbox”.

How Many GB Is Minecraft on Switch? 

Minecraft takes up 1.12 GB of space on Nintendo Switch. Minecraft has a lot of players playing on Switch. But compared to PC, you cannot install mods or plugins on Nintendo Switch. So you can rest assured that it won’t take up too much space like a PC.

However, you can install various useful features such as addons on the Switch. We don’t think these addons will increase Minecraft size GB much. In this way, we have brought a definite solution to the question of how many GB is Minecraft on Switch.

How Many GB Is Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons takes up a minimum of 6 GB of space on PC and 4 GB on Switch. Since Minecraft Dungeons is a newer game than the classic Minecraft, it has many improved graphics, gameplay quality and content, so you may need to have a larger storage. According to the answer to the question of how many GB is Minecraft Dungeons, this is the Minecraft game that has the largest file size without mods.

How many GB is Minecraft

What Increases the Minecraft File Size?

As we said above, the increase in Minecraft Size GB is optional and increases with the mods or plugins you install. However, while playing the game, the game’s taken up space will increase involuntarily. Each time you enter new areas in the game, the file size will increase slightly.

There is no way to prevent this, but you can slow it down. Unless you are someone who is constantly exploring new areas and wandering around the map, your file size will not be very large anyway. The less places you roam, the less file size it takes up.

However, there are additionals that you may want to install to make the game more enjoyable and unique:

  • Mods: Mods in Minecraft are add-ons that let you give your world new capabilities. Modding can grant you some tools or weapons. Or you can create a technological world with mods and express your creativity. The answer to the question of How many gigabytes is Minecraft with modding is also up to you. The more heavy mod files you upload, the slower your server will be and the larger the file size will be. For a better quality and smooth Minecraft experience, avoid installing mods that will tire the game.
  • Plugins: Plugins are frequently used to tweak specific game mechanics in the game. There are a ton of plugins available that can enhance your gaming by adding maps or other features to your game. Plugins are more innocent than mods and don’t change much in the game. That’s why Plugins don’t affect the Minecraft size GB too much.
How many GB is Minecraft
  • Worlds: You can create or install a unique world in Minecraft for your own taste. While the regular Minecraft world takes up as little as 30MB, a multiplayer Minecraft world you install can increase the game’s file size up to 20GB. It’s normal for this setting to take up too much space as it erases the whole world and overwrites it. If you’re asking how many gigabytes is Minecraft, that would be too much in a Minecraft world of 5000 people.


We have given the answer of how much GB is Minecraft Java according to different platforms for you. Thus, you have learned exactly whether you can allocate space for Minecraft for the device you use. From now on, you can have the freedom to download the game with one click without asking how many gigabytes is Minecraft. That’s all from us for today, have fun!

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