7 Amazing Minecraft Farmhouse Ideas


Farming in Minecraft is essential, especially if you rely on surviving by eating only vegetables. Unlike animals, you can multiply the crops much easier without spending too much effort and resources. In this article, we will introduce you to great ideas for a Minecraft farmhouse that is not only beautiful but also highly survivable.

Minecraft Farmhouse Idea

With a Minecraft farmhouse, you could have a cozy living area surrounded by several crop farms such as carrots, potatoes, wheat, beetroot, sweet berries, and more. By combining different types of wood and other natural blocks, a farmhouse is perfect for any new Minecrafters.

7 Briliant Minecraft Farmhouse Ideas

The Minecraft farmhouse is a wise choice that has become too familiar to any gamer because of its simplicity. In the early game, you could break nearby grasses to find wheat seeds and start your crop farm right away. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Minecraft farmhouse list!

1. Survival Farmhouse

minecraft farmhouse

We have a rustic, peaceful wooden house, a small lake, and a helpful farm to help you survive in Minecraft.

The farmhouse is a perfect combination of oak and birch which are the most popular types of wood in Minecraft. It is built on oak log pillars, and the space below is vast enough to grow trees as you like. The staircase creates the entrance to the house, and there is nothing more suitable than a small lake underneath the house. Plus, it’s the main source to water plants, grow sugar cane, or raise fish.

In addition, small details such as fences and lanterns also help to make your home cosy and create a sense of security. Alternatively, if you love building near lakes in Minecraft, check out those awesome Minecraft lake house ideas.

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2. Aesthetic Basic Farmhouse

minecraft farmhouse

One of the typical Minecraft farmhouse designs is the use of materials in light, not-too-bright colors, and this is thoroughly applied to this idea.

A two-story house with pillars made from stripped spruce logs. The wall of the house is white, so you can choose different materials such as bone block, diorite, white wood, white concrete, and quartz. With leftover spruce logs, you can build the roof by crafting spruce stairs, then combine them with a deepslate brick trim.

In front of the house are a beautiful green space with a small balcony, azalea leaves, and different types of flowers. Let’s experience the ultimate farmer’s dream in Minecraft with this charming suburban-style farmhouse!

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3. Upgraded Survival Farmhouse

minecraft farmhouse

If you want a larger, more comfortable home, let’s check out this upgraded version of the survival farmhouse!

The house is still built on wooden oak fences to create a space for growing plants, ensuring your survival. But one of the biggest upgrades is the expanded living space, with up to 5 different rooms, of which four are connected, and the roof is stacked to create a connection and seamlessness. The rooms create space for enchanting and storage purposes.

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4. Huge Survival Farmhouse

minecraft farmhouse

For someone who is passionate about farming activities, this is a perfectly reasonable choice that can completely satisfy your needs!

This Minecraft farmhouse has two main parts: the first is a big house made mainly of oak wood. The house is symmetrical on both sides, with lots of room for you to store agricultural products, as well as cooking items. The main door and window are massive to allow maximum light into the house. Last but not least, the building features both crop farms and cattle areas. It’s convenient since you can just harvest the crops and bring them downstairs to feed the passive animals.

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5. Mob Proof Survival Farmhouse

minecraft farmhouse

Are you worried about your farm being destroyed and about getting attacked by mobs when night falls? Don’t worry, this is a super safe idea we’d like to introduce.

This farmhouse is square in shape, with three main entrances. The wall of the house is made of concrete blocks, and above the terrace is ample area for you to grow crops with iron bars to protect them. What makes this farmhouse safe is that the lava and water channels cover the surrounding, making sure everything inside the house is secure all the time.

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6. Terraced Farmhouse

minecraft farmhouse

If you want to build a Minecraft farmhouse to live on that mountaintop, please refer to this idea of us – a terraced-style farmhouse.

This farmhouse is relatively small and straightforward. You can use oak and spruce wood, as well as their variations, to build. The windows made of glass blocks will be the most suitable choice to bring light into the house. And don’t forget to put more lanterns to prevent hostile mobs from spawning at night.

In addition, you can ultimately build a farm around your house. According to the slope of the terrain, you can completely classify each floor as a type of crop. When looking down from above, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the work you have just created!

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7. Large Farmhouse

minecraft farmhouse

The house built in the form of a box has become extremely popular in both reality and Minecraft. This large farmhouse not only has a unique shape but also saves a lot of construction time.

This Minecraft farmhouse idea consists of six small rooms combined together, mostly made of oak wood. You can use stripped spruce logs for frames, spruce planks for walls, and large windows with glass blocks. Thanks to its box-shaped construction, the roof is a flat and ideal space to grow plants. No more crop trambling!

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So that’s our best seven Minecraft farmhouse ideas for now. Let’s gather some wood and start building your own farmhouse right away, miners.

What’s your favorite idea? Let us know in the comment below!

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