8 Simple Minecraft Path Designs


Path with beautiful scenery can appear in the Minecraft world, thanks to the construction skills of passionate builders. So, in this article, we will introduce eight incredible Minecraft path designs that have attracted many players’ attention.

Minecraft path designs

When it comes to building Minecraft path designs, you have to build the floor and decorate the surrounding area with suitable blocks. In some cases, a path can be easily created by using a shovel on grass blocks, or by mixing different types of blocks together.

8 Minecraft Path Designs To Decorate Your Base

As you know, the path can help you conveniently to go to a particular place. It also appears in many places, such as in the forest, the entrance of a secluded house, and even a path to cross a stream. It is also super easy when combined with other constructions to highlight the landscape around. With eight incredible Minecraft path designs, you can decorate a path easily. Let’s get into it!

1. Basic Path

minecraft path design

The beginning of the list is always a simple path, but it still fulfills the function that it must have, so you can quickly identify it!

The path is entirely made of stone blocks, however, to avoid monotony and boredom, you should use a variety of stones such as cobblestones, stones, and stone bricks. In addition, we also recommend mixing them randomly to create a nice texture for the path.

If there are trees to shade the path during the day, then you should build a few more lamp posts to illuminate it at night. The trenches on both sides of the path can be made with stair blocks to create more details or grow crops if needed.

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2. Japanese Path

minecraft path design

The charm of ancient Japanese structures, particularly the sun gate, has perfectly appeared in the Minecraft world, and we suggest that you give this idea a try. Even though it looks complicated but what you get will be a scene where you can hardly believe you are in the Minecraft world.

Keeping the stone road design as mentioned above, we will focus on the Japanese element in this idea. The torii gate is made from variations of acacia wood, such as stripped logs, planks, slabs, and trapdoors. In addition, you can also plant bamboo on both sides of the road, as well as place some lanterns on the acacia fences. And don’t forget the exciting effect of the stone pressure plates, which will give you a better path.

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3. River Stepping Stones Path

minecraft path design

This river stepping stone path is unique due to its traits. It is made up mainly of water, so you don’t need to collect many resources to tackle this path design.

It would be best to use mossy cobblestone blocks because the moss on the surface is ideally suited to aquatic environments. Alternatively, the surrounding area is decorated with oak leaf blocks, lilypads, and lanterns to provide light at night. In conclusion, if you love nature and want a zen-like path, this design is definitely for you!

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4. Desert Path

minecraft path design

Despite the harsh environment, the desertification-style path is always breathtaking!

Use different sand block types (full-block, stairs, and slabs) and arrange them randomly to create a nice texture, as usual. Then you will have a path in your own style with small white sand dunes scattered on both sides, creating a realistic, curvy road.

The soul of this idea lies in plants such as yellow leaf blocks and cacti, which are extremely suitable for the desert environment. They also make your path more colorful because the sand dunes are pretty bleak and lifeless.

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5. Enchanting Path

minecraft path design

If you are someone who likes the idea of standing out, consider this tremendously colorful path!

We provide a perfect path with a dominant red color due to the concentration of many red mushrooms of various sizes, creating a brilliance to look at. By walking on this path design, you will feel like you are in a beautiful dream.

The path is made of stone blocks, a wooden bridge over a small stream, as well as a lot of flowers that you can add as you like. Last but not least, lanterns play an important role when you go out at night since they can prevent hostile mobs from spawning.

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6. Modern Path

minecraft path design

Although the paths are often associated with rural or mountainous areas, Minecraft players’ creativity is unlimited, shown through this extremely modern-style path.

This idea uses two primary colors: white and gray, from quartz, basalt, and concrete blocks, which are a perfect combination to highlight the modern when you look at the road. The lampposts are also made of deepslates with a darker color to create great harmony with the road. On the two sides, you could use blocks of leaves to bring some greenery to the environment.

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7. The End Path

minecraft path design

If you are a lover of towering glass bridges in the End dimension, do not rush to pass up this idea!

This path is made from glass blocks, so you can see the glowing crying obsidian blocks right below. On both sides are a row of obsidian blocks with a darker purple color, emphasizing the path even more. Although the design is quite simple, thanks to the characteristic colors of the above materials, this idea is worth recommending to you.

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8. Wooden Jungle Path

minecraft path design

As someone who is passionate about rivers and streams, this is definitely a top-priority Minecraft path design because of the excellent combination of a wooden bridge and a dock.

Using easy-to-find woods like jungle and spruce, you can combine them to create the most unique and beautiful path with minimum effort. This is a helpful idea if straight roads are too dull for you! Moreover, this path design is a great place to catch fish or chill out with your friends. And don’t forget to add seagrasses underneath the water and lilypads for a natural vibe!

If you love using jungle wood in buildings, then check out those best Minecraft jungle house ideas.

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So that’s our best Minecraft path designs for now.

When you have all the houses laid out, it is time to connect them together with some path designs. So let’s start collecting the materials, and let us know which is your favorite design in the comment section below!

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