New Call of Duty Board Game Gets Kickstarter

call of duty board game

The Call of Duty franchise has fed the FPS community quality content for over 20 years and the tables are about to flip. Quite Literally! Arcane Wonders, a team of board game developers is ready to create an actual Call of Duty board game! Board game enthusiasts can now enjoy the fast-paced action of Call of Duty through their favorite medium!

The first Call of Duty title came out in 2003 as a first-person shooter and since then the series has spawned over 32 different games on multiple platforms for its fans to enjoy. This catapulted Call of Duty to be one of the most successful titles in gaming history. Call of Duty is what we would label as “Genre Defining”. Over the span of two decades, the Call of Duty universe has grown immensely, garnering millions of fans. But, till now the series only catered to those who wish to play shooters, and it’s the first time in the history of Call of Duty that the series will venture into a brand new genre.

Who Is Behind the New Call of Duty Board Game?

Arcane Wonders will undertake this massive venture. The company is a well-set team of board game lovers that have developed countless games over their lifetime. Since its entry into the industry in 2012, the board game company created more than a handful of award-winning games. Spectacular games such as “ Mage Wars Arena”, ”Onitama” and “Sheriff of Nottingham” are all pieces of art created by the board game fanatics within Arcane Wonders.

We got the news of a brand new Call of Duty Board game being in development way back in April of 2023. But, back then the game was only in its prototype stage and was showcased at the 2023 GAMA Expo.

So What Can We Expect Through The New Board Game?

Since its initial showcase in April, the news behind its development was vague and indecisive. But, now we finally got the good news through their emails that the Kickstarter campaign designed to fund the development of the Call of Duty board game will go live on the 1st of August this year!

If you are a fan of board games and the Call of Duty series, this could definitely be your Christmas wish comes true. Before you set the timer for the 1st of August, make sure to visit their official website and sign up for a free gift that’ll arrive with the new Call of Duty board game!

call of duty board game
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