Dark and Darker Tips & Tricks for Beginners 2023


Tens of thousands of gamers are now paying attention to Dark and Darker, which dominated the video game industry in the final months of 2022. The competitive nature of the game is complemented by gameplay mechanics reminiscent of Tarkov and a medieval setting. Additionally, many newcomers to the game are seeking Dark and Darker strategies. Because the gameplay is more difficult to comprehend than that of other games. Choosing a class, selecting a weapon, and even fighting monsters are just a few of the many strategies that players must know.

dark and darker tips
dark and darker tips

For this article, we wanted to write a comprehensive Dark and Darker beginner’s guide. You’ll have learned every important trick about Dark and Darker, item by item, after reading our guide. Let’s get started and take a quick look at our guide if you’re ready now.

1. The Importance of Class Selection

At the start of Dark and Darker, players have a choice between six classes. Based on the weapon they use, each class has its own perks, skills, and, of course, ranges. At this point, for new players class selection is critical.

Before we get started, we’d like to go over the classes’ features and how they are used in the game. Your task can be quite challenging if you are a solo player and are considering starting with Ranger or Wizard, since melee heroes are quite ineffective on their own, particularly in combat with rogues and barbarians. We strongly suggest selecting functional classes like Ranger and Wizard if you have a team.

Dark and Darker Tips
dark and darker tips best class

Dark and Darker Best Beginner Class: Fighter

You might be wondering which class is best for beginners. Without further ado, I’d like to declare this class to be “Fighter.” because, from the start of the game, Fighter makes use of swords and shields. The shield’s defense will be very useful, especially when we think that Dark and Darker’s enemies in the dungeon are very strong.

dark and darker tips fighter

For instance, if you play as a Ranger or another class without a shield, one mob attack will cause you to lose half your health. However, even if you take the same amount of damage as Fighter, you will not lose even one-third of your health. At this point, playing Fighter allows beginners to progress through Dark and Darker. As you begin learning the game with Fighter, you can choose additional classes to enhance your gaming experience in the future.

Dark and Darker Best Ranged Class

We are continuing our Dark and Darker tips guide with ranged classes. To be honest, solo players can find ranged classes to be quite challenging. Because sometimes you can come across teams of 2 or 3 in the game. Moreover, the probability of encountering these teams is quite high. For example, when you enter the game with the ranger class, what will you do if two close-range classes appear in front of you? At this point, we must address the issue of the Dark and Darker best-ranged classes.

Dark and Darker Wizard Tactics

The Wizard is, in our opinion, the most efficient ranged class in Dark and Darker. Because a Wizard at level 20 has a great benefit: he can temporarily become invisible and get close to his enemies. Additionally, although of lower quality, the Wizard and Ranger are able to use melee weapons. Again, to give you an example, in one of my games, I was fighting two Wizards. Even though I killed one of the Wizards, the other one used his ability to become invisible and vanished without warning. After that, he showed up behind me and managed to severely harm and kill me. This is exactly the Dark and Darker tips you are looking for.

Dark and Darker Ranger Tactics

Now let’s take a look at what the Ranger class can do in the same scenario. Rangers can set traps on the ground and move quickly. You can quickly vanish when there are two people in front of you by using your movement speed. In a position where your enemies cannot see you, you try to ambush them by placing traps at vulnerable points. Your opponents will usually step on this trap and remain motionless for a few seconds. At this point, you can win the battle if you use your skill and headshot your opponents.

2. Learn About the Dark and Darker Monsters

Monsters kill the majority of Dark and Darker players before other players. Because some monsters can cause such severe damage that they could almost wipe out your life. In this section of the Dark and Darker guide, we would like to briefly discuss mobs.

  • In Dark and Darker, you won’t have to deal with monsters one-on-one if you play as a ranged class. From afar, you can easily eliminate them all. However, you should watch out for monsters if you play the melee class.
  • Monsters such as Skeletons, Zombies, Mummies, Death Skulls, Dragonflies, Spider Mummies, and Death Skulls Higher Variants may be encountered at the game’s beginning. Dodging these monsters will allow you to slowly eliminate all of them. However, there are some monsters that you cannot defeat on your own at this point.
Dark and Darker Tips
dark and darker tips monsters
  • Monsters like the Hologram Whale, Monster Dog, Dracula, Wraith, Manbat, Ghost King, Centaur, Undead Knight and Lich cannot be defeated alone. If you land alone in Inferno and come across these monsters, try to escape.
  • Avoid areas where Spider Mummies frequently spawn. You should quickly loot and leave that area because they will constantly appear and attack you.

In Dark and Darker, there are dozens of distinct monsters, as you can see. When you reach the first level of the starting phase, it is simple for you to eliminate all of the monsters. However, if you progress to the second level, Inferno, you will have a very high chance of dying, as the monsters there will be much stronger.

3. Play Patiently and Don’t Hurry

As you know, Dark and Darker has a very tactical structure and is similar to Tarkov. You won’t have the success you want if you play quickly or hastily. Therefore, take your time and play the game slowly from the start.

Simply observe the poison cloud’s progress without making any extra effort to get to the center of the game map. Due to their haste, other players will begin to die as soon as the game begins. Your self-esteem will improve, and your performance will improve as the number of players in the game decreases. Because the probability of encountering enemies will be greatly reduced.

You can set out the torches in the safe areas and lie in ambush as the map narrows and you believe you have looted enough. By putting out all of the torches that are burning in the game’s corridors, you can safely spend your time in the dark environment that you have created. During this ambush, you can also figure out your escape door and try to leave the area quickly in case anything goes wrong.

Dark and Darker Tips

Another important point is that, with the escape portal, the players gradually start to complete the game successfully. At this point, move slowly to locate the blue portal that is safest for your eyes. Avoid escape portals with an excessive number of monsters in them. Because taking damage from monsters will likely cause you to slow down your movement. 

and die. Try to pay attention to your surroundings and look for a new escape route to avoid this issue. Keep in mind that escape portals will begin to appear at every point on the map as the number of players in the game decreases and the area becomes smaller. Don’t think that the monster-filled portal is your only chance.

4. Focus on the Map and Your Environment

Focusing on the map and the environment is, in our opinion, one of the most significant of the Dark and Darker tips. You might die in a dungeon room that you quickly enter in the game. Because the game features dangerous monsters and booby traps at numerous points.

Before entering the rooms, there are windows where you can listen to the sounds and check inside in the middle of the doors. The traps will significantly reduce your life value if you enter such rooms carelessly and quickly. The game will end when a random monster strikes you and you instantly die.

Focusing on the sounds is the best advice we can give you in the Dark and Darker guide. Because, like in Escape from Tarkov, you can hear the steps of your opponents even when they are not running. You may even be able to hear your opponents opening doors a few rooms away from you.

Dark and Darker Tips
dark and darker tips escape portal

Concentrating on dark areas is our second significant tip. Because Rogues and Wizards, in particular, possess invisibility abilities. Especially towards the end of the game, Rogues lie in ambush by extinguishing the torches in some corridors and rooms. In addition, once they make use of their invisibility and vanish, they can suddenly appear behind you and swiftly kill you.

When you take into account all of these suggestions into account, you realize how crucial it is to concentrate on the game’s map and environment. Even if a random torch is extinguished, it means alarm bells are ringing for you.

By the way, you’re not worried about missing the Dark and Darker playtest dates, are you? Take a look at our article about the new beta in February 2023 if you still want to play the game.

5. Inventory and Loot Management

After a successful escape and when you first start the game, managing your loot and inventory becomes crucial. Therefore, we would like to discuss a few things in our Dark and Darker tips guide.

  • First of all, always be careful to enter the game with starting items. Because as you loot in the game, you will already be able to find new weapons, outfits and potions.
  • If you are starting the game for the first time, be careful to loot for as much gold as possible. Don’t loot unnecessary weapons, outfits, and junk. Always take gold, antiques, and other items you think will make money.
  • Once your inventory reaches a certain level, always try to enter the game with bandages and a health potion. Additionally, the bandage and health potion can be purchased for as little as 5 to 8 gold. If you have stored enough gold, definitely do not enter the new game without 3 health potions.
Dark and Darker Tips
  • Don’t get greedy at the thought of filling your inventory with valuable antiques. Do not try to loot more, especially towards the end of the game, after all the opponents have escaped. Because the narrower the area, the more enemies will be around the nearby treasures. If you are greedy, your chances of dying will increase considerably.

As you can see, just like in Escape from Tarkov, item storage is very important in Dark and Darker. You don’t want to lose your precious weapons and items unnecessarily, do you?

Dark and Darker Guide – Other Important Information

As a Dark and Darker player, I made every effort to inform you of the factors that I considered crucial. Now, I’d like to talk about some strategies that you should still pay attention to, even though they aren’t as important as what we just wrote.

  • Throughout the game, use the Shrines with caution. Some shrines have the ability to improve your health or grant you additional abilities. Even the souls of your deceased teammates can be resurrected using white-glowing Shrines.
  • Sometimes you will come across endless spider spawn points. And you want to escape from there quickly. Instead of doing this, if you look around a little bit, you will come across a small pot. The pottery you are looking for may be hidden in the darkest and most invisible part of the room. There will be no more spiders spawning if you break that pot.
  • Portals require constant caution. The descent into the Inferno is symbolized by the red portal. Don’t go there if you’re not three people, and don’t trust your teammates. You will die if you do.
dark and darker tips inferno red portal
  • Make an effort to learn about each class. Playing only one class is acceptable. However, if you know what that class can do against an opponent, you will have an advantage. Therefore, try to experience other classes by playing or watching videos.
  • Try to specialize in weapons. If you are playing Wizard, you know that you can cast spells by holding down the “E” key. Obviously, this requires rather slow and complex gameplay. For this reason, try to memorize all the pros and cons of your character.
  • Try to use auxiliary items often. For example, you might have a potion that will make you invisible for a short time. Or you can also have a potion that will increase your movement speed tremendously. Especially in case you need to disappear suddenly in the game, such auxiliary items will save your life.

Dark and Darker is a game with a lot of content, as you can see from our guide, which is still in beta. We have tested and experienced all stages of this game as much as possible for you and have prepared the best Dark and Darker tips. We strongly urge you to follow our recommendations if you are a beginner and do not have your own strategies.


Another Dark and Darker tips and guide has concluded. Even though the game is still in beta, we have shown you every possible strategy. I hope we were able to convey the significance of class selection, particularly in the game’s early stages.

Additionally, we believe that utilizing escape portals and locating yourself on the map will significantly enhance your gaming experience. I wish you success in Dark and Darker and a pleasurable gaming experience. Enjoy the game.🙂

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