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If you were to ask which game marked 2022, our answer would be Dark and Darker. It is possible to feel the middle ages Dark and Darker, which has realistic mechanics with its Tarkov-like style. What is more important for this game is that the realism of the game meets the fantasy elements. Skeletons, dungeons, ghosts, and undead mummies chase you. As such, although it is still in beta, Dark and Darker broke records with more than 70,000 simultaneous players. We chose to write an article titled “Games Like Dark and Darker” specifically for this reason.

games like dark and darker

Since Dark and Darker is still in beta, it cannot be actively played. We are aware that its players are looking for new games with gameplay that is similar to Dark and Darker. Let’s take a quick look at some games that are similar to Dark and Darker. You might come across new games that you like.

What is Dark and Darker?

We wanted to prepare a summary for those unfamiliar with the game before moving on to our Games Like Dark and Darker list. Dark and Darker is a medieval-themed survival game that is still in beta. The narrowing of the map and the loot system that we are used to in Battle Royale games are in Dark and Darker as well. In the game, which begins in a dungeon, there are six classes to choose from. Each class has its own unique features and perks. In addition, the game was inspired by Tarkov’s harsh realism, making survival very, very important.

In short, in Dark and Darker, you use your armor, weapons, and potions to try to survive in the dungeon as best you can. With a blue escape portal that opens, players who make it to the end can complete the game.

If you have a question like how to play Dark and Darker in your mind, don’t worry. Take a few moments and check out our Dark and Darker tips guide for beginners. In this way, you will get enough information about the game. Now we can browse our list of games like Dark and Darker with ease.

Dark and Darker-like Games Chart 2023

GameRelease DateDeveloperPlatform
Escape from TarkovJuly 2017 – Early AccessBattlestate GamesWindows
DayzDecember 2018Bohemia InteractiveWindows, PlayStation, and Xbox
Arma 3September 2013Bohemia InteractiveWindows
RustFebruary 2018Facepunch StudiosWindows, PlayStation, and Xbox
Mount & Blade II: BannerlordOctober 2022TaleWorlds EntertainmentWindows, PlayStation, and Xbox
Games Like Dark and Darker list

1. Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a realistic online FPS game with an MMO structure developed by Battlestate Games. Escape from Tarkov is at the top of our list of games like Dark and Darker because their gameplay mechanics are nearly identical. Due to the fact that the creators of Dark and Darker were greatly influenced by Tarkov, you might even get the impression that you are playing Dark and Darker.

In Tarkov, your objective is to attempt to loot an entire city while surviving as a soldier. You even have to check to see if you have a bullet in the barrel of your gun because the game is so realistic. Your foot will break if you jump from a high place, and you will need to treat it with pills, bandages, and needles. A single bullet hitting your body in the game can cause your death. To adequately describe Tarkov’s realistic nature, one needs more than words. Therefore, you can view the video below.

escape from tarkov new trailer


  • Tarkov is a hard realistic military simulation game. For those who are new to playing FPS, a game in this category is enjoyable to play, even if it is difficult.
  • Tarkov’s loot system is truly legendary. You can earn a serious amount of in-game money by selling the valuable items you will find in the game. Then you can use these coins to buy stronger armor and weapons.
  • In contrast to Dark and Darker, Escape from Tarkov has PVE game modes. You can improve your Tarkov experience against bots according to their difficulty level. However, bots can sometimes be so clever that they can kill you from a distance of hundreds of meters before you even notice it.


  • The game has been in development for years. It has not yet completed the beta stages and exited early access. The game still has issues despite all of these long stages of development.
  • Sometimes excessive ping values occur on the servers and affect the game experience.
  • It has an interface system that is quite complicated for beginners. The game may bore you before you can even find your inventory.

2. Dayz

Dayz is a great post-apocalyptic survival game designed by the developers of the legendary Arma 3. Dayz, which was released in early access in 2018, is primarily about trying to survive by avoiding zombies and other enemies. Its realism is the primary reason it ranks second on our list of games similar to Dark and Darker.

Additionally, Dayz’s loot system and modern weapon mechanics complement Dark and Darker’s fantasy architecture. Similar to Dark and Darker, your objective is to avoid monsters and zombies and attempt to loot. Of course, Dayz is not limited to these. You can store all the items you collect by building your own special base on a huge map. However, if the area you use as a base is discovered by your enemies, you can get raided and lose everything.

The other point that is similar to Dark and Darker is that when you die in both games, you will lose everything. Therefore, playing with your teammates as much as possible will make your game experience enjoyable.

dayz zombie


  • Dayz is in the category of games similar to Dark and Darker due to its zombies, survival, and MMO nature. Dayz, in particular, perfectly captures the sense of doom and isolation.
  • Dayz is similar to Escape from Tarkov for fans of realistic fiction. Your character, for instance, will begin to stumble if you fall from a height and break your wrist.
  • Dayz has public servers with an infinite number of mod options. In short, you don’t have to play Dayz on boring official servers.


  • Although it came out in 2018, Dayz still has many bugs.
  • For beginners, the game is quite complex. There are no guides that tell you what to do.

3. Arma 3

Arma 3 is a realistic military simulation game just like Escape from Tarkov and Dayz. Arma 3 is a game you won’t be able to pass up if you like military realism. In the game, you and your friends can equip weapons, go to an operation, and hunt down enemies. Our list of games like Dark and Darker includes Arma 3 due to its gameplay. Although it is a modern game with the opposite structure of Dark and Darker, it is similar in terms of realism.

In Dark and Darker, for instance, the fantasy world of the game is combined with RP elements. In Arma 3, RP is entirely up to the players. Again, to give you an example, Arma 3 lets you become a criminal arms smuggler. Alternatively, you can attend police school and engage in serious RP to become a police officer. There is a real-life mechanic focused on RP rather than Arma 3 loot logic. Although the game was released in 2013, it is still on the list of most-played games on Steam.

Games Like Dark and Darker – Arma 3


  • For those who love to make military RP, Arma 3 provides all the possibilities.
  • It is quite realistic. When embarking on a military operation with your team, you must listen to all the commands of your commander. Otherwise, you can be kicked out of the game.
  • There are public servers opened according to the languages in the game. You can find a server in your language and join the game.


  • It has a very complex structure. If you want to play the purest version of the game, you may not enjoy it at all. Arma 3 is enjoyable when played with an emphasis on RP and simulation.

There is no such thing as a simple gameplay mechanic as Dark or Darker. It’s complex, and you need to focus on RP.

4. Rust

Tens of thousands of people simultaneously play Rust, which is consistently at the top of the most-played Steam games list. The combination of detailed base construction, loot collection, and FPS elements create Rust.

Realism is quite high in Rust, which presents the world after a nuclear disaster. Its survival mechanics are the primary reason it ranks fourth on our list of Games Like Dark and Darker. When you start the game in Rust for the first time, you only have one stone in your hand. You can build furnaces, break stones, and cut down trees. Even though the mechanics are more similar to those of Minecraft, you’ll start to notice similarities between Dark and Darker when you fight enemies.

After learning to use a simple bow and arrow, you can progress to using long-barreled weapons in Rust. You can melt sulfur and make bullets, melt iron and have unique weapons such as the AK-47. Of course, Rust is not limited to these. You can build yourself wooden, stone, and metal bases. By the way, speaking of the base, I am not talking about a house with 2-3 rooms. You can even build yourself a castle. You can close the base you have built with walls, set up automatic turrets inside and protect your house from enemies while you sleep.

In a nutshell, Rust lets you do whatever you want. Players can be creative and have a lot of freedom in the game. We think Rust is a great option if you’re looking for a fun game until Dark and Darker come out. Enjoy the game. 


  • Rust can be played in any way, whether you are solo or with friends. You can even play on a server with only solo players.
  • The loot system is great. You can loot by breaking the surrounding trees, stones, and barrels. In addition, you can capture all the loot they have by destroying other players and their bases.
  • The game features a vast array of weapons. From simple bows and arrows to sophisticated sniper rifles, you can own any weapon.
  • It is quite easy to play. It has an easy-to-understand crafting system and a straightforward user interface.


  • Rust has a lot of professional players. For example, you may encounter a player who has played 45,000 hours in the game. And they will most likely kill you before you realize what has happened.
  • Everything in Rust is reset on a regular basis. Within a week, there will probably be a wipe on the server you play on, and everything will be reset. After the wipe, you must restart the game to start over.

5. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Do you find that medieval-themed games, whether played offline or online, appeal to you? Then you’ll love Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, which is toward the end of our list of games like Dark and Darker. You can play Bannerlord online or on your own, and it has a great story. The game, which came out in October 2022, features a stunning scenario in which you can ascend to the throne in a story that begins with you alone.

While the game provides a top view while navigating the map, it has a TPS view within the game. Swords, shields, arrows, axes, and a variety of other weapons can be used in Bannerlord. You’ll come across European-style cities, castles, and villages in Bannerlord, which makes you feel the medieval fantasy magnificently. You will also be able to make political moves and build close relationships with the people who own these villages and cities.  For example, you can take the important step of marrying a long-established princess and establishing your own kingdom. Or you can build your own army by fighting and recruiting soldiers from the villages so that your name will spread throughout the land.

In a nutshell, Bannerlord is an excellent medieval fantasy game. We would directly recommend Bannerlord if you asked about the games that are most comparable to Dark and Darker. Because medieval simulation logic and RPG elements are nearly identical. Bannerlord is probably a game you’ll enjoy just as much as Dark and Darker.


  • It is the only game on the Games Like Dark and Darker list that focuses on medieval fantasy. There are military classes in the game, despite the absence of classes like healers and magicians. You can be a soldier in the cavalry, infantry, or archer groups.
  • The atmosphere in Bannerlord is great. 
  • There are city designs where you can really feel yourself in medieval Europe.
  • There are online mechanics that let you take part in massive castle sieges with hundreds of other players if you wish to do so.
  • It is a moddable game.


  • Bannerlord lacks the realistic survival gameplay of Battle Royale that we are accustomed to in games like Dark and Darker.


Dark and Darker has a unique design, as you can see. Although we have listed the games that are similar to it, we have not been able to catch the exact similarity. You will probably want to experience some games after reading our list. However, if you still have Dark and Darker in mind, you might want to check out the playtest dates.

However, we recommend that you take a look at a game from our list of the best games, like Dark and Darker, until the day the game is released. Especially try to give Escape from Tarkov a chance, which has the same gameplay mechanics. That’s all from us for now. See you in the next Dark and Darker article.

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