Why was Dark and Darker Removed from Steam? Behind the Scenes of the Scandal


Dark and Darker, which is seen as one of the most successful RPG games of recent years, has been removed abruptly from Steam. Steam made this decision, citing the game’s ongoing lawsuit with Nexon. Developed by Ironmace, the game began to experience great difficulties after the DMCA complaint of Korean publisher Nexon.

Dark and Darker

Nexon claims that some of the codes were stolen by their former employees and used in the development of Dark and Darker. Independent studio Ironmace, which is against all these accusations, has denied the claims for now.

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Why Was Dark and Darker Removed From Steam?

Korean game developer Nexon openly admits that the founders of Ironmace stole code and assets from the “P3” project. Although Ironmace denied all these allegations, their offices were recently raided by the Korean police. Right after this incident, Steam removed the game from everywhere on March 24 overnight.

Even though it was still in beta, Dark and Darker had become a hit with tens of thousands of concurrent players. The removal of Dark and Darker from Steam, which continues its beta tests, shows that the game has taken a big damage.

Ironmace quickly sent a counter notification to Steam for the game to be relisted. The US Federal Court accepted this statement and asked Steam to explain why Dark and Darker was inappropriately removed. Nexon has a lot of time to sue Ironmace now. The game will be relisted by Steam if no lawsuits are filed. It is likely that Ironmace and Nexon will resolve this issue by compromising among themselves rather than dealing with costly lawsuits.


Dark and Darker is without a doubt one of the most valuable indie productions of 2023. Combining its unique dungeon style and survival gameplay, the game has a high level of competitiveness. Nexon’s removal of the game from Steam and the accusation of Ironmace theft are serious allegations. At the end of the day, if Ironmace wants to make Dark and Darker a success, they must clear themselves. We think that these discussions and accusations will flare up even more in the coming days. Let’s see if Dark and Darker can make its debut in the 3rd quarter of 2023 without any problems.

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