Dark and Darker Best Class & Great Tier List 2023


While walking through dark dungeons in Dark and Darker, you may encounter various deadly enemies. In fact, if you encounter a team of online players, we can say that your job is very difficult. Moreover, if you have just started the game, you are likely to die before you even understand how to play. As a result, the majority of new players are perplexed as to what the Dark and Darker best class is.

As you know, there are six different classes in the game. In addition, each class has its own characteristics, abilities, and advantages. In other words, we can say that each class has strengths and weaknesses that are unique to them. Considering all these factors, we decided to prepare a detailed guide for the Dark and Darker Tier list.

Dark & Darker

Starting at the S-Tier level, we will list the strongest Dark and Darker classes in our guide. We have tried and tested each of the classes we will list for you. Let’s get started and take a quick look at our guide if you’re ready.

Dark and Darker Tier List

Before we begin our Dark and Darker best class guide, we want to stress that not every class is simple to play. Because you might need to reach level 20 in order to specialize in some classes. Additionally, some classes can be played solo or in groups to their full potential. Please pay attention to these.

Dark and Darker—Tier S Classes

First, we’ll list the game’s strongest heroes in terms of the meta.

1. Rogue

Rogues, as we know them from most MMOs, are a fast-moving, dagger-wielding class. In Dark and Darker, rogues are one of the most difficult but lethal classes to play with the stealth function. For instance, if you select “Ambush” and “Backstab” as your perks, you stand a very good chance of eliminating your opponents in one hit.

At the same time, although Rogues are experts at sudden damage, they are just as fragile. In short, if you make a single mistake while playing Rogue, you have a very high chance of dying from a single hit from your opponent. This is precisely why perks and skill selection are vital when playing Rogue. As long as you use your stealth skill effectively, you can survive even the deadliest battles without getting a scratch.

The most important reason why Rogue ranks first in the Dark and Darker best class list is his Stealth and Weakpoint Attack skills. As the article’s author, I am also a toxic Rogue player. It’s especially entertaining to be able to hunt down other opponents who are alone or separated from their group invisibly. Now I want to tell you a little about the skill and perk details you can use for Rogue.


  • S Tier – Ambush
  • A Tier – Backstab
  • A Tier – Poisoned Weapon
  • A Tier – Stealth


  • S Tier – Hide
  • S Tier – Weakpoint Attack
  • A Tier – Rupture
  • A Tier – Smoke Bomb
Dark and Darker Best Class
dark and darker best class rogue
Pros of the Rogue
  • Dark and Darker has a lot of powerful monsters, as you know. Rogue’s Hide skill allows him to easily escape from the most difficult situations. However, the invisibility will be broken if you move while using the hide skill. Please keep this in mind.
  • The Ambush perk gives you the ability to deal 50% more damage to your opponent with your first hit when you ambush with Hide. As a result, when playing Rogue, you need to be careful not to be seen while setting up traps.
  • The movement speed of Rogue is exceptionally high. As a result, you should avoid playing the game steadily. You land your second or third blow while your opponents attempt to hit you.
Cons of the Rogue
  • Rogue is a very fragile class. Although Rogue is at the top of our Dark and Darker best class list, he will probably die if hit by the enemy twice.

2. Wizard

Wizard is a class that tries to destroy its enemies by casting spells from a distance, as we are used to in most MMO and RPG games. If you encounter gray Gandalf in Dark and Darker, you can immediately understand that he is a Wizard. Although Wizards may appear to be simple to play, their cumbersome nature makes solo play quite tricky. Playing Wizard can be deadly for your opponents if you have reliable teammates.

In contrast to Rogue and other heroes, Wizards, besides having perks and skills, also have spells. Therefore, in order to cast spells while playing Wizard, you must press the “E” key. Additionally, because the animations for casting spells are extremely sluggish, if you encounter a Rogue, you will probably die.

So, how come such a fragile class is at the top of our Dark and Darker best class guide? This is due, in large part, to the fact that Wizards possess spells like “Invisibility,” “Slow,” and “Haste.” You can, for instance, use your Invisibility skill to make yourself disappear after casting a Fireball spell on an opponent. After that, you’ll be able to attack your enemy with some Wizard-exclusive melee weapons. With “Magic Missile,” one of your strongest spells, you can instantly kill your enemies because you will catch them defenseless.


  • S Tier – Quick Chant
  • S Tier – Sage
  • A Tier – Arcane Feedback
  • A Tier – Arcane Mastery


  • S Tier – Meditation
  • S Tier – Spell Memory 2


  • S Tier – Chain Lightning
  • S Tier – Invisibility
  • S Tier – Magic Missile
  • A Tier-Fire Ball
  • A Tier – Haste
  • A Tier – Slow
Pros of the Wizard
  • He has very powerful spells.
  • He is the desired class among the groups.
  • He has the ability to meditate to replenish his depleted spells.
  • His ranged spells can inflict deadly damage on his enemies.
Dark and Darker Best Class
dark and darker best class solo wizard
Cons of the Wizard
  • The health level is too low to play solo. With the slightest damage from the enemy, he can lose half his HP.
  • Movement speed is low.

Dark and Darker—Tier A Classes

In our Dark and Darker best class guide, we would like to tell you a little about the classes with medium power.

1. Barbarian

One of the most popular Dark and Darker classes, the Barbarian, is built to smash everything. We really mean to smash everything when we say, “smash everything.” Because they can hit wooden doors, barrels, monsters, and chests with the enormous axe in their hands. If you enjoy playing classes with high damage, look no further than the Barbarian class. The skills “Savage,” “Axe Specialization,” and “Carnage” make the Barbarian, one of the Dark and Darker melee classes, stand out.

However, even the best things have flaws. The Barbarian’s extremely slow movement speed makes him an easy target for opponents. When he captures his enemies, he can kill them with a single blow, but it is not exactly simple. Rogue players, for instance, can quickly eliminate Barbarian players. Because they can sneak up behind the Barbarian and use a dagger to do two or three hits until he sees their moves and hits them.

For groups playing the game, we recommend the Barbarian as one of the Dark and Darker best classes. Because Barbarians can become untouchable when they have classes like Ranger, Rogue, or Cleric with them. Aside from this, if you want to play as a Barbarian on your own, we recommend our Dark and Darker Tier list guide which has a list of other classes.


  • S Tier – Axe Specialization
  • A Tier – Carnage
  • A Tier – Iron Will
  • A Tier – Savage


  • S Tier – Reckless Attack
  • A Tier – War Cry
Pros of Barbarian
  • He is the most powerful class in the game. He can even break doors with one hit.
  • Although he is not very good for playing solo, he is very useful for groups.
  • He has more HP than any other class.
Cons of Barbarian
  • Movement and attack speeds in the game are incredibly low.
  • He is unable to defeat heroes with fast movement speeds, such as Rogue and Ranger.
Dark and Darker Best Class
Dark and Darker Best Class barbarian

2. Ranger

The Ranger is a classic archer class. However, apart from arrows, he can also use some swords and daggers used by Rogues. Frankly, we can separate those who want to play Ranger solo and in groups. Those who want to play solo are more trap-focused and can use skills such as “Quick Shot” and “Quick Fire.”

However, we find it better for the Rangers to play in groups. Because together with your team, you can destroy all monsters from afar to prevent your team’s players from taking unnecessary damage. Ranger allows you to quickly clean the room you want to loot, particularly from high points.

Dark and Darker Best Class ranger traps in game

Another point is that the Rangers begin the game by default with “Campfire.” Campfire is a game item that greatly fuels your teammates and can be used by all classes. The Rangers put the group one step ahead as they start the game with the campfire item.


  • S Tier – Nimble Hands
  • S Tier – Kinesthesia
  • A Tier – Spear Proficiency
  • B Tier – Ranged Weapons Expert


  • S Tier – Quick Fire
  • S Tier – Quick Shot
Dark and Darker Best Class
Dark and Darker Best Class ranger
Pros of Ranger
  • Ranged damage is very strong. Moreover, if you manage to make a headshot, you can inflict deadly damage on your opponents.
  • Movement speed is very high.
Cons of Ranger
  • Just like the Wizard, he has low HP compared to other classes.
  • He is quite weak until level 20. Many skills up to level 20 greatly affect the Ranger’s gameplay.
  • Playing solo is not suitable for beginners.

3. Cleric

We would definitely place the Cleric at the top of our Dark and Darker best class list if it weren’t such a dysfunctional class as a solo. Because Cleric’s healing and buffs can almost make his teammates untouchable when played with the group. Clerics, like Fighters, can be played with a sword and shield, which is important. When you use a sword, you can use your staff in any position you want.

Dark and Darker Best Class cleric vs 3

Due to its inability to be played by itself, we wanted to place it at the bottom of our Dark and Darker tier list guide. We put him last because of his slow movement speed, inability to deal a lot of damage, and difficulty in his mobility.


  • S Tier – Advanced Healer
  • A Tier – Kindness
  • B Tier – Blunt Weapon Mastery
  • B Tier – Perseverance


  • A Tier – Judgement
  • A Tier – Smite


  • S Tier – Holy Light
  • S Tier – Lesser Heal
  • S Tier – Protection
  • A Tier – Bless
  • A Tier – Divine Strike
  • B Tier – Bind
  • B Tier – Resurrection
  • C Tier – Cleanse
Pros of Cleric
  • He has great healing and buffing skills.
  • He is not very weak, as he can use plate armor and blunt weaponry.
  • He is one of the most sought-after Dark and Darker classes of the groups.
Cons of Cleric
  • Becomes the first target of enemies in group battles.
  • He is not very powerful for solo play.

Dark and Darker – Tier B Classes

We continue our Dark and Darker best class guide with the weakest class, the Fighter.

1. Fighter

In our Dark and Darker tips guide, which we published as ConsoleBandit, we mentioned that beginners can play as a Fighter. Fighters combine all of the Dark and Darker class characteristics. Played with a classic sword and shield, Fighter stands out with his flexible structure and powerful damage. Additionally, he transforms into a tank for groups thanks to his defensive abilities such as “Dual Wiels,” “Combo Attack,” and “Projectile Resistance.”

For instance, the skills “Sprint” and “Taunt” are useful for protecting teammates in dungeons with many monsters. If you’re new to the game, we recommend starting with Fighter to learn Dark and Darker.


  • S Tier – Dual Wield
  • A Tier – Combo Attack
  • A Tier – Projectile Resistance
  • B Tier – Counterattack


  • S Tier – Adrenaline Rush
  • S Tier – Second Wind
Dark and Darker Best Class
Dark and Darker Best Class fighter
Pros of Fighter
  • It is a versatile class. It is noteworthy that he contains features from all the classes we mentioned at the beginning.
  • He can easily use many different types of weapons.
  • He has the ability to run is ideal for a quick escape, particularly in areas with a lot of monsters.
Cons of Fighter
  • The Fighter needs to use high-level gear to reach his full potential.
  • He has no ability to cast magic.


Our Dark and Darker best class guide has come to an end. As you are aware, Dark and Darker has been sweeping the video game industry in recent months. We have begun writing various guides for those interested in starting the game.

Check out our other guides if you’re new to the game and need more information on the basics. Currently, Dark and Darker is not an active game. On February 6, 2023, the beta phase will begin. You might want to look over our Games Like Dark and Darker article if you don’t want to wait until then. You might find some new games that you like. Enjoy the games, goodbye.

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