3 Underrated Bethesda Game Sequels We Are Waiting For on Xbox S/X

bethesda game sequels

While Todd Howard recently revealed that the new Elder Scrolls and Fallout 5 games are still a long while away, here are a few secret sequels we would love to see shadow-dropped or released way before that time comes:

3. Evil Within 3 |

bethesda game sequels

Now recently a few eagle eye fans spotted a hint of this one in the impressive Hi-Fi-Rush game released earlier in January, prior to that there have been a few hints here and there within the last few years.

Now with Xbox buying out Zenimax / Bethesda in 2021, one of the first questions would have been if we would be getting a new Evil Within game.  I would expect it to be available on game pass definitely, but until then, let’s hope for an official announcement on the game shortly.

I guess it would also be an excellent way for Microsoft to extend its growing exclusive roster while getting one up on Sony for the whole Final Fantasy 16 fiasco.


bethesda game sequels

While Dishonored 2 didn’t sell as much as anticipated, it does still currently hold a very respectable score on Metacritic (86) and from many other reputable gaming sites, plus has certainly garnered quite a cult following who are all awaiting the next installment.

I’m hoping for a larger new set of characters, playing styles, and missions to go with a brand-new story. Even more ways of completing a level via stealth or balls-to-the-wall action if like me you are not the silent type.

The voice acting was always pretty good in the last title, so let’s hope that this one has even better voice talent similar to Rosario Dawson and Sam Rockwell who were in the last game.

1. HI-Fi Rush 2 |

bethesda game sequels

Yes, it was only released this year but the moment the game was completed, we all asked the same question. When is the sequel coming and why do we have to wait so long? Or is DLC a lot more likely due to certain elements in the game.

The game was not advertised anywhere and was sneak dropped in January to the surprise of many happy Xbox fans, we all fell in love with the 80’s rock-esque music, anime-style graphics, and combat which reminded us of the wildly popular DMC franchise.

Like most games these days I’m gonna assume that we may not see this one for 4-5 years max, however, let’s hope that we get another shadow drop continuation sooner rather than later.


bethesda game sequels

All three games above have had various updates about the possibilities of sequels from various sources. Earlier this year, a co-founder of Arkane said that Deathloop became their main focus for their next game as the studio didn’t want Dishonored 3 at the time.

As mentioned earlier,  Hi-Fi Rush had an Evil Within 3 easter egg, plus there has been plenty of speculation and chatter that the new game may be going in a new direction so that sounds promising.

While of course, big games such as Fallout New Vegas, Elder Scrolls, and Doom Eternal would be no-brainers for direct continuations financially, let’s also hope that all the titles above are given the same amount of attention and quality that they have been given in the past.

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