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Embark on new gameplay experiences with the best games like Dwarf Fortress.

games like dwarf fortress

For nearly two decades, Dwarf Fortress has stood the test of time as a unique strategy and simulation-based game. First released in 2003, the game continues to offer players unforgiving challenges, intricate building and complex resource management. As such, the game has garnered a dedicated fanbase.

However, for players seeking new adventures and immersive experiences, nothing beats the best games like Dwarf Fortress. In this post, we highlight the best games like Dwarf Fortress that will keep you gaming for hours.



Stonehearth combines elements of real-time strategy and city building with Dwarf Fortress-inspired gameplay. Released in 2018, Stonehearth is about conquest and building in an epic setting. In the game, you lead a group of settlers who gather resources and build fortifications.

As you build, the settlers will be under constant threats from native intruders. However, as your settlement grows, you’ll have the capability to build an army and weapons to defend your settlement. Besides defending your settlement, your army will also venture into the world, where greater challenges await.

Stonehearth’s city building and simulation are inspired by Dwarf Fortress. The game balances accessibility and complexity to ensure hours of gameplay.



Like Dwarf Fortress, RimWorld is a construction and management game. Often, it’s regarded as one of the best games like Dwarf Fortress thanks to its challenging gameplay, deep simulation and captivating narrative.

Set in a sci-fi world, players start with three settlers stranded on an alien planet. Like Dwarf Fortress, RimWorld offers players the tools to construct settlements, deal with intruders and other challenges as well as manage resources.

Thanks to the game’s AI-driven narrative and storytelling, RimWorld will keep players on their toes for hours. So, if you’re looking for the best games like Dwarf Fortress with additional twists, then RimWorld is a great choice.

A Game of Dwarves

A Game of Dwarves

A Game of Dwarves entry is a tongue-in-cheek recommendation. The dwarf-themed real-time strategy game focuses on the adventures of dwarves as they dig deeper into the Earth. Players will take a Dwarven prince on a great journey that includes reclaiming stolen land.

As you journey the world, you’ll explore a continent filled with mysteries and treasures laid hidden since the Great War. Additionally, you’ll manage the dwarves, gather resources, dig tunnels and defend against underground threats.

A Game of Dwarves simplifies a few aspects of the gameplay when compared to best games like Dwarf Fortress. However, the game retains the core elements of survival and exploration. It features an accessible interface which makes the game a great choice for players seeking a streamlined experience while still enjoying the best games like Dwarf Fortress.

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included

Developed by Klei Entertainment, Oxygen Not Included offers a blend of survival elements, resource management and base building. Much like the best games like Dwarf Fortress, Oxygen Not Included is set in an underground colony.

Players get to lead the colonists in gathering resources and building while dealing with complex challenges that include environmental and biological. Oxygen Not Included comes with a whimsical art style that makes the game accessible to a wide range of players.

For those seeking the best games like Dwarf Fortress, Oxygen Not Included is a must-try. With decent graphics, this is definitely a game to consider.



Gnomoria is another strategy simulation-based game that deserves a spot on the best games like Dwarf Fortress. In this game, players lead a small group of gnomes to establish and maintain a new kingdom.

The gnomes will build structures, craft items, set traps and even dig underground in search of precious resources. The similarities of Dwarf Fortress and Gnomoria are evident, especially when it comes to resource management and crafting items.

Gnomoria is perfect for newbies as it offers a more approachable entry point for players new to the genre. However, it offers the complexity and depth that Dwarf Fortress fans crave.

Best Games like Dwarf Fortress: What’s Your Choice?

If you’ve fallen in love with Dwarf Fortress, then you need to know there are plenty of alternatives that offer similar experiences. From the underground adventures of A Game of Dwarves to the sci-fi challenges in RimWorld, these best games like Dwarf Fortress capture the essence of Dwarf Fortress while adding their own uniqueness to the mix.

Whether you’re new to the genre or are a seasoned player, the best games like Dwarf Fortress above will provide immersive gameplay and hours of storytelling. So, give these titles a try if you’re ready for complex simulations, sandbox gameplay and new adventures.

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