Oxygen Not Included Slimelung: Explained Guide 2023


There are many germs and disease-spreading microbes in Oxygen Not Included. While some of these germs are helpful, there are others that negatively affect you and destroy your immune system. One of the germs we will discuss today whether it is good or not will be Oxygen Not Included Slimelung.

Oxygen Not Included Slimelung
Oxygen Not Included Slimelung

These Slime-based germs are everywhere in Oxygen Not Included. Even if they are tiny green dummies, it’s highly unlikely to think a germ would be your favor in the game. So let’s talk together about the purpose of Oxygen Not Included Slimelung in the game and what exactly you should do against them.

What Exactly Are Slimelungs?

Slimelungs are simply air-contracted germs and we cannot say that they are beneficial at all. Even if it is not fatal, when you are contracted Oxygen Not Included Slimelung in air, you can get the disease. When exposed to this germ, Duplicants weaken over time and their immune system is reduced – when it reaches the minimum, the disease is contracted.

Oxygen Not Included Slimelung
oxygen not included cure slimelung

Slimelungs grow on Polluted Oxygen or Slime and multiply quickly at these sources and places like Polluted Water. Slimelungs are germs found in the Swamp Biome. However, elsewhere they die immediately. Consuming products polluted with Slimelung has little impact, but inhaling and touching severely contaminated materials can swiftly infect a Duplicant.

How to Get Rid of Slimelung Oxygen Not Included?

We touched on how Slimelungs can inactivate you in the game by reducing your immune system. So, this disease will definitely keep you from the game in advanced cycles. That’s why Oxygen Not Included cure Slimelung is essential in the early stages of this disease. Or you can clean the sources containing Oxygen Not Included Slimelung without ever getting sick.

We have prepared ways for how to get rid of Slimelung Oxygen Not Included:

  • You can purify Polluted Oxygen to Clean Oxygen using Deodorizer before you ever get sick. Even if the germs are not rooted out, they will slowly die in the fresh air.
  • Duplicants wearing the Atmo Suit are unaffected by toxic gas and nasty germs in the environment. In other words, they are immune to all air and environmental pollution.
  • Buddybuds are also an alternative to eliminate every Oxygen Not Included Slimelung. It is possible to make your work easier in Slime biome by planting a few of these plants from the furniture menu to the planter boxes. They emit flower spores that are harmless to your dupes, and only one type of flower spore can exist in any given area when it comes to oni Slimelung in air or gasses. These flower spores will be a nightmare for your Slimelungs with the cloud it creates.
  • If you’re late in doing all of this and your Duplicants are infected, you can quickly heal them in the early stages using Chroline. Or it can be removed from Slime using Ore Scrubber. For recovery, the Duplicant must be an inpatient at the Med-Bed or Pharma Chamber and another Duplicant needs to be assigned to “Care”.
  • If all of these are not done and the disease is not treated, things get serious. This disease is fatal in cycle 8 and in this case the patient has to deal with the disease on their own. This is a situation that is both more challenging and prevents you from playing the game. That’s why we recommend that you apply the methods we listed above as soon as you are in the Slime biome.

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Symptoms of the Oxygen Not Included Slimelung

Even if it is not fatal, the disease caused by this germ has huge negative consequences in the game. Duplicants require more breathing gas than usual and are susceptible to suffocation in low-oxygen environments. They occasionally cough and frequently need to catch their breath, which will stop any activity. This coughing can interrupt sleep, work, and even treatment.

The worst part is, if you do not perform Oxygen not Included remove Slimelung from air, other Duplicants can get sick because it is highly contagious. Duplicants in Polluted Air can catch diseases from the air they breathe because of the polluted air molecules emitted by the sick person. Therefore, it is imperative that the sick person is kept separate from others and treated as soon as possible. You need to perform Oxygen Not Included cure Slimelung before it’s too late.

oxygen not included remove slimelung from air
oxygen not included remove slimelung from air


Today we told you every detail you need to know about Oxygen Not Included Slimelung and how to get rid of them. When you’re contracted Oxygen Not Included Slimelung in air, the first thing you should do is treat it, but you can prevent it if you’re in the Slime biome before it happens. That’s all from us for today, we wish you less poisonous and oxygen-rich days! Bye.

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