Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery


When the colonists opened their eyes, they found themselves on an asteroid where they could barely breathe. There is no information yet on how they came or why they came. But they are sure of one thing: to leave after establishing an advanced space colony in order to survive. But building a spaceship is not as easy as expected. For this reason, it is necessary to produce steel with the Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery system and then to build a spaceship with this steel.

Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery
Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery

Although the process is long, we are aware that to keep the colonists alive, players have to take risks and develop the colony. So we decided to create an automated Oni Metal Refinery section, which we had difficulty designing for a long time. If you do not have enough experience in Metal Refinery and are looking for a detailed guide, then you are in the right place.

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What is Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery and What Does It Do?

Metal Refinery machine converts various metal ores into refined metals by processing them with high temperature. However, the excess heat generated during the production of this refined metal can be seriously annoying. Moreover, the metal refinery needs a liquid reinforcement of between 800-1200 kg for trouble-free operation. Now, at this point, let’s take a quick look at what we can produce with Oni Metal Refinery with a simple table before we get into the guide.

Metal Refinery Oxygen Not Included – How Does It Work?

If you build a Metal Refinery in any part of the colony, you will notice that there is a water inlet and a water outlet. When Metal Refinery starts to work, it normally has a liquid storage feature of 800 KG. However, this liquid storage can increase 400 KG when it starts to work, increasing the total liquid usage up to 1200 KG. For example, if we run the machine to refine a Copper Ore, it consumes 1.2 kW of power.

oni metal refinery
oni metal refinery

In addition to the temperature of the water supplied to the machine for copper production, the outlet temperature of the water reaches +100 degrees. The production process takes 40 seconds as standard unless you have increased the machine quality.

Input OreOutput
Gold AmalgamGold
Copper OreCopper
Aluminum OreAluminum
Cobalt OreCobalt
Iron OreIron
70 kg Iron – 20 kg Refined Carbon – 10 kg LimeSteel

As can be clearly seen in the table, it is possible to process all metal ores.

Oxygen Not Included Easiest Metal Refinery Setup

Now that you’ve figured out how Metal Refinery works inside the oni, you need to do a simple setup for the colony. First of all, we constantly mentioned that Metal Refinery produces high heat. While installing an automatic Metal Refinery system so that this high heat is not wasted, you will also try to generate electricity. Electricity generation will be very easy thanks to the Steam Turbine. You can follow the steps to install Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery below.

  • First you need 3 empty dug rooms. Then you will install Steam Turbine, Metal Refinery and Aquatuner on each floor of these rooms. Therefore, you should prepare all these items before starting the automatic Metal Refinery construction.
  • If you are ready to start the process, first install a Metal Refinery in the lowest room. Then install the Aquatuner in the second room on the top floor and the Steam Turbine in the third room on the last floor.
  • You will need a solid source of crude oil to start the fluid flow. Because the heat produced in Metal Refinery can only reach the maximum level with crude oil. In order to get the sufficient efficiency from the Steam Turbine, you must reach the highest possible temperature.
  • The trouble-free operation of Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery is through vacuuming the middle room where Aquatuner is located. It will be sufficient to place a Liquid Airlock in a section on the left side of the room for the vacuuming process. Also, do not forget to place the Bottle Emptier in the middle chamber after vacuuming. Before you start laying the pipes, your Metal Refinery system should look like this:
Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery building
Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery building
  • The installation of the plumbing is too complex, the slightest detail that goes unnoticed, crashes the entire system. Half of the pipes that must be placed for a trouble-free installation are insulated and the other half are conductive. It is incredibly difficult to describe a comprehensive step-by-step plumbing layout. For this, it is possible to see a plumbing image that we have designed before:
Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery liquid pipe
Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery liquid pipe

By the way, pay attention to the use of Liquid Bridge, a detail that you cannot see in the screenshot.

metal refinery oxygen not included
metal refinery oxygen not included
  • It is also necessary to mention the inclusion of dirty water in the system, which is an important detail that you cannot see in the screenshot above. For this, add some dirty water to the system by means of a water pump wherever possible.
  • In addition, you should build a “Tempshift Plate” at regular intervals to spread the temperature distribution in the middle room evenly.
Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery Tempshift Plate
Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery Tempshift Plate
  • Another important clue is the discharge of the water accumulated in the upper floor room where the Steam Turbin is located, to the middle room where the Aquanter is located. In other words, you will collect the leftover water from the Steam Turbin in a lower room.
oni metal refinery petrol
oni metal refinery petrol

We are aware that it is very complex, but such plumbing structures need to be installed to keep the colony alive.

Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery Tips

With a simple installation, you should have a clear understanding of the Metal Refinery working principle. However, there are still some tips to get the maximum efficiency by complicating this system.

  • Liquid Pipe Thermo Sensor is essential for a complete installation for Oni Metal Refinery. It is very useful for controlling the temperature of the water in the system and eliminating unwanted problems. It will be sufficient to enter the average temperature in the Liquid Pipe Thermo Sensor as 25 degrees. If the temperature of the water in the system drops below 25 degrees, the Liquid Pipe Thermo Sensor will activate and completely cut off the water in the system.
metal refinery oni liquid termo sensor
metal refinery oni liquid termo sensor
  • We used dirty water in addition to crude oil for the operation of the Metal Refinery and the liquid cooling system. The use of dirty water is beneficial only at first to increase the amount of water in the installation. We do not recommend continuous use. Because after a while, it will start to create pollution in the pipes and the environment. Instead, make sure to use crude oil consistently.
  • By the way, don’t forget to use “Insulated Tile” when building rooms.
  • A few minutes after water is entered into the system, blockages will begin to occur. These blockages are usually caused by giving too much water or laying the installation too short. Drain some of the water from the system to clear the pipe blockage.


When it comes to Oyxgen Not Included, we have to stop and think many times while writing the game guide. It’s really a headache to enter Oni after months and set up a complicated system. Despite all the setbacks and headaches, we still got the system working successfully!

Despite all this, if you need help installing Oxygen Not Included Metal Refinery, try commenting. We respond to all comments with a solution within a few hours at the latest.

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