8 Awesome Minecraft Garden Ideas


In Minecraft, a garden is a place where you can chill out with your friends after a long mining trip. Whether you have enough space to build various things or not, it is always worth decorating your gardens with some greenery like leaves and crops.

And in this article, we’ll show you a list consisting of the 8 best Minecraft garden ideas so you can get some inspiration immediately!

Minecraft garden

To build a garden in Minecraft, surely you will need a lot of wooden and greenery blocks such as leaves, grasses, flowers, wooden fences, trapdoors, and more. This list will cover some essential garden build ideas that you can pick and choose depending on your available space. Without further ado, let’s go!

Minecraft Garden Ideas To Decorate Your House

The list below has everything you need to build a great garden in Minecraft such as a house, crop farms, statue, and other decorations. Shears are essential items to gather the needed resources (mostly leaves) so before you pick an idea, let’s take some time mining first.

1. Cottagecore Garden House

minecraft garden

When we talk about Minecraft garden ideas, we must mention a lovely house with different types of flowers and some beehives. The design is made by Dio Rods and it looks good whether you have shaders on or off. It’s best to build this garden house in the flower forest biome. But that’s up to you!

The house is mainly made from oak and spruce wood, which is a wood type that you can easily farm in the early stage of the game. The roof is made from stone bricks so it’s recommended to go mining for some stones and iron too. Besides the main house, we have two main flower fields from which you can put your crop farm later on. And don’t forget to raise some bees for honey.

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2. Valentine’s Garden Windmill

minecraft garden

The windmill is usually used in any farm build, where you have a giant wheat field span across entire your base. And not stop at only farm build ideas, PPIX also implements the windmill into a pretty garden design. On top of that, you could live here by placing a bed and some storage chests around. What a cozy garden idea!

You can craft mossy stone bricks by using normal stone bricks and vines. This is an extremely useful and time-saving way to build a windmill’s base and the wall, which can prevent hostile mobs from entering your garden. Besides that, gathering oak wood, sweet berries, and a lot of flowers is what you need to do.

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3. Aesthetic Pond

minecraft garden

Nothing cooler than having a gorgeous pond right inside your garden! You could sit here all day to watch the fish swim around and eat sweet berries from nearby bushes. Moreover, you can capture some axolotls and raise them here too.

This Minecraft garden idea is affected by the zen garden design. By adding several leaves and plants around the pond, you have a cool place to relax after a long journey. Additionally, texture-mixing is a great technique applied in this design. See how well the stones, andesites, and cobblestones mix together? You can also apply this technique anywhere, from the pond’s bottom to the surrounding area.

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4. Garden Bee House

minecraft garden

Compared to other animals in Minecraft, bees are hard to domesticate but the loot from them is valuable. And to make it easier for any Minecraft bee-lovers out there, Sv Gravity made an aesthetic garden bee house with only basic resources that you can get quite early in the game.

The bee house is completely made from stripped oak logs and other oak variant blocks. To create a clear dome to the left, you should collect some sand and smelt them in the furnace to make glass blocks. When you’re done, let’s go on an adventure and find some bees. Remember to bring a flower with you to lure them!

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5. Detailed Garden

minecraft garden

Next, we have a detailed Minecraft garden idea that you’d definitely love! You have everything you need to survive from a cozy hut to a large crop farm. In addition, you can see the creativity of IamPixel by showing off those precise scarecrow builds made from spruce fences, grey carpets, spruce trapdoors, hay bales, and carves pumpkins.

On the other hand, this design has a small pond where you can store different types of fish as well as fishing purposes. The garden always looks good in most biomes except for the swamp one. Unless you’re a fan of withered theme buildings, jungles and plains are the best biomes for this build!

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6. Garden Frog Fountain

minecraft garden

Not every Minecraft garden ideas are houses and farm, instead, this idea represents a frog statue located in the middle of the lake. The design not only provides a huge decorative aspect to your garden but also has a working Redstone mechanism inside of it, in which you can turn on or off the water flow. Cool, right?

To make the lake even cooler, BitGardener uses Enhanced Biomes: River & Pond mod for the cattails, foam, and other visual environment details. On top of that, you can also place various types of corals under the lake to add extra layers to your garden.

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7. Fairy Aesthetic Gazebo

minecraft garden

Created by a famous Youtuber Kelpie The Fox, this Fairy Gazebo is a perfect component for your garden in Minecraft! What you will need are some wooden fences, stone bricks for the floor, chains and lanterns for lighting, and a lot of leaves to cover the roof. All of them are really easy to get so resources are not a big deal.

Kelpie uses Mizuno’s 16 Craft texture pack to make everything attractive and more aesthetic. That’s why you will see a slight difference in the block’s textures, especially for the flowers. So let’s get yourself the resource pack and rebuild this idea!

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8. Cozy Garden Base

minecraft garden

A cozy garden base is one of the best Minecraft garden ideas that contain several areas for you to work with. With 6 different crop farms and 3 animal pens, you can have a sustainable source of food, as well as other supplies such as leather, eggs, wool, and more!

The build is symmetrical so it’s easy to rebuild. You could expand the base by building several layers on top of each other, or enlarge it while still keeping everything at the same height. Not to mention that this design is resource-friendly and you can get all materials in a day or two.

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So that’s the best 8 Minecraft garden ideas for today.

Let’s get started by collecting the resources, chopping down trees, and mining for extra stones. With some effort and creativity, you can easily rebuild these Minecraft garden ideas in no time.

Which idea is your favorite? Let us know in the comment below!

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