8 Impressive Minecraft Skyscraper Ideas


Having an initial starter house is just the first step of your journey, and some Minecrafters might find that their goals are to build entire, enormous, legendary cities. The Minecraft skyscraper appears to be the most important piece of infrastructure in any city, to which you must pay attention.

Minecraft skyscraper

In Minecraft, skyscrapers are a type of building that is tall – often the tallest structure in their surrounding area and contains multiple floors. When it comes to constructing a city, skyscrapers are definitely an indispensable part. In case you have no idea how to build this structure, let these 8 impressive Minecraft skyscraper ideas walk you through!

List of The Best 8 Minecraft Skyscraper Ideas

Due to their modern designs, most buildings use artificial materials to be built, such as concrete, stone brick block, and glass panel. However, oak wood, andesite, prismarine, or cobblestone are used to make extra decorations. Let’s collect the necessary elements and build your dream skyscraper!

1. Awesome Basic Skyscraper

minecraft skyscraper

Let’s start the list with a basic, typical building! If you take a cursory look, you may think this structure is almost impossible to build. In fact, although it contains several floors, each of which is built repetitively.

Firstly, you need to decide on a large area to place the building, then use smooth stones to build a foundation. This incredible modern skyscraper is mixed up with quartz variations, cyan terracotta, and blue stained glasses. Quartz blocks and cyan terracotta make a specific color, whereas glass blocks allow extra visibility.

Since all floors are built the same way, all you need to do is construct the first floor, then keep building the rest over again. The spacious interior is free to fill, and despite being a modern structure, a wooden ladder is required to reach the top floor.

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2. Simple Skyscraper

minecraft skyscraper

This Minecraft skyscraper design can meet all of your needs, whether you need a place to house an office building or simply want to fill up your city space.

This structure is made out of white concrete, grey concrete, quartz stairs, quartz slabs, and smooth stones, while the blue stained glass panel with its contemporary look is almost appropriate with the design. Due to its repeatable essence, the number of floors depends on you.

The enormous interior can be used for a multitude of things, bookshelves, chairs, tables, and furniture are some of our suggestions. In addition, you can plant some trees or bushes outside for friendly environmental purposes.

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3. Minecraft Hospital Tower

minecraft skyscraper

Next, let us show you the most cutting-edge hospital building so far!

The skyscraper is mostly made of white concrete at the back wall and the top, with black concrete forming the floor borders, or you can use blackstone blocks instead. Note that you might think about adding a line of white concrete inside the floor borders to make the border thicker. 

The front and side walls are made of light blue stained glass, which complements the surrounding transparent view. Moreover, the design also features the elevator, which is placed at the bottom. Two rows of opened fence gates are placed on the first floor and filled with bubble columns for easy traveling, some fence gates go up from that floor to the next floor. The further to the right you go, the higher the floor you reach.

There are many options for setting up the interior: furniture, bookshelves, or even an aquarium. We’d recommend building a parking area, or lighting objects outside like lamp posts or lighthouses for visibility.

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4. Minecraft Complex Skyscraper

minecraft skyscraper

Having such a towering Minecraft skyscraper will be an essential aspect of your city, so let this design assist you in making this happen!

This concept generates three towers of varying heights. A combination of black stained glasses, cyan terracotta, smooth stone slabs, and smooth stone blocks play a role as material. Instead of building each tower separately, we’d recommend building their foundations at the same time, then turning it into the higher tower until you reach the height you want.

The tallest tower has an antenna on it, which is made of iron bars and andesite walls. It’s up to you to set anything up inside or leave it blank, while the outside is decorated by some trees. In addition, you can add some oak leaves, covered by warped fungus slabs, right at the corner of the building.

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5. Modern Minecraft Skyscraper

minecraft skyscraper

Our next idea will definitely blow your mind!

The design is not only used for filling up space, but also for being an icon of the city thanks to its unique, unprecedented appearance. A mixture of gray concrete, white concrete, and blue stained glass panels is used to build this Minecraft skyscraper. Concrete is considered the most common resource to build modern architecture, while glass panels are used for visibility purposes, as usual.

The best part of the design is the leafy, curved parts that go up to the top, following the Fibonacci sequence, according to the author. It’s not difficult to build, but it takes time and is well worth it. Once you get the building finished, let’s take care of the exterior. We’d recommend making a pond right next to it, and a two-lane, bisected road that serves as the entrance.

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6. Minecraft World Trade Center

minecraft skyscraper

Some Minecrat builders prefer designs that copy the original. If so, this idea will be the first on their bucket list.

Inspired by the One World Trade Center, the tower requires a bunch of material: smooth quartz variations, cyan stained glass panels, light gray glass panels, iron bars, iron trapdoor,… The base is designed with covered iron bars, while the upper body has a chamfered back. Near its middle, the tower forms a perfect octagon.

The unique feature of this structure is that it uses all glass panels as walls, which creates an open environment that allows cityscape viewing. In fact, you can make it slightly different by choosing a yellow or red stained glass panel instead of cyan color. The roof is reinforced using smooth red sandstone, deepslate tiles variations, polished andesite variations, and dark prismarine slabs. Not to mention that the antenna is required as the last step of the process!

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7. 1920s-era Skyscraper

minecraft skyscraper

This retro design will broaden your horizons! Based on its historical stage, the skyscraper uses different resources for construction compared to the above: smooth sandstone, regular sandstone, dark oak stairs, grey and light grey glass panels, and dark prismarines,… It contains three floors, with a third floor shaped like a crown.

The frame is aesthetically pleasing once it has been constructed, but it is also relatively rigid, so it requires additional decoration to be as perfect as possible. First, you can place four trapdoors and then place two paintings up there for a welcoming entrance. Adding stairs to the central pillars around the walls will make the building slightly more ornate and help make the walls less flat.

In addition, you can blend some grass blocks with andesite and sandstone slabs for sidewalk parts, while a couple of plant pots placed at a doorway will not be a bad touch either.

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8. Medieval Minecraft Skyscraper

minecraft skyscraper

If you already have a medieval city, then this skyscraper should be your next project!

The design we showcase here features ten floors, including the roof. Wooden materials such as oak, dark oak, spruce, and cobblestone or stone are mainly used for construction. Each floor contains multiple rooms in traditional architecture: pillars made of wood, and walls made of stone. You can set up chairs, beds, or chests in each room.

The ground floor is served as a horse stable, you can put some horses here, as well as cauldrons with water. We’d suggest using candles, covered by glass for lighting, although hanging lanterns are another option.

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And that’s our eight impressive Minecraft skyscraper ideas! Building a structure is a complex process that requires multiple stages; our suggestions will help expedite it. Now let’s choose the one you love best and start building your legacy. Happy building, miners!

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