How to Build Victoria 3 Skyscraper Easy? 2023


A new game, Victoria 3, was finally released in 2022 by Paradox Interactive, which is popular for developing grand strategy games. It has been 12 years since Victoria 2, which was considered to be a masterpiece by people who love strategy games. Finally, after 12 years, we have a game in which politics and the military are intertwined. With technological and societal improvements, it’s even possible to build a Victoria 3 Skyscraper. You start to feel the effects of the 19th-century Industrial Revolution from the first moment you play Victoria 3.

Victoria 3 Skyscraper
Victoria 3 Skyscraper

The subject of our article today is exactly that: we will answer the question of “How to Build a Skyscraper in Victoria 3?” in order to turn a city into a metropolis and a center of trade.

Victoria 3 Skyscraper Construction Requirements 

In Victoria 3, you have the chance to build various buildings and special buildings after you choose an empire to play with. Of course, every building has its own various requirements. Sometimes it could be technological research, and sometimes you might just need a lot of source materials.

When you look at the Victoria 3 skyscraper building page, you will see that, contrary to the other buildings, there are no instructions given. What you exactly need in order to build a skyscraper is a mystery. That is why we had to do detailed research on this topic. And we finally found out how to build a skyscraper in Victoria 3. 

  • Firstly, go to the research page and research “Steel Frame Buildings” under the “Society” tab. With the Steel Frame Buildings research you will have taken the first steps of modern urbanization. 
Victoria 3 Skycraper Reinforced Concrete
Victoria 3 Skycraper Reinforced Concrete
  • Another important requirement is again on the research page under the “Production”  tab. After you have done the research on “Reinforced Concrete”, technologically, it will be possible for you to build a skyscraper in Victoria 3.
Victoria 3 Skycraper  production research
Victoria 3 Skycraper production research

Now, if you want to start building, you have to increase the level of improvement in your state and cities. The requirements below are very important in order to achieve this.

  • Bureaucracy production must be over 500.
  • Urban Center’s level of improvement: +20
  • Incorporated, non-split states only
  • -25 Paper Manufacturing
  • +1000 Laborers
  • +2500 Clerks
  • +1500 Bureaucrats

After all these, now all the requirements in order to build a skyscraper in Victoria are met. Now all you have to do is go to the “Journal” tab and approve the construction on the “Decisions” page.

Victoria 3 how to build skyscraper journal
Victoria 3 how to build skyscraper journal

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Victoria 3: How to Build Skyscrapers

In Victoria 3, the stronger and more magnificent your empire is, the easier it is to take over the world. That’s why some players want to have more than one skyscraper in their cities. However, it is not possible to do this normally. In short, Victoria 3 does not allow its players to build more than one skyscraper in their cities. But fear not, there’s an amazing way to overcome this issue.

When you start to build a skyscraper in a city, have multiple construction projects in a queue. Meaning that you should not wait for a single skyscraper to be built. Add however many skyscrapers you need in a queue; otherwise, you cannot build multiple skyscrapers in Victoria 3. Lastly, building more than one skyscraper might create economic problems and a supply shortage.

The Advantages of Building Skyscrapers in Victoria 3

Of course, constructing the magnificent metropolises of the 19th century will have advantages. Even though it doesn’t really affect your gameplay, the skyscrapers in Victoria 3 are very important in terms of appearance.

Here are the advantages of skyscrapers:

  • A classic skyscraper gives the “Bureaucratic Nexus” feature to the state. With this feature, you get “+25.0% Government Administration Building Throughput.”
  • Another detail of the skyscrapers in Victoria 3 is the “Airship Mooring Post” feature. If you tie a zeppelin to a skyscraper, your state will get “+10 Prestige.

How Do the Skyscrapers Look in Victoria 3?

The reason a lot of gamers like Victoria 3 is because of its amazing atmosphere and historical qualities. Especially the quality of the graphics of the game allows its players to enjoy Victoria 3 even more. You can see pictures of some skyscrapers belonging to other countries’ capital cities.

Victoria 3 Skyscraper urban center
Victoria 3 Skyscraper urban center


Whether you are bringing Great Britain back to its earlier glorious days or making the Ottoman Empire a superpower again, you will need skyscrapers no matter what in order to build glorious cities and metropolises. Thankfully, this guide created by Console Bandit finally answers the question of how to build skyscrapers in Victoria 3. Have a good game, everyone!

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