6 Epic Minecraft Lighthouse Ideas


If you are too stressed to think about what to build next, these Minecraft lighthouse ideas below can save your life!

A lighthouse is a tower structure or a type of building designed to emit light from a system of lamps, allowing visibility and serving navigational purposes. Lighthouse designs are popular in Minecraft because they are not only simple to build but also serve as a symbol of their construction.

minecraft lighthouse

To build a lighthouse, a combination of wooden and mineral materials is a must. Most of them are common in-game, so it doesn’t take much time to collect. Below are the six best Minecraft lighthouse ideas. Let’s check it out!

6 Epic Minecraft Lighthouse Ideas

The list below showcases popular designs when it comes to building a tower or a lighthouse. Since all ideas and tutorials are already available, let’s take time to collect resources first.

1. Basic Minecraft Lighthouse

minecraft lighthouse

Let’s kick off the list with the basic idea of a lighthouse. We strongly advise you to consider placing your design near the dock, or outside the sea first, this will make the most of it.

The basic Minecraft lighthouse is made from white concrete and red concrete powder. The top of the design – which is made out of oak slabs and spruce stairs, contains shroomlight, covered by yellow stained glass pane and glass blocks.

At the bottom of the design, a bunch of mossy blocks is highly recommended, these blocks prove that your lighthouse has existed naturally for years. To match the bottom, you can leave some oak leave blocks on the windows.

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2. Simple Minecraft Lighthouse

minecraft lighthouse

If you already own a home on land but want to be closer to the sea, then this tower is the design that you’re not going to miss.

Built completely isolated from the sea, this simple yet sturdy tower will challenge your courage, especially when the night comes and you have no idea what kind of hostile mobs are around.

The lighthouse is mainly made of stone bricks and mossy stone bricks, which give it its sturdiness. The inside is divided into several floors for decoration and storage purposes, while the best part of the building – the tower –  contains the observers and redstone lamps that help rotate lights and exactly guide you home. You can plant some flowers in the pots outside and put out some vines at the bottom of the lighthouse. Also, don’t forget to build a dock for better transportation.

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3. Minecraft Lighthouse Spinning Light Part

minecraft lighthouse

There’s a tendency to build the emitting lamp in the lighthouse with a rotating or spinning mechanism instead of managing basic glowing materials, and if you want one for yourself, let this tutorial walk you through!

The spinning light relies on the observer to work – which you can mine with your pickaxe. There are numerous ways to arrange the observers: circle them for an infinite light or arrange them to form an arrow or a letter.

The next step is placing a redstone lamp on each observer, then turning on the redstone dust with a lever to activate them all. Watching your lighthouse with a spinning lamp is absolutely mesmerizing, so gather your materials and construct your own!

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4. Medieval Minecraft Lighthouse

minecraft lighthouse

If you’ve already built a medieval city, the medieval lighthouse is most likely your next project!

The tower we showcase here has basically the same structure as other towers. Built primarily from stone blocks, the design also uses oak and birch blocks to border around the trunk. The tower will gradually get thinner the higher we build, so that it will have a sloping appearance.

The light source of the lighthouse is built with blocks of redstone, covered by redstone lamps on any visible side. Next, the rest of the roof is filled with stone blocks and spruce slabs. It’s also delightful to hang some lanterns around the towers and add extra stone blocks for the thicker foundation.

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5. Minecraft Lighthouse Cottage Core

minecraft lighthouse

Our next recommendation is a complex survival starter base, which includes a lighthouse and a cottage house.

The tower is built with a variety of metal materials, such as concrete, stone, terracotta, and cobblestones,… Not to mention that you can mix any color material to create a tower with a distinct appearance.

The difference in this design is the cottage house built next to the lighthouse for survival. The house is made of concrete blocks, and spruce logs, decorated with a bunch of vines or oak leaves to make it as natural as possible. We’d recommend adding several flower pots, cattle farms, or even crops with gardens outside. The place where you devote your full attention is completely deserved!

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 6. Ancient Desert Lighthouse

minecraft lighthouse

Most of Minecrafters may think that a lighthouse is possibly built on the ocean, if so, this design will blow your mind!

This distinctive tower is typically built in desert biomes, where it is hardly affected by waves or earthquakes. The design is not as high as other towers, supported by four pillars that are made of sandstone blocks. By removing the walls, you now have a clear and all-encompassing view as long as you place your foot in the tower.

The second floor is built the same as the first one, but the pillars are terracotta. The light of the tower is made from netherracks, activated by flint and steel. Although the natural flame does not allow for good visibility, other options might not be suitable for the whole design.

Since desert biomes are restrictive and dry, you should have nothing for exterior decoration, or you can place dead bushes or some dead trees if you want to.

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And that is our suggestion for Minecraft lighthouse ideas. Whether you’re a newbie or a ten-thousand-hour player, these ideas are always good for you to start with. Choose one of the designs you like best and put all your effort and creativity into making the best of it. Happy building!

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