9 Fascinating Jungle House Minecraft Ideas


There are two types of Minecrafters: Half opt for modern, luxurious, iconic structures like a modern glass house or a skyscraper. The rest prefer to stay in secluded homes deep in the forest, away from the hustle and bustle. If you are keen on the second choice, let us point out some brilliant jungle house Minecraft ideas!

Jungle House Minecraft

Jungle house Minecraft is a type of house that is typically built deeply in the forest or jungle. Jungle house attracts Minecraft players not only by its rustic, plain appearance but also by its expanded availability.

List of Brilliant Jungle House Minecraft Ideas

If you’re already living in the Jungle biome, getting some jungle wood and leaves will not be a big problem at all. On the other hand, you should gather other wood saplings for more wood variations and dig underground to mine some cobblestones to fortify your jungle house Minecraft. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into these epic ideas!

1. Small Jungle Starter House

jungle house minecraft

Whether you’re a ten-thousand-hour Minecraft player or a newbie, starting your starter house with a simple idea is an ideal choice!

The house has a space for a basement, which can be used as a temporary shelter or a storage space. For the first floor, you can use cobblestones, stone bricks, and normal stone to build the walls. In fact, you can ultimately use cobblestone instead of normal stone to give the jungle temple vibe for the build.

Since jungle wood is tall (and jungle trees also grow pretty quickly), you can use them to build pillars, the second floor, and the roof. Plus, you can decorate the interior with beds, chests, and some flower pots. And last but not least, don’t forget to light up the walls by adding hanging lanterns.

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2. Simple Jungle House

jungle house minecraft

If you are a peaceful person, living in the jungle with a simple house will suit you best! Our suggestion is a modest but comfortable home hidden deep within a forest.

The house texture is made of jungle planks and stripped jungle logs. The entrance and sides have jungle trapdoors for easy access and other decorations. The roof is made of spruce stairs and slabs. Just slowly work your way to the top with slabs, then finally make a mossy chimney.

The foundation is reinforced by placing grass blocks randomly, combined with jungle stairs. Moreover, you can decorate the exterior by adding jungle leaves along the walls. The more you put out, the greener it is. Furthermore, you can add some flowers and beetroot around the house, but this process can be skipped to save time because the outside, with its abundance of trees, is already captivating.

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3. Giant Jungle Tree House

jungle house minecraft

As a kid, a treehouse is a dream base since you can access many things in one place. Plus, a view high up on the tree is fantastic, isn’t it?

The real trick of the tree house is finding the right tree or set of trees, so before making any parts, choose wisely where to build. The place that you wish for comes with plenty of wood (oak logs, oak slabs, and oak stairs), a little bit of stone, and some extra decoration stuff. Set your foot on the top of the tree and then construct the house that covers the tree’s trunk. In fact, you can build multiple houses with trees nearby and connect them with bridges.

The inside is filled with chests, a massive bed, a working place, and some furniture according to your taste. The sideways chain can prevent you from falling down, and there are a lot of hanging lanterns for extra lighting. You can add a boat dock, a cattle farm, and a crop outside to make the area more natural. It’s a fairly basic build with enough detail just make it different enough.

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4. Rainy Jungle Tree House

jungle house minecraft

Next up is our upgrade for a jungle tree house, a perfect build for living in a peaceful place!

The design is basically built the same way as the one above. You can, however, select a group of trees in the middle of the river or on the swamp, where you can get the best out of its unique design. Most of the structure is made out of wood, which is really an ideal option in the early game. Built on top of the tree, the house has many open viewpoints, giving a mesmerizing feel from the surroundings.

Moreover, you can easily make a transition from house to house by building wooden bridges. We would advise building a roof over the bridges to distinguish the design. You can also make a small dock nearby the trees, if not, a storage basement is another option. There is also a cobblestone pathway built alongside the bottom of the trees that is ideal for going for a walk.

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5. Typical Tree House

jungle house minecraft

Let’s become one with nature with this typical jungle tree house!

The house we showcase here is built solely on a single tree. To make the house, you only need wood. In fact, you can make the entire house by chopping trees nearby and crafting until you meet the requirements. Some types of materials can be named as follows: jungle wood, spruce slabs, oak wood, dark oak planks, spruce trapdoors, and fence gates.

There are many ways to build the living space: you can construct it on the trunk of the tree, on each branch, or even make a hanging house. You can also fill the empty space with anything you like. Finally, to improve the layout, consider putting oak leaves or vines on top of the tree, as it feels like a relaxing and chilling touch to the area.

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6. Detailed Jungle House

jungle house minecraft

If you prefer a detailed design, our suggestion here would definitely be first on your bucket list!

The mid-sized jungle house requires a mixture of wooden and stony resources to build. The body of the house is made of jungle planks, stripped jungle logs, and jungle trapdoors, whereas cobblestone is used for making the foundation as well as the border of the pillars. The second floor is smaller than the base with a flat roof style. Because Reimiho uses glass blocks to allow natural lighting so there are no hanging lanterns in the design.

There is a farm and a storage room at the entrance of the building. Plus, you can add scarecrows or statues to make this place creepier at night. For the final improvement, consider installing the BSL shader to make your jungle house Minecraft looks even better.

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7. Bungalow Jungle House

This house idea combines natural beauty and aesthetic creation, which allows a peaceful life away from the hustle of the outside world.

jungle house minecraft

Constructed in the center of the river, the design contains two separate houses, which are held up by pillars made of jungle logs, and covered by vines. The texture of the houses is made of sandstone and cut sandstone. The roof of the house is beautified with dark prismarine – the material that most of us barely use but that brings an attractive appearance.

When the main construction is finished, consider building an extension of the dock for traveling purposes. Furthermore, there is lots of work to do for interior decoration such as making an extraordinary aquarium of blue orchids, twisting vine plants and some kind of fish, or creating a space for cats and birds. Don’t forget to spend a room for work and relax!

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8. Wooden Jungle Mansion

jungle house minecraft

Here’s a luxurious yet surprisingly easy-to-make mansion!

To create this jungle house Minecraft, you need a combination of stone, cobblestone, jungle logs, white terracotta, and spruce stairs. This structure itself is a 3-story mansion, with massive spaces acting like storage units. The design contains the main entrance at the front, as well as two staircases on the sides.

There is more than enough room to fit anything you want inside the house, so consider creating farms or cattle shelters outside for production. You can hang plants, chains, jungle leaves, mossy stone bricks, flower pots, and vines for decoration purposes. And last but not least, the ponds with lily pads, seagrass, and sea pickles will get as creative as possible with this portion of the design.

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9. Ultimate Floating Jungle Base

jungle house minecraft

This one is undoubtedly a perfect build for the jungle biome since it features multi structures that will absolutely broaden your mind!

The mansion is constructed primarily from jungle wood, which makes it pretty resource-friendly even when you just started in the early game. This jungle base has some towers as well as storage houses. All of them are built the same way, with mainly jungle wood and cobblestone slabs. We’d recommend starting with the tower because it has a foundation, then moving on to the bridges and floating foundations for the other houses.

You can make window panes on all sides of each house to get a clear view of anything sneaking up on you. Additionally, consider hanging lanterns or torches on the bridges to increase lighting and prevent hostile mobs from spawning. This project is large and time-consuming, so getting it done with your friend’s assistance is a smart move.

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And these are our nine charming jungle house Minecraft ideas that you should look at! Since building an ideal house might not be as tricky as you think, the most challenging part is picking up an idea that suits you best. We hope our suggestions will boost your experience.

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