Dark Forest Minecraft: What Can You Find in This Biome?


Exploring is always exciting in Minecraft, especially in later updates. With so many biomes added to the game, the moment you see new scenery on the horizon can be rewarding yet challenging, especially for rare biomes such as dark forest Minecraft or jungle.

dark forest minecraft

In this article, let’s talk about deep forest Minecraft and what you can expect from this fabulous biome!

What is Minecraft Dark Forest?

Dark Oak Forest Minecraft, the former Roofed Forest in the 1.7.2 update, is a rare Minecraft biome with unique features and structures. It’s well-known for its dense trees and leaves, blocking the sunlight and allowing hostile mobs to spawn even in the daylight.

Dark forests are located in the Overworld dimension and have a rare chance to spawn. Normally, you’d expected to travel at least a few thousand blocks before finding your first dark forest.

dark forest minecraft

Here’s the full list of what mobs can spawn in the dark forest:

  • Creeper
  • Skeleton
  • Slime
  • Spider
  • Zombie
  • Enderman
  • Witch
  • Zombie Villager
  • Bat
  • Seep
  • Chicken
  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Glow Squid

That said, before traveling through the dark forest Minecraft, you should plan out carefully and watch your steps. Creepers can strike you from a corner while skeletons are lurking around, waiting to shoot at you.

What You Can Find in Dark Forest Biome Minecraft

Besides underground blocks, which you can also find in other biomes, the dark forest in Minecraft has a lot of unique blocks and creatures, such as:

  • Dark Oak Wood: dark forest is the only source of dark oak wood. So while you’re here, try to chop down some dark oak trees and get their saplings. You’ll need at least 4 dark oak saplings to grow a dark oak tree.
  • Giant Red and Brown Mushroom: Although you can grow normal mushrooms to their giant form, their natural version can spawn naturally in the dark forest biome.
  • Woodland Mansions: This is another structure that’s exclusive to the dark oak forest, which means you can’t find it elsewhere. Woodland Mansion is a great place to find allays, evokers, vindicators, wool, and blocks of diamonds.
dark forest minecraft

Sometimes, you can find normal oak and birch trees also spawn in the dark forest. Several plants like rose bushes, peonies, poppies, or dandelions can also spawn here.

Minecraft Dark Forest Seeds

Finding one can be a challenging task, and that’s why we collected a bunch of Dark Forest Minecraft seeds here for you to use:

4006Spawned in a Dark Forest with oak trees and mushrooms.
Head south for a Plains Village and another Dark Forest.
Westward lies Windswept Hills with mountains and a llama at (-54,83,-30).
6025Dark forest seed Minecraft with a floating rock structure and zombie dungeon (10,-40,79).
7004Spawned in Plains Village with an Iron Golem and diverse animals.
Nearby, a Dark Forest with towering red mushrooms awaits.
12333Spawned on the edge of a Dark Forest with tall red mushrooms.
Go west for a Birch Forest, pigs roaming, and a pumpkin patch at the entrance.
12345Spawn in a stunning dark oak forest surrounded by mountains.
There are sheer cliffs dropping into the ocean.
92182Spawn near a woodland mansion in a dark oak forest.
89276354Spawn in Dark Oak Forest and experience lush caves, including coordinates (-18,16,54).
8128914698709172964Spawn near a Woodland Mansion (196, 68, -11919) in a Dark Oak Forest.
Plus, a rare stronghold (140, 10, -11887) nearby.

How to Find Dark Forest Minecraft

To find the dark forest Minecraft, press T or Enter to open the in-game chat, and type in the command below.

/locate biome minecraft:dark_forest

You could also use other tools like ChunkBase to generate a preview map for you. To get the seed to use in ChunkBase, you can either type in /seed or set your own seed before creating a new world, then copy that seed and paste it into the tool.

And that’s all about dark forest Minecraft!

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