Is Elden Ring Cross Platform? How to Play Multiplayer?


In the challenging world of Elden Ring, sometimes you need your friends to survive. A helping hand from your friends will go a long way toward destroying the challenging bosses. At the same time, it is very likely that you will encounter players who want to kill you instead of coming to your aid. When we consider all these, many of the players are starting to ask the question, is Elden Ring cross platform.

Elden Ring Cross Platform

We decided to research the Elden Ring cross-platform multiplayer system. Now let’s start, if you are ready, and let’s find out how you can play Elden Ring online with your friends.

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform Multiplayer?

We think the idea of crossplaying Elden Ring is frankly awesome. Having PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players in one game would be extremely fun. Unfortunately, Elden Ring does not support cross play. Of course, we may need to explain this in a little more detail.

Elden Ring cross platform

For example, if you have a PlayStation 5 and one of your friends has a PlayStation 4, you can play multiplayer together. Crossplay is also possible with any Xbox model that supports Elden Ring. In addition, consoles cannot be used to play Elden Ring if you are a PC gamer. PC players can only play Elden Ring cross platform with other PC players.

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How to Play Elden Ring Multiplayer

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Elden Ring is a single-player game, but it includes an excellent online system. With the familiar summoning signs from the Dark Souls series, you can bring other players into your game. The Elden Ring cross platform concept is especially useful if you wish to face the most powerful bosses with your friends.

The “Furlcalling Finger Remedy” item should be used to summon a friend in the game. Similarly, you must have the “Tarnished Furled Finger” item in order to enter your friend’s world. Additionally, you should use the “Duelist’s Furled Finger” item to leave a red mark on the ground if you want to engage in PVP with other players.

Elden Ring cross platform

The “Bloody Finger” is yet another essential component of the Elden Ring cross platform mechanic. You can join the world of another player and engage in PVP with this item. There is no other way to play Elden Ring crossplay besides these options.


As you can see, there is currently no cross platform play for Elden Ring. Different consoles, like the Xbox and PlayStation, cannot play games together, despite the fact that the same console models can play online together. This situation, in our opinion, will not change in the upcoming months. The Bloodborne and Dark Souls series, two games in the same genre, did not have cross platform support either. Nevertheless, in the event that FromSoftware’s Elden Ring cross platform changes, we will try to provide you with the most recent information in our article. That’s all for now; we’ll see you again in the next article. Goodbye.

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