Is Elden Ring the Hardest Souls Game?


Although Elden Ring is not an easy one, it is not impossible to beat it. Using the right build and gameplay, you can easily kill every boss in Elden Ring – even the Malenia, Blade of Miquella. But we know this is not a wholly answer to the question of “is Elden Ring the hardest souls game”. So we may need to elaborate a little more.

Is Elden Ring the Hardest Souls Game
Is Elden Ring the Hardest Souls Game

Elden Ring was a huge financial success in addition to being the favorite of critics and the gaming community. Perhaps this is because players find this game more challenging than others. In some bosses, even if you rage quit the game and swear not to play it again, you may find yourself trying to kill the same boss within 15 minutes. That’s why we set out to find out if Elden Ring really is the hardest Souls game!

Elden Ring is a More Sophisticated Version of the Series

The reason why you think Elden Ring is difficult may be the mechanics of the game or the one-shot bosses. It is a fact that Elden Ring requires more mechanics than Dark Souls games and you need to be more agile, but there is not a big difference between them. If you spend as much time in Elden Ring as you do in Dark Souls, the game starts to feel no more difficult.

Is Elden Ring the Hardest Souls Game
Is Elden Ring the Hardest Souls Game – or is the dark souls series harder?

Therefore, it can be said that Elden Ring is equally hard. It is true that when you compare Elden Ring with other titles, you may have more difficulty early in the game. The reason for this is that a very different game style has been added to the Souls category with Elden Ring. Not speaking of the bosses, the older Souls games may have a little advantage in terms of the sneakiness of the setting and the potency of opponent groups, however parts of Elden Ring’s dungeons are also quite good.

Is Elden Ring Harder Than Dark Souls 3?

Actually, the answer to this is completely relative and there are many factors that determine the difficulty of a game. While playing Elden Ring, some players say that they have the most difficulty in bosses, while others say that they have difficulty controlling the character they play. 

Yet there’s a well-known fact in the Souls community—and it holds true for the majority of players who dive into this series—that the first game you play will almost always be the hardest.

We’re sure this was true for Dark Souls 3 as well, but you might not remember it just because you’ve played the game a long time ago.

Elden Ring might be more challenging in terms of its locale, inconsistent patterns and fights. But if we think about “is Elden Ring harder than Dark Souls”, we cannot come to a definite decision about such a thing. The main gameplay mechanics do not change, though, and players who get used to the game faster find it to be simpler.

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Builds Determine the Elden Ring’s Difficulty Level

With both sides’ capabilities advancing, Bloodborne marks an important milestone in the pace and AI power featured. With increased movement choices and the addition of weapon arts in Dark Souls 3, the player’s toolbox also starts to expand. Elden Ring’s difficulty may really be a little bit lower than these games. Elden Ring might become the simplest game in the entire series if you use everything you have at your command and experiment with everything you find and learn.

A properly tuned build can turn you into a killing machine and have you rip into every boss. For example, with Mimic Tear with a Bleed/Frost build, one of the strongest builds in the game, it is possible to completely overcome this difficulty of the game. The problem here is that such powerful builds take time in the game. 

Maybe players are asking the question “is Elden Ring the hardest Souls game” because they have hard times creating top notch builds at the beginning of the game. If you find Elden Ring challenging at first, with a little patience, you may feel stronger than ever at the end of the game.

Elden Ring Is No Longer As Difficult As It Was

Compared to older games like Demon’s Souls, Elden Ring’s boss fights can be longer and more complex. Elden Ring contains a lot more unique features and mechanics that you’re just not going to comprehend on your first attempt, so new gamers are going to have a hard time getting used to this one. In fact, the reason for this may not be you, but the not nerfed version of the game.

Maybe if you played Elden Ring when it was first launched, you might have come across the imbalance in the game. Yes that’s right, some bosses in Elden Ring have been adjusted and their “unnecessary” difficulties have been fixed. Therefore, the reason for you to die and die many times may be the overpowered bosses in the game. But when you try the latest version of the game, you may not think “is Elden Ring the hardest Souls game” anymore.


Today, we have determined the answer to the question “is Elden Ring the hardest Souls game”. In conclusion, the difficulty is purely subjective and varies from person to person. While playing Bloodborne, you may have more difficult bosses than Elden Ring, or you may have spent hours on a boss in Elden Ring.

What we shared with you today were actually personal and general comments. So you are the ones who should test the difficulty of the game. In our opinion, finish the whole Souls series for this and decide for yourself. However, we can be sure that all Souls games are a wonderful.

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