Exciting New Information About The New PlayStation 5

Playstation 5 Slim

A reputable leaker in the gaming community states that Sony will announce a new PlayStation 5 model later on in the year. The leak also states that once announced, the console will be released within a month. All in all, the announcement and release are expected to happen later this year, which is a massive win for console lovers.

This leak is about the highly awaited PlayStation 5 slim console. Even though the PlayStation 6 is still years away, there is a high chance that the PlayStation 5 Slim model is just a few months away. Similar to the previous Slim models, the PlayStation 5 Slim model will be lighter and consume less power overall. There is also a chance that the PS5 Slim model will come with an optional Disk Drive which can be detached.

Leaks surrounding the Playstation 5 Slim console have been around since 2022, but the intensity of the news increased with the recent Microsoft court proceedings. The documents presented at court confirmed the rumors of a potential new PS5 Slim model.

new PlayStation 5

So what’s new? According to Shpeshal Nick Bears, the leaker behind the news, the Playstation 5 model could be announced as early as August. That’s just next month! Rumors of a second summer event were already in circulation as most fans considered the first to be uneventful. 

The documents from Microsoft already state the release of a new Playstation console that is cheaper and lighter. Therefore both the rumors and Nick Bear’s leak fall into place. According to the sources and the documents, the Playstation 5 Slim would be priced at $399.99.

Should You Be Interested in The New PlayStation 5?

It’s too soon to say anything! But from what we do know about the upcoming console, here are our predictions! 

If you already own a PlayStation 5 then there is no point in purchasing the new PlayStation 5 slim. This is because the new console will be an upgrade from your existing console. It will not give you a better performance in any regard. 

If you are looking to buy a new console, it’s better to wait for the new Playstation 5 console. This is because the new console will be cheaper than the existing models, whilst being easier on your power bill. It’s just a no-brainer!

If you are looking for a performance upgrade from your current console, then the PlayStation 5 Slim isn’t your answer. We highly recommend you wait till the pro model, which is expected to come out in 2024!

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