Dwarf Fortress See Petitions – Easy DFHack Method

Dwarf Fortress See Petitions

We often use petitions to make some decisions that will change the course of the dwarves’ life in Dwarf Fortress. It is possible to encounter different petitions through diplomatic means, especially from the dwarves living with you. Sometimes it’s a pre-war surrender, or sometimes it’s a friendly deal with the elves. In this case, “Dwarf Fortress See Petitions” becomes extremely important. Because some players delete these petitions and unfortunately they don’t remember anymore.

If you have deleted a petition that is important for your fortress, we will talk about a very simple method for this.

Why Is It Important to View Petitions in Dwarf Fortress?

The main reason I started writing an article on Dwarf Fortress See Petitions was because my dwarves asked me to build a temple. If you’re just starting out, this has probably happened to you too. When you delete the petition of the temple they want, it will be very difficult for you to remember again.

In addition, the game does not offer any extra support to remind you of this. So you can never see the content of that petition again. Moreover, this applies to all petitions. Well, have you ever thought about what makes petitions so important? Let’s learn together!

By the way, if you’re in trouble with the Dwarf Fortress temple petitions, you can check out our previous guide.

What Are Dward Fortress Petitions For?

After a while in the game, you will see the text “Petitions” in a red button on the top left. When you click on this, a petition will appear, either from your dwarves or from outside. The petition may be about the request of a foreigner who wants to build a simple temple or stay as a refugee in your fortress.

In short, the content of the petitions may contain a plot that could completely change the life of your dwarves. Situations you may encounter in petitions are as follows:

  • A random visitor to your fortress can request a long-term residency with a petition. Moreover, this foreigner who wants to live with you states in detail in the petition why they want to stay. You can take them with you if they are suitable for your conditions and your dwarves.
  • Sometimes you can encounter Questers in the game. Questers are ambassadors of alien civilizations and may ask you to build a Legendary Artifact. As a result of this petition, you may encounter a series of events that will affect your dwarves.
  • At some times, enemy armies may appear in the extreme areas of the map where you play the game. Instead of attacking directly, these armies want to negotiate by sending a petition to you. Depending on the outcome of the negotiation, they either attack you or retreat. The content of the negotiation may be to hand over a Legendary Artifact to the enemy army.
Dwarf Fortress Wars
  • The most important example of petition that usually happens to anyone is to build a temple or Guildhall. Your dwarves may want you to build a temple according to their religion. Alternatively, dwarves belonging to the same profession can claim a special Guildhall for themselves.
  • In the later stages of the game, when your temple value rises, your dwarves will ask you for a priest with a petition. Choosing the priest among the members of that temple is also very important at this point.

As you can see, if you forget to view or delete petitions in Dwarf Fortress, you may miss some very important events. And some may even be the end of your dwarves’ lives. So let’s move on to our solution on Dwarf Fortress See Petitions.

Dwarf Fortress See Petitions – DFHack Method

Now that you understand exactly what the petitions mean, we can now get down to the root of the problem. As we mentioned at the beginning of our guide, most players read and delete the petitions once and cannot access them again. To solve this problem, you need to install a cheat from Steam. You can follow the steps below for this:

  1. First, log into your Steam account and open the store. After opening the store, type “DFHack” in the search section and click on the first modding that comes up.
DF Hack Steam
  1. Then scroll down the page a little and download the app for free by clicking the “Play Game” button.
  1. When the application download is complete, launch the application from your library. After you run dfhack, it will automatically open in the game.
  1. When you enter the game’s main screen, you will see a scene like the one below. It should say “DFHack” at the top left of the page. If you have seen all these, it means that the installation has been completed successfully. 
DF Hack İn-Game
  1. After entering the game, you need to press the “CTRL + SHIFT + D” keys. After pressing these keys, the cheat menu will open.
DF Hack Launcher
  1. If you have opened the cheat menu, we can now move on to the last stage. For this, type “gui/petitions” in the empty box above and double-click on the same command name you see on the right.
DF Hack Gui Petitions

That’s it! Now you can see all your deleted and forgotten petitions in one place.

Dwarf Fortress Petitions Hack

Since there is no old petition in our save file, this field appears empty in the image above. However, you will likely have many different petitions. Also, you will not only find cheats for petitions in DFHack. There are many tools available to help you learn the game like this one. If you need it, you can check out the useful console commands on Github.

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