Dwarf Fortress Altar: How to Build and Usage

Dwarf Fortress Altar

You need more than water and food to survive in the dark underground tunnels of Dwarf Fortress. Although the dwarves manage to survive successfully, they can gradually collapse psychologically. And if they finally can’t find an offering place to worship their god, they go crazy. Here’s why we thought we should talk a little bit about the Dwarf Fortress altar to avoid this problem.

The Altar is an offering place inside the temples you have built in the game. Usually, after some progress in the game, your dwarves will ask you to build a temple through petitions. Of course, in order to do all this, you need to build various items such as the Altar, and place them in the temple. This guide will show you how the Altar is used in temples and what it is used for.

Dwarf Fortress Altar: What Is It Used For?

An altar is a simple furniture item in the game. In Fortress mode, you can produce it using materials such as wood, stone, metal, and glass. Altars are only used in temples in the game. After building a temple, you can build an offering place anywhere. Thanks to this offering place you have made, your dwarves will now begin to pray and meditate to their gods.

By the way, if you don’t know how to build a temple in Dwarf Fortress, you can check out the guide we wrote earlier.

Apart from this, there is no important point where the altars are used. It will be enough to know that they only increase the value of the temples and make them more magnificent.

How to Build An Altar?

To produce an altar, you’ll need to have wood, stone, metal, or glass in your warehouse. You can craft as many altars as you want by using only one of these items. Now let’s take a closer look at how you can build it.

  • First of all, you need a workshop. In general, most players have Carpenter’s Workshop and Stoneworker’s Workshop at the beginning of the game. We will use Carpenter’s Workshop to give a better example.
  • To build this workshop you need, you can either click on the “B” key or click on the hammer symbol from the menu at the bottom. A menu will appear for both, as you can see in the image below.
Dwarf Fortress Altar
  • Once this menu pops up, open the “Workshops” page at the top, click “Carpenter” and choose an area to build. Do not forget that the area has to be 3-tiles.
Dwarf Fortress Altar
  • Once the Carpenter Workshop construction is complete, you can start crafting the Dwarf Fortress altar. For this, click the Carpenter’s Workshop.
Dwarf Fortress Altar
  • Then, you should click the “Add new task” button on the page that opens and write “Altar” in the search section. After searching, you will see “Make Wooden Altar“. When you click on this, the altar construction will start. Of course, you need to have some wood in your warehouse for construction to be carried out.
Dwarf Fortress Altar

As you can see, you have ordered the construction and you are waiting for one of our dwarves to come and do the work. Presumably the Dwarf Fortress Altar will be completed in a minute.

Use of Altars and Offering Place

The altar you built should now be waiting in your warehouse. We have already mentioned that you need a simple temple to use this altar. If you have chosen a temple area, you need to find an offering place. For this, you can follow the steps below.

  1. The first step you need to take is to choose a temple point, the meeting area. Then, you have to mark this meeting area as “New Temple” and choose a religion.
Dwarf Fortress Altar
  1. After doing all this, you need to put down the offering place, that is, the altar, anywhere inside the temple.  For this, press the “B” key and enter the “Furniture” page.
Dwarf Fortress Altar
  1. To place the altar you have already crafted from the Furniture page, you need to click on the “Offering Place” item and select anywhere in the temple. Then a new page will open where you can use the altar in your warehouse. As you can see, we chose to place it in the middle of the temple.
Dwarf Fortress Altar
  1. After placing the altar, you may want to increase the value of this temple, which is a shrine. If you want to create a large temple complex, you will need to place various furniture and even musical instruments in it. However, finding or crafting various items such as musical instruments can be quite difficult.
Dwarf Fortress Altar

In conclusion, we have explained the use of the Dwarf Fortress Altar in a very simple and useful way. We must tell you how important it is to locate a temple and offering place before your dwarves get depressed and go mad. Otherwise, you will see that your dwarves are slowly getting cold-hearthed and starting to disrupt things.

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