How To Appoint Dwarf Fortress Priests To Temples

Dwarf Fortress Priest

Your dwarves can become quite enthusiastic in faith as time goes on in the game. Building a temple for them and allowing them to pray peacefully to their gods should be your top priority. Otherwise, the work performance of your depressed dwarfs will gradually decrease. This is exactly where the topic of Dwarf Fortress Priests becomes important to make worshiping more enthusiastic.

There are dozens of different gods and religions in the game. It’s your job to build temples according to what religion the inhabitants of the Fortress believe. However, dealing with these temples one by one will be extremely difficult in terms of both time and resources. For this, it is necessary to use the Dwarf Fortress priest assignments correctly. If you have never formed a belief system with temples and priests before, we will talk about all the tips in this article.

What Does Dwarf Fortress Priest Do?

When you want to build a temple in the game, you will see that there are dozens of different Dwarf Fortress deities. Although there are different gods for all these religions, there is only one priest who can help your dwarves. In short, appointing a priest regardless of the religion of a temple will greatly increase the joy of your dwarves.

Moreover, if a priest of the religion your dwarves wish to worship is not present in the Fortress, those dwarves may choose to believe in a neighboring religion. This, in turn, can cause corruption. So, what exactly does the Dwarf Fortress priest do, and what are the conditions? Let’s take a closer look.

  • First of all, when the number of religious in your Fortress is more than 10, you can assign a priest to that temple. Also, do not forget that the value of the temple should be 2000.
dwarf fortress shrine
  • The most important detail about priests is that they console your sad dwarves by giving inspiring sermons and helping them to survive.
  • For example, let’s say you are building a Dwarf Fortress church. To assign a priest to this church, the value of that temple must be 2000 or more.
  • As time goes by and the number of dwarves in the colony increases, they may send you a new petition asking you to appoint a high priest. If you want to turn the priests into high priests, the value of that temple must be 10,000. In addition, it is very important that the number of members of religion is at least 25.
dwarf fortress worshippers

As you can see, the Dwarf Fortress priest is very helpful and useful. The most important problem that you may encounter is that you have to increase the value of the temple in order to appoint a priest. Because you will need plenty of musical instruments and different furniture.

How to Increase Your Fortress Value?

In the later stages of the game, your dwarves can send petitions to you, making requests such as temples and priests. If you don’t know how petitions are used and what they are, you should check out our previous guide. Now let’s take a quick look at the ways to increase the value of these temples.

  1. The most important thing to consider when building a temple is to determine the Dwarf Fortress deities your dwarves will worship. While doing this, we strongly recommend that you choose only one god and religion.
  1. When you choose a religion that almost all your dwarves worship, your temple is all set. Now you need to craft a few statues to increase its value. You can craft these statuses at the Stoneworker’s Workshop.
  1. Another furniture that will increase the value of the temple is the chests. You’ll need to craft at least 2 chests for your temple at the Carpenter’s Workshop.
  1. It is also very important to smooth the area that you have marked as the temple area. In addition, covering the entire temple with floor using wood or stone greatly affects the value of the temple.
dwarf fortress constructions

Dwarf Fortress Priest Assignment

Once you have the furniture and various practices ready for your temple, you can now make a simple priest assignment. To do so, open the “Nobles and Administrators” page by pressing the crown sign at the bottom left or the “N” key. Then you will see “Priest” at the bottom. Press the “+” button next to it and assign the most suitable dwarf as a priest. That’s it! You now have a priest who will take special care of your dwarves.

Dwarf Fortress Nobles and Administrators

Dwarf Fortress High Priest ve Musical Instruments

Finally, you have successfully completed the Dwarf Fortress priest assignment. Now comes the high priest and temple complex. To increase the value of your temple to 10,000, you need to place various musical instruments. However, musical instruments are unfortunately not so easily crafted. Yet, when you start the game, sometimes your dwarves can have such tools. Here is a simple explanation of how you can craft musical instruments in the early game:

  • First, all musical instruments in the game are crafted at the Crafts Workshop. If your Fortress already has a craft table, open the page and click the “Add New Task” button.
  • Here, you will see a new page called “Make instrument <opens menu>”. When you click on it, you will see that there are many craftable tools. If you’re lucky and your dwarves have some items when you’re new to the game, you can craft a few instruments.
Craftdwarf's Workshop
  • To place musical instruments, you need to produce a “Pedestal” at the Carpenter’s Workshop. After placing this Pedestal inside the temple, you will be able to add musical instruments on it. In this way, the value of that temple will increase rapidly.
Dwarf Fortress Pedestal
  • Finally, covering the temple floor with metal floor will increase the temple value tremendously. You will need iron, smelter and some fuel items to build metal floors.

As you can see, although it is easy to appoint a Dwarf Fortress priest, it is quite difficult to appoint a high priest. Producing both metal floors and musical instruments will take your dwarves a lot of time. But at the end of the day, if you can make it through, you’ll have a huge temple complex and extremely happy dwarves.

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