A Holy Guide To Dwarf Fortress Temple Petitions

Dwarf Fortress Temple Petition

Although dwarves have learned to survive in a cruel world, they too may need to pray and believe. Even thoigh it doesn’t seem like a necessity when you first start the game, your dwarves will send you a petition later in the game. The Dwarf Fortress temple petition becomes important after this point.

Your dwarves will ask you to build a house of worship for the god they believe in in their petition. However, the point you need to pay attention to here is which god and for which faction the house of worship will be built in the petition. For this, you need to know the number of faithful dwarves. Now if you have a petition and don’t know what to do, fear not. We’ll explain every single detail about the temples.

What are Dwarf Fortress Temple Petitions?

There are two types of petitions in Dwarf Fortress. The first petition is diplomatic moves related to the wishes of outsiders. The second type of petition reflects the demands of your dwarves. For example, an outside barbarian tribe may present you with a petition and want to negotiate your surrender. Likewise, your dwarves can petition you to build a Temple or Guildhall.

Petitions appear in a red button on the top left in the game. When you click on the “Petitions” text, you can see the content and know what is requested from you. There is an important point you should pay attention to here. It is best to write down the requests in the petition because the petition can only be read once. We’ve noticed that a lot of players who searched for information on “Dwarf Fortress Temple Petitions” make this mistake. They couldn’t remember which faction the dwarves wanted temples for, as they immediately deleted the incoming petition.

Let’s say you read the petition and you need to build a temple of a religion that the majority of your dwarves believe in. Here’s what you need to do;

How to Build a Dwarf Fortress Temple?

If you have noted and understood in detail what is written in the Dwarf Fortress temple petition, we can now move on to the construction phase. We will randomly choose a religion to serve as an example.

  • First, command your dwarves to dig 25 tiles in an area. Then smooth the 25 tiles of the excavated area and the walls to make it ready.
  • Place a simple door at the entrance to the temple.
Dwarf Fortress Temple Area
  • Then select a meeting area for the 25-tile area you created. After this process is finished, you need to choose what that region will be used for. Set the region you marked with the “Assign a location” button as “New Temple”.
Dwarf Fortress Meeting New Temple
  • After clicking the New Temple button, you will see a new menu with your dwarves’ beliefs. Here you have to choose the religion in the petition sent to you. If you make the wrong choice, your dwarves will be demoralized and less motivated. If you don’t remember which belief is written in the petition, you can click on each religion one by one to see how many people worship it. Your dwarves must have asked you for the most worshiped religion as a temple.
Dwarf Fortress Deity
  • Now that you have found the correct religion, all you have to do is assign a performer. As you develop your temple later in the game, you will also need to appoint a priesthood and a high priesthood.

As you can see, solving the Dwarf Fortress Temple Petition issue is quite simple. All you have to do is take note of the petition and start the building process accordingly. However, sometimes the religion written in the petition may not be the preference of your dwarves. In such cases, you can choose “No Specific Deity” instead of specifying a religion.

Increasing the Temple

Since you are building a temple for the first time, it will probably be makeshift and will show as a “Shrine” in the details section. Unfortunately, a priesthood cannot be appointed to a temple district with a shrine. To build a larger temple complex, you need to increase the value of that region to 10,000. Here’s what you can do to increase this value;

  • Add eye-catching floors to the temple area. Be sure to add it all over the temple.
  • Then build several “statues” within the same region.
  • Finally, make the temple area valuable by placing different ornaments, just like statues.
Dwarf Fortress Temple Statue

After doing all these, the value of the temple area will have reached 10,000. You can now assign high priesthood to your temple complex.


Our Dwarf Fortress Temple Petition guide is aimed at putting an end to dwarves’ misery and depression. Because with these temples, your dwarves will be able to sing, the artists will be able to dance and even meditate.

Your dwarves, who are in contact with the god they worship, will now begin to be much happier with a serious stress reduction feature. Therefore, building a temple, albeit a simple one, at the start of the game can lead to your dwarves living a longer and healthier life.

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