How To Use Dark and Darker Cleric Spells


In the past months, between the Dark and Darker playtest dates, players had the chance to play nearly all classes. We can easily say that, during the one-week beta period, classes that can cast spells, such as Wizard and Cleric, were highly preferred. However, the use of Dark and Darker cleric spells is confusing for many players, especially beginners.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

In particular, some new players do not even fully understand how to use spells. As a result, we decided to create a Dark and Darker Cleric Guide. In our guide, you will be able to see not only classes but also titles such as “Dark and Darker: How to Cast a Spell.” If you’re ready, let’s get started and take a quick look at the details of our guide.

Dark and Darker Cleric Guide

Before we begin discussing Cleric, we have prepared some information about how to use the class. This section of our guide contains comprehensive information for those who do not know how to play Cleric.

  • Cleric is a class that is included in the wizard class in Dark and Darker and has holy magic skills.
  • Players who want to use Dark and Darker Cleric Spells must first add “Spell Memory” to their skills. Then, using various spells, you can adopt an attack or support style of gameplay.
  • Cleric is not usually played solo. Cleric as support is also preferred by those who prefer to play with a group.
  • Among the Dark and Darker cleric spells, the most popular skills are Holy Light and Lesser Heal. You can heal your teammates and bring them back to life with these skills. Cleric has excellent defensive spells in addition to all of this.
  • Another important detail is “Knowledge Stat”. The higher the Knowledge stat on your character, the higher your Spell Memory limit will be.
Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

Before you begin playing Cleric, you must understand what all spells do. There is a screen where you can list your spells on the character menu screen before you log into the game. An essential skill that enables you to cast spells are the “Spell Memory” skills that you will see here. If you have made your character strong enough, you may even be able to use two spells at once.

Is the Cleric class not appealing to you? If so, then come check out our Dark and Darker Best Class guide. Let us assist you in discovering your new class.

Now that you have equipped your character with magic skills, you should be asking the question, “Dark and Darker: How to Cast a Spell?” First of all, when you log in to the game and hold down the E or Q keys, the casting screen will appear. You must hold a staff in your hand to use the spells you’ll see here. You cannot cast spells if you have a shield or a mace. Another important point is that, depending on your level, the spells you can cast are limited. Your ability to cast spells will also increase as your level or Knowledge stat increases.

Dark and Darker: How To Increase Spell Memory Limit?

There are several ways to increase the Dark and Darker Cleric spells’ limit. The potions you’ll find in the dungeon are the first of these. For example, after killing an enemy in the dungeon, your Knowledge stat value can be increased with a potion you loot. However, this is temporary. “Necklace” is a more long-lasting way to increase the spell memory limit. To give an example, the “Rat Pendant,” which is an item you can loot in the game, will give your character “+2 Spell Capacity.”

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

For your convenience, we have now listed the Dark and Darker Cleric spells, and we will try to fully explain each skill to you. Let’s take a look.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells List

In Dark and Darker, there are eight different types of magic that Clerics can use. Each spell has its own unique features and advantages, as well as disadvantages. You can find descriptions of all spells in the list below.

Max Cost Limit: 16

Protection – Tier 1 and 1 Cost

The Protection spell creates a defensive shield that blocks 20 physical damage for 20 seconds. Because it is such a useful spell in the early stages of the game, we recommend it to all clerics. The Protection spell will put you one step ahead of your enemies before you start fighting them, especially in group games.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

Bless – Tier 1 and 1 Cost

Bless is a skill that provides additional strength, making it the most significant of the Dark and Darker Cleric spells. With the buff that you can give yourself and your teammates within range, it will increase your Strength, Agility, and Will attributes by +3 for 30 seconds. Bless will make that character deadly, especially if your team has a class like a Barbarian that can inflict a lot of damage.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

Divine Strike – Tier 2 and 2 Cost

After the Divine Strike spell is cast, it increases the weapon damage of allies by +10 for 20 seconds. Perhaps it is the most powerful skill among the Dark and Darker Cleric spells. Especially if you have a Ranger in your team, you can inflict deadly damage with Divine Strike before your enemies reach you.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

Cleanse – Tier 2 and 2 Cost

Cleanse is an excellent skill that lets you get rid of enemy mages’ harmful magic effects. Although it is not very useful if you have just started the game, Cleanse can be very useful when you and your group reach level 20. 

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

Bind – Tier 3 and 3 Cost

We believe that the skill “Bind,” which locks enemies for 0.75 seconds, can be useful in certain circumstances. For instance, you can use the Bind spell to block an opponent when you are surrounded by both monsters and enemies.  Frankly, we do not think that 0.75 seconds is sufficient for tying. However, in some difficult situations, you can stop a high-damage Barbarian that comes at you quickly with the bind spell.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

Lesser Heal – Tier 4 and 4 Cost

Lesser Heal restores +15 health when used on allies. Apart from the main healing spells, Lesser Heal will be of little use. Lesser Heal can come in handy, especially if your group members’ health has been reduced by 50%.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

Holy Light – Tier 5 and 5 Cost

Holy Light is the most important of the Dark and Darker Cleric spells in our opinion. Because it instantly heals a dying party member for +30 HP. You can also inflict 100 magic damage on an enemy. Holy Light is a truly amazing ability that lets you back up your teammates as they fight.

In dynamic battles, however, using the Holy Light spell on your allies can be challenging. You run the risk of causing the death of a teammate if you cast the spell while out of range and apply it incorrectly.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

Resurrection – Tier 8 and 8 Cost

Resurrection, as the name suggests, is a spell that will allow you to revive a dead teammate. However, as it is a Tier 8 spell, it may prevent you from using your other magic skills. However, in our opinion, the Resurrection spell for Cleric is extremely unnecessary. Because finding an altar (shrine) in the game allows you to revive your teammates. Moreover, when we consider that this resurrection is quite easy, we can understand that the Resurrection spell is unimportant.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells


In today’s article, we talked in detail about Dark and Darker Cleric spells. We also talked about important points like the knowledge stat and how Clerics can use spells. Moreover, as you are aware, Dark and Darker is currently unavailable. Take a quick look at our Dark and Darker Playtest Dates article if you’re curious about the game’s release date.

If you’re thinking of playing Cleric, don’t forget to check out the Dark and Darker tips in our article again. That’s all from us for now. See you in the next Dark and Darker article.

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