Path of Exile Expansion Trials of the Ancestors


Experience the gameplay upgrades, new realms and more in Path of Exile expansion Trials of the Ancestors.

Path Of Exile Expansion Trials Of The Ancestors
(Picture: Grinding Gear Games)

In July 2023, over 1,400 Path of Exile fans or “exiles” travelled from all over the world to attend in person the ExileCon 2023. The two-day convention was packed with exciting announcements, presentations, interviews and even opportunities to play the latest games.

One of the major announcements made at ExileCon 2023 was the upcoming Path of Exile expansion Trial of the Ancestors

Set to be released on August 18th 2023 on PC and August 23rd 2023 on console, the expansion promises a freshness of excitement. So, are you ready to learn and explore the Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors expansion features, gameplay enhancements and its impact on the Wraeclast universe?

Read on.

Path of Exile Expansion Trials of the Ancestors: A New Chapter

Path of Exile Expansion Trials of the Ancestors

In the upcoming expansion, Grinding Gear Games is introducing a new tournament – Trial of the Ancestors. Players will get to visit the Karui afterlife where they will be required to defeat ten tribes in a variety of tournaments.

The journey to the Karui afterlife starts with the player assembling a team of Karui warriors. The player will use tradeable silver coins to travel to the Karui Afterlife. Once there, he will start with a team of three Karui warriors.

The fallen chieftains of each Karui tribe will be participating in the Trial of the Ancestors tournaments where you’ll be required to battle the ten chieftains. For every battle you win, the game will reward you before you proceed to the next challenge.

Players can select the tribe they would like to compete against. They can also check out the enemy’s battlefield configuration before they strategically place their warriors to battle the enemy.

For every match you win, the game will reward you with favours that you can use to purchase equipment and other items to boost your team. You can also spend the favours on recruiting warriors from different tribes.

In addition to the favours, you may receive rewards such as Passive Tree Tattoos which are engraved on your soul. For every applied tattoo, your skills on your passive tree will change. Besides tattoos, players will have the chance to claim exclusive items from the Karui tribes.

In the Path of Exile expansion Trial of the Ancestor, the ten tribes guard unique items that embody their tribes’ essence. These heirlooms can only be earned by players by simply defeating each tribe.

Customization Unleashed

PoE Customization Unleashed
(Picture: Grinding Gear Games)

PoE fans have always praised the game for its extensive customization options, and Grinding Gear Games is continuing this tradition with its latest expansion. In Path of Exile expansion Trial of the Ancestor, developers introduced new item crafting options, new skill trees and passive abilities.

The game introduces 16 new keystone passive for players to unlock. These keystones will enable players to double down on playable content and how players want to experience the PoE expansion endgame.

If a player possesses the right keystones, they have the power to craft Vaal Side areas, play any Kirac Mod, place a giant explosive charge in Expedition and much more.

There are 14 new gems introduced in the game. These support gems are specifically designed to take any existing category of skills and provide players with new strategies to play them. For example, the support gems can help players make their Warcries deal damage or to make their totems launch fiery mortars at the enemies.

Revamped Guardian Ascendancy Class

PoE Revamped Classes
(Picture: Grinding Gear Games)

Grinding Gear Games has revamped the Ascendancy Class to bring it in line with other classes. For example, the Time of Need class completely cleanses and heals players every four seconds while Harmony of Purpose is now able to power up teams using Link skills.

The developers have also redesigned the Chieftain Ascendancy Class. It now offers new passive skills specialising in Slams, Totems and Strikes. These new skills will enable players to cause more enemies to explode, convert passive skills or have their fire resistance applied to their lighting and cold resistances.

To celebrate the release of the Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestor expansion, Grinding Gear Games will be launching two new Supporter packs. These packs, Disciple and Shade, will have three price points and also feature masses of points in addition to microtransactions that will enable players to interact with the game in a new way.

Additionally, the Path of Exile expansion Trial of the Ancestor will be hosting a boss-kill event. To gain access to the event, players will create a Hardcore Solo Self-found character. Then they will have to race to kill all seven pinnacle bosses and win rewards.

Final Thoughts

Path of Exile expansion Trial of the Ancestor represents a new chapter in the grand strategy game. With its focus on customization options, challenging gameplay and flexible passive tree, players are in for an exhilarating treat.

As the game continues to expand, it’s clear that Path of Exile will continue to keep players engaged for hours on end. So, gear up, summon your warriors and battle your way in the Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestor expansion coming soon!

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