Path Of Exile 2 Beta Launch Information

path of exile 2

As disclosed by Grinding Gear Games, the developers behind Path of Exile 2, the closed beta of the title will feature a complete game. This is very peculiar as it deviates entirely from the industry standard of releasing a demo as the closed beta. In addition to the closed beta having the complete game, it will be available for the duration of an entire challenge league. However, it seems like players will not be able to witness the grandeur of Path of Exile 2 till 2024.

What’s New in Path of Exile 2?

Path of Exile 2 was initially just another expansion for the original Path of Exile game. However, the amount of content that the expansion contained motivated the team to develop an entire sequel based on it. As of now, we do know that Path of Exile 2 contains an overwhelming amount of content for something so new. The game will contain over 100 different environments for players to traverse that are split across six campaign acts. The environments will host over 600 different monsters and close to a hundred boss fights. In addition to what’s stated above, the game will contain close to 700 equipment types along with a massive 1500-node skill tree.

It seems that Grinding Gear Games aren’t satisfied by just pumping the game full of content, they want it to be perfect! The director behind the studio, Jonathan Rogers, stated that he wishes the game to be balanced to perfection. The Path of Exile 2’s closed beta will go on for an extended period for this very reason. Grinding Gear Games wants the feedback of their players, to balance out the game before releasing the end product.

However, even though the studio will be actively focusing on the development of Path of Exile 2, they will not abandon the original. They expect to keep both games active, releasing consistent updates to the original. This will allow players to enjoy two distinct flavors of the same game, which is a god’s send for a title as impressive as Path of Exile. We have high hopes for the game as it will be a direct competitor to Diablo IV, which is the Internet’s latest sensation.

The upcoming game will feature a 6 man co-op along with a rich end-game. As of now, we do have information that the game will allow shared microtransactions between the two titles, but the true extent is blurry. If you have any questions regarding the game, it’s best to partake in the Q&A session that will be going live in a few hours from now!

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