PoE Trial of the Ancestors Boss Kill Event


Discover the origins, gameplay and rewards that make Trial of the Ancestors Boss Kill Event captivating.

Patho of Exile Boss Kill Event
(Picture: Grinding Gear Games)

In celebration of the PoE Trial of the Ancestors launch, Grinding Gear Games is hosting a Boss Kill Event. As a true celebration for hard-core Path of Exile gamers, few events ignite the excitement like Boss Kill Events do. This event not only offers players an opportunity to showcase their strategies and skills.

But it also fosters a sense of community, unity and competition among Path of Exile fans. Want to learn more about the Trial of the Ancestors Boss Kill Event? In this post, we explore Path of Exile’s upcoming Boss Kill Event, the challenges, rewards and the unique experience it will offer players.

Trial of the Ancestors Boss Kill Event Origin

Boss Kill Event History
(Picture: Grinding Gear Games)

The Trial of the Ancestors Boss Kill Event was first conceived by game developers at Grinding Gear Games as a way to provide a fresh challenge to their gamers. In addition, they came up with the special event to engage their players on a deeper level.

The Path of Exile Boss Kill Event draws its inspiration from a variety of sources, including lore, traditional RPG and mythology. Basically, developers wanted to create a more immersive and interactive experience for Path of Exile players.

Over the years, the Boss Kill Event evolved from a simple fight to a multifaceted event where good strategies and teamwork are needed. To provide a fresh challenge with every event, developers have been introducing new game mechanics, bosses and prizes to keep players excited and interested.

Path of Exile Boss Kill Event Gameplay and Mechanics

Path of Exile Boss Kill Event Gameplay
(Picture: Grinding Gear Games)

In the upcoming Trial of the Ancestors Boss Kill Event, players will have the opportunity to compete against each other. Basically, players will compete within each Ascendancy Class to defeat the Uber Pinnacle Bosses.

The event will have seven Pinnacle bosses for players to fight and defeat in Ancestor Hardcore SSF mode. These seven bosses are:

  • Uber Shaper
  • Uber Sirus
  • Uber Eater of Worlds
  • Uber Maven
  • Uber Uber Elder
  • Uber Searing Exarch
  • Uber Venarius

This special event will take place in a designated area that will serve as a battleground between the players and Pinnacle Bosses. The developers have designed the arena to be epic and reflect the game’s aesthetics and ambience.

Players will utilize their characters’ skills and abilities to fight off the Pinnacle Bosses, including dodging deadly attacks and coordinating counterattacks to emerge winners. Remember, players will be required to defeat the bosses within a limited timeframe. So, you and your team need to come up with sound strategies and coordinate your actions to defeat the bosses fast.

Boss Kill Event Rewards

Boss Kill Event Rewards

The Boss Kill Event not only offers bragging rights. But players will also receive in-valuable rewards and prizes. Players in first place overall will receive ExileCon 2023 merchandise. Basically, players will receive one of every piece of merchandise.

In addition, they will also receive a Path of Exile comic original art, an actual raw page in black and white. What you need to know is that there is only one copy of each page in existence and available in the following size – 29.7 cm by 42 cm. The last prize for first place overall is a Divination Card Design.

For those in second and third place overall, they will also receive a Divination Card Design. Players who win first place in each Ascendancy Class will win a Demonic Microtransaction bundle that will include the following:

  • Demonic Portal
  • Demonic Weapon Effect
  • Demon Wings
  • Demonic Armour Set
  • Hell Horse Pet
  • Vulcan Weapon
  • Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Pandemonium Footprints
  • Demonic Character Effect

Note, console players will not receive rewards per Ascendancy Class. This is due to the Hardcore SSF player population on console realms. However, the first player to beat the bosses on PlayStation or Xbox will win a Divination Card Design.

Besides the rewards, the game’s reputation system acknowledges gamers who contribute significantly to their teams or perform well consistently. This recognition boosts a player’s in-game status.

Final Thoughts

Trial of the Ancestors Boss Kill Event is not for the faint-hearted players. Each boss has a unique set of skills and mechanics that players have to counter. As such, it will require players to have quick reflexes, a deep understanding of the game and precise timing.

Additionally, the game requires players to work as a team. Not only does this foster healthy competition, but it gives players the power of defeating a formidable foe. After defeating the bosses, players can recount stories of how they strategized and overcame insurmountable odds to emerge victorious. 

Want to be one of the Path of Exile players who will forge lasting memories and bonds? Join Trials of the Ancestors Boss Kill Event coming soon!

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