Pokemon Go Routes Is About To Receive A Massive Update In 2023.

Pokemon Go routes
Picture: Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go routes are a new feature that was recently implemented in the game by Niantic. Even though the concept was originally designed to be an upgrade to the player experience, a large proportion of players were actively complaining about it. The community as a whole felt that the route system needed more work, as it seems that Niantic is finally responding to its players.

What are Pokemon Go routes?

Pokemon Go routes is a new rewards system that was implemented in late July of 2023. The system revolves around players disclosing their favorite routes to take while walking and catching Pokemon. This feature was introduced as a way for players to unknowingly interact with each other and help watch each other out. By completing someone’s walking path, you will be given rewards such as exp, Pokemon Go routes badges, and in-game consumables. Players even a sliver of Zygarde cell within a route, which allows them to change the form of their Zygarde if they are indeed rocking one.

What are the issues?

Pokemon Go routes
Picture: Pokemon Go

There were a ton of them! Most of the issues were smoothened out over the course of a few moments after it was introduced but there still remained major inconsistencies within the system. The new update about to drop is meant to tackle and fix the issues that the community is very much vocal about. 

The level requirement to participate in Pokemon Go Routes was fixed at 40, which meant that a significant portion of the player base missed out on it. The new update will reduce this cap and even add a notification feature. The notification feature will alert players nearby when there is a route available for exploring. This means that you won’t miss out on any routers that you pass by which was a major con during its early release.- The developers have also promised to increase the availability of routes, which means there will be more routes for everyone to enjoy. The drop rate of Zygarde cells has also been increased, but the percentage increase is nothing significant.

These are just a few of the growing quality of life improvements made and suggested by Niantic. A full list of the upcoming changes can be found on their site. It’s no secret that Pokemon Go is dying down in popularity due to a stream of bad decisions made by Niantic. Hopefully, the player count will stabilize or grow with the more feedback-responsive approach being taken by Niantic.

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