Unreal Tournament vs Quake – Which Is Better in 2023?


We would like to talk a little bit about two important productions that are considered to be the turning points of the video game industry that have not been outdated for years. Most of the old school players who love to play FPS games have experienced the Unreal Tournament vs Quake 3 Arena controversy at least once in the early 2000s.

Unreal Tournament vs Quake
Unreal Tournament vs Quake

Even when the dates show the year 2023, thousands of players continue to play both games. Because among the FPS games, many games cannot give the feeling of these two games. Well, have you ever wondered what details make these two games truly unique? Today, our team is putting an end to the Quake vs. Unreal tournament debate that has been going on for years.

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What Kind of Game Is Unreal Tournament?

The Unreal Tournament series is an excellent first person shooter game designed by Epic Games in 1999. Apart from the multiplayer gameplay, we have to fight in multiple tournaments to protect the planet from destruction due to its story. In addition, a wide playing field is offered to the players by using single-player or multiplayer options. UT, which can be played on most computers in 2023, also offers a smooth gameplay experience on Nintendo Switch.

Also, those who have tried Unreal Tournament’s multiplayer modes will know that it has some really impressive gameplay. Apart from Deathmatch, which is a mode that FPS players love, there are 5 different game modes in UT such as Assault, Capture the Flash, Domination, Last Man Standing and Team Deathmatch.

Unreal Tournament vs Quake Arena
Unreal Tournament vs Quake Arena

Deathmatch, the game mode most famous among old school players, inspired today’s Esport concept. The most important reason for this inspiration is that the players try to kill the most opponents with the Deathmatch mode. The player who managed to get the most kills stands out among the others and wins the prize.

What is Quake 3 Arena?

Quake 3 is now next in our Unreal Tournament vs Quake review. Quake series is one of the most legendary series of the gaming world, which was started to be designed by ID Software 3 years before Unreal. Quake 3 Arena, on the other hand, was designed in 1999, just like Unreal Tournament.

With the release of the series, one of the most important discussions in the history of the game started. There were legendary multiplayer modes such as FFA, Team Deathmatch, Tournament (1v1) and Capture the Flag that fueled competitive gameplay.

Unreal Tournament vs Quake 3 Arena
Unreal Tournament vs Quake 3 Arena

When we take a look at the atmosphere and release date of both games, we can now get a clear result for the Unreal Tournament vs Quake battle.

Unreal Tournament vs Quake III Arena – 3 Key Differences

Both games revolutionized the FPS genre and left a huge impact. Therefore, both should be considered in detail. We want to talk about the 3 most important differences between the Quake 3 Arena vs Unreal Tournament.

1. Weapon Variety

Undoubtedly, the biggest complaint of all players playing the Quake series is that they always have the same weapons. Since the game’s debut in 1996, many different games have been released until 2023. But there are almost no changes, except for a few weapons.

When we look at the Unreal Tournament series, we encounter more than 20 different weapons. For example, with the Vortex Gun, you have the chance to inflict damage to more than one opponent at the same time by creating damage in gravity. Players face no restrictions when it comes to weapons in UT. They can grab a chainsaw and run towards the enemy, or teleport behind the enemy with the Translocator and deal burst damage.

2. Speed and Chaos

We think UT is better than Quake 3 in terms of gameplay variety. If we have to go even further, UT is much more competitive. However, there is a very important detail that is in Quake 3 and unfortunately not in UT.

Someone who has even played Quake once noticed how fast the game is. Everything in the Quake series is about chaos. Chaos and war always bring the action of the game to the ceiling. It is very easy to be killed suddenly during the chaos while wandering around the map in search of weapons, and you can easily destroy your opponents.

Quake 3 vs Unreal Tournament
Quake 3 vs Unreal Tournament

In UT, the “Killing Spree!” is heard when you kill an enemy with the Sniper while in a high place. And this voiceline is quite satisfying. However, UT still cannot make you feel the karma and chaos that Quake 3 gives. As a result, the clearest answer to the Unreal Tournament vs Quake question here will be Quake 3.

3. Artificial Intelligence of Bots

Bots are a very important detail, especially for players who do not like to play online games. That’s why we wanted to take a look at the bots of UT and Quake 3. In our previous experience, we noticed that the bots of both games are smart enough. For example, if you fire a rocket at a bot in Quake 3, that bot will jump and try to dodge the rocket.

Likewise, when bots’ damage buffs are active, they hide, chase after weapons, and fire cover while running with the flag. We think both games’ bots are extremely smart when it comes to the Unreal Tournament vs Quake conflict.


In our Quake 3 Arena vs Unreal Tournament research, we were able to get a final result by including our personal opinion. To be honest, there are not many differences between the two games that will affect our decision. We didn’t want to choose as both games are of equal quality. If speed and chaos appeal to your playstyle, Quake 3 Arena is for you. If you like slower and more tactical gameplay then it is possible to fully enjoy Unreal Tournament. Have fun to all FPS lovers.

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