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Among Us is now a popular online game with millions of players that can be accessed from any platform and by anyone of any age. As you know, Among Us has been continuously developed since its debut. With new maps and new game modes, the game has completely changed. That’s why we decided to prepare an Among Us dead body guide, especially for beginners.

Among Us Dead Body
Among Us Dead Body

We’ll talk about things like what happens when a crew member dies, how to report it, and how to kill a crew member and turn them into a dead body. Let’s get started and explore the exciting world of Among Us if you are ready.

How to Identify a Among us Dead Body

From the moment you start the game, you know that there is a murderer among you. Identifying a dead Among Us character is pretty simple if you’re not the target. For example, if you see a half-cut body lying on the floor in the electrical room and a bone on that body, you’ll immediately know that the imposter killed someone.

There are precisely two scenarios that could happen to you in this situation. Either you see who the imposter is and inform the other crewmates, and you win the game. Or you try to get rid of this accusation because the imposter will blame you. Otherwise, when a dead body is reported without seeing the imposter in Among Us, it will draw the attention of the players to you.

Among Us Dead Body guide
Among Us Dead Body guide

All crew members may take a stand against you if the imposter in your gameplay is smart. Therefore, whenever you see a dead body in Among Us, you should consider your options before reporting it.

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What If I am the Dead Body in Among Us?

Noooooo! You are now a dead body in Among Us. However, it is not too late to take action. Now is the time to work to take revenge on the imposter who killed you. You’ll notice that your character immediately takes on the appearance of a “soul” after becoming a dead body in Among Us.

And you will be able to move around in the game. Meanwhile, no one except the other deceased crewmates will be able to see you as a ghost. That’s why you should focus on doing missions with all the deceased crewmates. Because as your surviving teammates get closer to completing their tasks and finishing the game, you will have to complete the tasks as well. If you successfully complete all tasks as crewmates, both living and dead, you will win the game. However, if the imposter turns all other crewmates into dead bodies until you complete the tasks, you will lose the game in Among Us.

What Should I Do If I See a Dead Body in Among Us?

It’s always shocking to come across a dead body while wandering around in the game. Probably all of us directly click on the “report” button without thinking about what to do. But if you want to win the game, you have to be smarter than that. Considering all this, we have listed the things you need to do in Among Us when you see a dead body. Together with the tips and tactics we’ve prepared, you’ll become a master player in Among Us in no time.

  • Reporting a dead body in Among Us totally depends on distance. So sometimes, even if you don’t see the body, the option to report it may appear because you are right behind the wall. In such cases, finding the corpse is very important for you to win the game. Because when other crewmates ask you where you found the body, you’ll need to give a consistent answer.
  • If you cannot provide consistent information about the dead body you found to other Among Us players, all eyes will be on you. Therefore, try to answer as quickly as possible and ask if anyone was in the camera room, no matter what, as there may be no one else to validate you but them.
  • Another important point is who was with you before you found a dead body in Among Us. Anyone who passed you a few seconds before can be a potential imposter. In such a case, it is critical to share the names of those individuals with the crewmates prior to reporting their dead bodies in Among Us. Maybe this way you can really cast doubt on the imposter.
  • In the scenario that we just came up with, we told other crew members about the people we saw before finding a body. If the imposter kills you and turns you into a dead body after this event, the other players in Among Us will now be able to guess who is to blame.

As you can see, there is no reason to be concerned about finding dead bodies in Among Us. On the contrary, you can start a storyline that will help you get through until the end of the game. The other crew members will realize that you are not the imposter when the player you accused of being an imposter kills you. Your teammates will greatly benefit from this and win the game.

Best Places to Leave a Dead Body as an Imposter in Among Us 

Choosing secluded locations is always the safest option. If you are certain that no one has passed by you before or that they are unaware that you are in that area, you can easily kill them. In order to do this, it is necessary to use the vents appropriately. For example, the classic map of Among Us, known as Skeld, has quite a few tasks in the navigation section.

You can reach this area by using the vents, and then patiently wait for a player to get caught in your trap. However, there is a crucial camera aspect that requires attention. Don’t move until the red light on the camera goes away if one player is checking everything from the camera. You can quickly exit the vent and eliminate your enemy when the red light goes out.

The sabotage menu is an additional secure strategy that will work to leave a dead Among Us character. Let’s say, for instance, that you killed someone in Medbay. Even if you escape from the vent before anyone arrives, you’ll be in the vicinity of the body. It’s likely that when the body is discovered a few seconds later, someone will try to blame you. You can select oxygen from the sabotage menu to avoid such circumstances. This will cause all players to move to the O2 and admin rooms. And since you will be going to those areas, you will have extended the reporting period for the dead body. Good luck in advance 🙂

How Can I Get Rid of Doubts After Leaving a Dead Body in Among Us?

This is exactly the question that players who play Among Us and are imposters often wonder. We’d like to talk about some solid tips from experience on how you can continue the game without getting caught after killing someone.

  • First of all, you should try not to kill someone in haste. Whatever you do, plan it all out. That’s why your priority should be an escape plan. To get a kill quickly and escape without being seen by other players is a very good plan.
  • The second important point is the most difficult situation. If you are seen by another player when you kill someone, you need to stay calm. Once that player has done the reporting, keep your cool and let them blame you. Then, by speaking very briefly, accuse the person who sees you of self-reporting. They probably won’t kill you during that round if you manage to stay calm.
Among us dead body self reporting
Among us dead body self reporting
  • In such a scenario, all eyes will now be on you. So don’t be alone in rooms with some crewmates and kill them. Get them to trust you. After a few rounds like this, you may be ready to kill someone again.
  • If you want to win the game after that, you need to actively use the sabotage menu and support the other imposter while leaving a dead body in Among Us.

As you can see, the most important point when playing an imposter in Among Us is to stay calm. You can easily deal with the rest after you remain calm.


As ConsoleBandit today, we’ve put together a fantastic beginner’s guide to dead bodies in Among Us. We think that our article will be very useful, especially if you do not know what to do while playing imposter. We also talked about what you can do in Among Us when you find the dead body left by an imposter while you’re a crewmate.

That’s all from us for now. If you want to give an idea about the next Among Us article, you can leave a comment. Enjoy the game.

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