Poe Labyrinth Explained Guide and Rewards 2023


If you are ready to fight with one of the most powerful bosses in the game, we would like to introduce you to Poe Labyrinth today. Izaro is a boss in The Lord’s Labyrinth with great, unique rewards. In today’s article, we decided to prepare a detailed guide for those who want to complete the labyrinth for the first time.

In our guide, we will discuss the Ascendancy Class and the rewards you can get in the labyrinth. In addition, we will present a list of unique items obtained from Izaro that will significantly strengthen your character. Now, if you are ready, let’s get started and move on to the details of our guide.

Poe Labyrinth

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Poe Labyrinth General Features

First, we would like to tell you about some important rules about the labyrinth. In this way, you can understand that you must be more careful while entering the labyrinth.

  • First of all, you have the chance to try the labyrinth as much as you want. So you can use the labyrinth without limits.
  • To enter the labyrinth, you must have completed the first six Trial of Ascendancy stages.
  • After you die in the labyrinth, you will not spawn anywhere in between. Instead, you resurrect in the nearest town and return to the labyrinth.
  • If you want to access your Stash, you have to wait until you reach the Ascendancy Chamber and before you encounter Izaro.
  • To successfully complete the labyrinth, you must not die and complete it in one go.
Poe Labyrinth
  • You have to use all the quest items you find in the labyrinth. These items cannot be traded or used outside the labyrinth. All items you obtain after leaving the labyrinth are deleted.
  • After defeating Izaro, players will find a total of ten different chests in the last room of the labyrinth. Some chests may require keys.

Poe Labyrinth Locations

Now that we understand the features of the Poe Labyrinth, you must be wondering about its location. If you have completed the first six Trials of Ascendancy, you can reach the goddess statue by following the steps below.

  • First, head to Aspirants’ Plaza, located in Act 3 and Act 8.
  • Then you will see the waypoint at the Aspirants’ Plaza named “The Sarn Encampment.” After entering this waypoint, you need to see the goddess statue. When the Goddess statue is active, it will look like the image below.

If the goddess in the image has her hands open like this, you can enter the labyrinth. Good luck in advance.

Poe Labyrinth


As you know, there are subclasses under the name Ascendancy that are specific to each character in the game. With this labyrinth, you can unlock the Ascendancy class and also gain 1 point for the Ascendancy skill tree. In addition, you have the chance to get a rare Labyrinth Enchantment for your character. In our following guides, we will explain the Labyrinth Enchantment and how it works.

Izaro Treasure

When you successfully complete the Poe Labyrinth, Izaro’s Treasure will appear. There are wonderful, unique items that you can get when you open this chest.

The items are as follows:

  • Chitus’ Needle
  • Death’s Door
  • Glitterdisc
  • Izaro’s Dilemma
  • Izaro’s Turmoil
  • The Scales of Justice
  • Spine of the First Claimant
  • Steelworm
  • Unyielding Flame
  • Viper’s Scales
  • Winds of Change
  • Xirgil’s Crank

In addition to all these items, there are also some special items that you can obtain by completing the Eternal and Enriched Eternal Labyrinths. For example, even though rare, “Emperor’s Cunning,” “Emperor’s Wit,” “Emperor’s Might,” and “Emperor’s Mastery” may drop.

Poe Labyrinth Variations

We have just mentioned rare jewels and the enchantment system in our guide. You have to complete different variations of the labyrinth to access the jewels and enchantment system we discussed. You can see the table of variations below.

Labyrinth NameLevelTrial LocationsEnchantment
The Poe Labyrinth33The Lower PrisonThe Crypt Level 1The Chamber of Sins Level 2The CrematoriumThe CatacombsThe Imperial GardensGloves
The Cruel Labyrinth55The Prison (Act 6) The Crypt (Act 7) The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)GlovesBoots
The Merciless Labyrinth68The Bath House The Tunnel The OssuaryGlovesBootsHelmets
The Eternal Labyrinth75End game mapsGlovesBootsHelmets(3 different options)
Eternal Labyrinth of Potential83End game mapsGlovesBootsHelmets (3 different options)Belts
Eternal Labyrinth of Fortune83End game mapsGlovesBootsHelmets (3 different options)Labyrinth enriched
Eternal Labyrinth of Opportunity83End game mapsGlovesBootsHelmets (3 different options)Divine Font can be used six times

As you can see in the table, the Poe Labyrinth has different variations and different rewards. Especially with the Eternal Labyrinth of Fortune, you can get wonderful jewels as the rewards are enriched. That’s all from us for now. See you in the next Path of Exile guide.

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