How to get Shockwave Support in Poe


In the dark world of Path of Exile, you can use dozens of methods to strengthen your character. Perhaps the most important of these methods is, without a doubt, Support Gems. Support Gems, and especially Shockwave Support Poe can seriously increase your character’s damage if used correctly in the right place.

Shockwave Support Poe

In today’s article, we will cover everything about Shockwave Support.


  • What it does
  • Where to get it
  • How to use it

We’ll also share which vendors you can get it from in the form of individual tables.

What is Shockwave Support in Poe, and How Does It Work?

Shockwave Support is a Support Gem, as we mentioned at the beginning of our guide. With any Shockwave attack you perform in-game, you can also deal attack damage to other enemies around the attacked target. In short, this gem triggers Shockwave. In addition, only weapons such as Maces, Sceptres, and Staves can be used in Shockwave Support Poe.

  • Shockwave Support works functionally with skills and gems such as Ancestral Call Support, Ancestral Cry, and Tribal Fury, allowing you to additionally affect nearby enemies. Of course, as long as the current charges are full, the Shockwave will fire.
  • AoE attacks will still trigger Shockwave for each enemy hit, as long as the charges remain full. However, each enemy you target will consume the stored Shockwave usage. This makes Shockwave Support a good choice for slow, one-hit skills. At the same time, all other melee attacks will also be a bad choice, as they will deplete charges very quickly.
  • Lastly, you cannot use Shockwave with Warcry skills.
Shockwave Support Poe

As you can see, Shockwave Support allows you to deal strong area damage with single and slow skills. It is handy, especially with the 160-260% base attack damage it provides.

How to Get the Shockwave Support?

We have explained in detail why the Shockwave Support Poe gem is used and what it does. Now, for those who want to use this gem, we will talk about how you can get it. let’s start with the vendors first.

Vendor Recipes

It is possible to obtain this item from vendors using the following divination cards and other items. However, it all depends on your luck.

Item QuantityMaterialsWhat Can You Get?
9Gift of the Gemling QueenRandom level 20 support gem
7Dialla’s SubjugationRandom corrupted superior Support Gem with 23% quality
8Dying AnguishRandom 19% alternative quality level 19 gem
1Gemcutter’s IncubatorRandom superior gem
6The FoxRandom level 20 gem
3Gemcutter’s PromiseRandom 20% quality superior gem

As you can see in the table, there is a drop logic that mostly consists of divination cards. If you’re lucky, you can trade these divination cards to get Shockwave Support in Poe.


To get Shockwave Support in Poe, you must complete the “Sharp and Cruel ACT 2” quest with the Marauder and Templar classes. These classes can get Shockwave Support as a quest reward. None of the other classes have such quest rewards.

Shockwave Support Poe

Vendor Reward

We just mentioned that some classes could get the Shockwave Support gem by doing quests. Now we will explain how other classes can get this gem as a vendor reward by doing some quests.

  • Duelist – “Sharp and Cruel Act 2 Yeena”, “The Root of the Problem Act 2 Yeena”, “A Fixture of Fate Act 3 Siosa”, “Fallen from Grace Act 6 Lilly Roth
  • Marauder – “Sharp and Cruel Act 2 Yeena”, “The Root of the Problem Act 2 Yeena
  • Templar – “Sharp and Cruel Act 2 Yeena”, “The Root of the Problem Act 2 Yeena
  • Scion – “Sharp and Cruel Act 2 Yeena”, “The Root of the Problem Act 2 Yeena

When you take a look at the vendor rewards, you should realize that Shockwave Support is easily obtained. You can probably get this item in a few hours by doing simple quests. However, other classes still need to use their divination cards for Shockwave Support Poe and try their luck.

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