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The most important reason why Path of Exile left its mark on the MMO world is that there are thousands of items in the game. Because it is very difficult to get some legendary items among these thousands of items, players need to take their time seriously. The Poe Eternity Shroud armor is a unique item that players constantly try to drop. If you want this Body Armors item in your inventory, we’ll take you on a journey to the Shaper’s Realm.

Poe Eternity Shroud

We would like to point out that we do not only describe the ways to obtain the item in the guide. We have also prepared a handy guide on Poe Eternity Shroud build. Now let’s not waste too much time and take a look at how we can beat Uber Elder.

How to Get Eternity Shroud Poe Easiest?

If you want to get Eternity Shroud Poe, you must first kill the “Uber Elder” bosses. It is possible to drop the item “The Eternity Shroud” from the Elder and Shaper bosses here. You can only kill these bosses after opening the “The Shaper’s Realm” portal.

What is the Poe Eternity Shroud Location?

If you have decided to drop The Eternity Shroud, there is an important route to follow. This item can only be obtained when you kill the “Uber Elder” boss in “The Shaper’s Realm” map. However, it is not possible to enter “The Shaper’s Realm” portal by teleporting or walking. Hence, you should follow the steps below in order.

  • If you want to fight Elder and Shaper you have to combine some fragments in your map device. You can see these fragments in the table.
Fragment of KnowledgeThe Shaper
Fragment of ShapeThe Shaper
Fragment of TerrorThe Elder
Fragment of EmptinessThe Elder
  • After killing Uber Elder bosses, you can drop fragments in the table. But don’t worry right away, because you can trade these fragments from other players.
  • After purchasing or obtaining these items, you will now be able to open the portal.

You can now enter The Shaper’s Real, but is your character ready for this battle? The Eternity Shroud Poe is really hard to get, so we would like to make some suggestions for you to destroy the Uber Elder.

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How to Do Uber Elder Poe? Some Tips and Tricks!

You only get the Poe Eternity Shroud if you destroy the Shaper and the Elder. However, you will need some extra precautions as you have to fight both the Shaper and the Elder.

  • First of all, your character’s damage per second must be 10 million. Otherwise, you may not have enough damage to Elder and Shaper.
  • Another important point is, do not try to damage both bosses equally. You can fight The Elder first and then head to the Shaper.
  • When fighting unique enemies, you should always use spells and marks focused on increasing your critical strike damage. The best example of this would be Assassin’s Mark.
  • The durability of values such as Fire, Cold and Lightning, which are the main resistances of your character, must be at least 75%.
  • You need EHP to be at least 8,000. It would also be great if you use some items that also increase Life Regeneration.
  • Finally, you may need to use some buffs that you can support from outside. For example, Rumi’s Concoction increases your defensive ability as you die. Likewise, Lion’s Roar will increase your defensive ability as you die.

If you have followed all these recommendations, let’s talk about the features of the bosses and how you can fight.

poe eternity shroud uber elder
poe eternity shroud uber elder

Poe Uber Elder Guide

Your most important target in battle should always be the Elder. Because the Shaper only exists on the map to support the Elder. You will eventually face both bosses.

  • First, if you reduce a boss’s health by 25%, he will retreat and the other boss will join the battle. Si, if you reduce Elder’s HP by 25%, he will be invulnerable for a while. Then the Shaper will appear and you will begin to fight him. After fighting for a while, if both bosses have 25% HP, this time both bosses will be completely defenseless.
  • From the first moment you start fighting, the Volatile Anomalies skill and the Madness Propagators monster will be active every second. Also, when you reduce the HP of both bosses by 1/4, additional monsters will appear. The Elder summons a Null Portal while the Shaper opens a monster portal. Both bosses become invulnerable while performing these actions.
poe eternity shroud elder and shaper
poe eternity shroud elder and shaper

Things to Mind While Fighting with the “Elder

The way to get the Poe Eternity Shroud item is to learn what skills the Elder and Shaper are using. Otherwise, you will always die. Now we will give you some information about the skills that the Elder will use.

Attack AbilitiesDetails of the AttackUsed while invulnerable?
Melee AttackElder deals physical damage to players with his melee attack.
Ice Spears 1When the Elder activates the “Ice Spears” skill, he fires 2 icy bullets at the players. If bullets hit players, they take between 5000 and 7500 Cold Damage.
Ice Spears 2The Elder fires a total of 4 different ice bullets with this skill. Damages are the same as Ice Spears 1.
Ice Spears 3Elder fires more than 5 bullets with Ice Spears 3. Each bullet that hits the player deals 6500 to 9830 cold damage.
SiphonThe Elder suddenly disappears, and when he reappears, he instantly draws the player to himself. At this point, players must show reflexes to evade the attack. Otherwise you will take 1433 physical damage. Additionally, you have 60% less movement speed. Moreover, any damage applied to you causes the Elder to gain an energy shield.
Tentacle SlamThe Elder spawns several tentacles that can surround and damage the player. If one of the Tentacles touches the player, they deal 130% damage.
Expanding Nova / Ring of DeathElder forms a circle around himself. This circle he creates creates an area that grows over time. A few seconds after the area’s growth is complete, a massive explosion occurs, dealing significant damage. In general, it is not possible for players to survive this damage. Players must get into the circle around the Elder to survive. Otherwise, you can die instantly.
Rising SlamThe Elder begins to spin, throwing cold damage projectiles around him. Then he instantly teleports to your location, dealing instant cold damage to you.

If you examine our table in detail, you can have all the information you need to defeat the Elder.

poe eternity shroud uber elder fight guide

Things to Mind While Fighting with the “Shaper

There is now a final battle for Eternity Shroud Poe to be yours. Definitely memorize the use of the following skills to fight the Shaper.

Attack AbilitiesDetails of the AttackUsed while invulnerable?
Melee AttackIf you’re within melee range of the Shaper, he attacks you and deals physical damage.
Shaper BeamThe Shaper fires a 3 second beam towards the player. The player must move quickly to avoid taking damage. If this beam hits the player, it deals 5384 fire, 4405 cold and 6057 lightning damage. The beam lasts only 3 seconds and usually kills the hit player.
ProjectilesWhen the Shaper activates his skill, he sends 3 golden orbs towards the player. If these orbs hit the player, they deal a large amount of cold damage.
Teleport SlamThe Shaper suddenly disappears and teleports to the player, dealing massive damage. To avoid this attack, players must keep moving after realizing the Shaper’s disappearance. In this way, the Shaper teleports to the player’s location after he moves, dealing damage to an empty spot. If this attack hits the player, they die instantly with 300% damage.
VortexThe Shaper creates a gray circle that constantly follows the player. If this circle touches the player, a vortex is formed. The resulting vortex deals cold damage to the player. In particular, this vortex greatly slows the player’s movement speed. Worse still, this vortex continues to roam the battle scene throughout the fight. At this point, players must pull the vortex out of the battle scene.
Monster PortalAfter Shaper teleports out of the battle scene and renders himself invulnerable, he opens a monster portal. A large number of monsters will spawn from the monster portal to attack the player. Players can easily kill these monsters.

That’s it! You successfully survived the Uber Elder fight. You can now receive your loot, the Eternity Shroud Poe.

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