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With tens of thousands of simultaneous players, Path of Exile continues to influence the MMO world. It is possible to say that Poe, which has isometric gameplay and unlimited character development mechanics, appeals to those who want to play MMORPGs in a hardcore way. If you like to do missions in MMO games and get various rewards, welcome to the world of Poe. Today we are going to talk about a complex questline: Poe, the Ruler of Highgate.

Poe the Ruler of Highgate
Poe the Ruler of Highgate

Chaos reigns in the town of Highgate as Path of Exile moves on to Act 9. The main enemy, Garukhan, kidnapped Oyun, who was ruling the town, through his servant Kira, in order to dominate Highgate. There is now a leadership vacancy at Highgate. Humans need us to fill this vacancy and destroy Garukhan.

How to Complete the Poe the Ruler of Highgate Quest

The first and most important detail you need to do for the Poe the Ruler of Highgate quest is to reach Act 9. It is very important that you pay attention to your item level as soon as you step into town. Because the level of the monsters in Highgate is between 61 and 64. If it is difficult for you to even kill these monsters, you might face some difficulties while completing the quest.

You can start doing the quest by following the steps given below:

  • You land on Highgate when Kira, the servant of Garukhan, kidnaps Oyun. While there is complete chaos in Highgate, you meet the important people of the town, Irasha, and Tasuni. If you want to start the “Find Poe the Ruler of Highgate” quest, it will be enough to talk to only one of these two NPCs.
path of exile the ruler of highgate
path of exile the ruler of highgate
  • The choices you make during the conversation with the NPC are very important for the continuation of the quest. Because Irasha is the sister of Kira, who kidnapped Oyun. And she is eager to fill the leadership vacancy that has formed in Highgate.
  • After starting the quest, you learn that Oyun has been taken to “The Quarry” by Kira and Garukhan to be sacrificed. If you don’t arrive in time, Oyun will be sacrificed, and an election will have to be held in Highgate.
poe ruler of highgate the quarry
poe ruler of highgate the quarry
  • After reaching The Quarry, it is now necessary to destroy two important bosses. First, kill Kira, then the main boss, Garukhan, and try to save Oyun. As a requirement of Poe the Ruler of Highgate quest, unfortunately, there is no way to keep Oyun alive. Therefore, after killing Kira and Garukhan, get the “Sekhema Feather” quest item. And finally, return to Irasha and Tasuni in Highgate with this quest item.
  • Upon your return, it will be entirely up to you to decide the fate and ruler of Highgate. There might be a question like “Poe the Ruler of Highgate: Do Choices Matter?” in your mind. No matter which NPC you give “Sekhema Feather” to, you will receive the same reward. Just for the sake of honesty in the story, maybe you’d rather give it to Irasha.
  • As a result, Garukhan died, and you were able to bring some peace to Highgate. With the election, you handed over control of Highgate to Irasha. If you are a player who cares about stories, we recommend that you do the “Poe the Feather Choice for Ruler of Highgate” quest carefully.
the ruler of highgate poe Irasha sekhema feather
the ruler of highgate poe Irasha sekhema feather

There are two more important missions to complete in the Act 9 questline. After completing these tasks, you can move on to Act 10 without any problems.

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Poe the Ruler of Highgate Quest Rewards

There are 21 skill books you can collect to further your character’s development in Path of Exile. Skill books activate +1 passive skill for your character. Irasha or Tasuni reward one skill book after successfully completing the Poe Ruler of Highgate quest. Then you will have +1 passive skill by using this skill book.

Other Tasks You Should Do After Poe the Ruler of Highgate

As you move toward the end of Act 9, you will have to complete two more important quests. Along with Irasha and Sin, face off with the last enemies, the “Queen of the Sands” and the “Depraved Trinity,” to determine Highgate‘s ultimate fate. 

Queen of the Sands

A tough journey lies ahead to cross the Vastiri Desert and reach the Oasis. But to cross the desert, you need the help of Sin in Highgate. Moreover, there is Shakari, a scary scorpion-looking monster in the desert. If you manage to kill Shariki, Irasha will reward you with a +1 skill book for avenging her sister.

Recurring Nightmare

You must fight one final boss to bring peace to Highgate. But first, you have to find the “Trarthan Powder” and “Basilisk Acid” items. Of course, you should not neglect to get help from Sin while searching for these items. After finally finding all these items, you need to talk to Sin again and meet him at “The Quarry.” Then go to the “Blood Aqueduct” area together and kill the “Depraved Trinity.” Finally, talk to Lilly so you can move on to Act 10. Lilly will take you to Oriath. Best of luck in your new adventures 🙂


With Poe the Ruler of Highgate quest, you set out on a journey to Highgate, where evil prevails. You fought together with Irasha and Tasuni to destroy Kira and Garukhan. Although you finally completed the quest, unfortunately, you were not able to save Oyun. As Console Bandit, we will continue to explain Poe’s most complex tasks. That’s all from us for now. We’ll see you in the next article. 

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