How To Get The Crucible In 7 Days To Die


7 Days to Die may be the funniest of the zombie-focused survival games. Because an atmosphere where thousands of horde zombies are looking for you is very exciting. Moreover, in order to avoid all these zombies, the game has an advanced crafting and profession system. As a matter of fact, our topic today is exactly about these professions. We wanted to do some research on how to get the Crucible in 7 Days To Die, which is especially used for steel production.

Crucible in 7 Days To Die
A Crucible in 7 Days To Die

The 7dtd Crucible means access to many different crafting items as it unlocks the “forged steel” ability. These items include new weapons, ammo, robots, and dozens of different tools made of steel. In short, the Crucible can be called an endgame item. 7 Days to Die Crucible is of vital importance; therefore, we have prepared a great guide.

How to Get Crucible in 7 Days to Die?

Crucible 7 Days to Die is not that easy to obtain as it is one of the endgame items. For this, you have to play the game a little and improve your character. In the list below, we have listed the things you need to do to unlock the Crucible.

  • First, increase your character’s Intelligence level to 10.
  • Secondly, you must make the Advanced Engineering perk level 5.

After completing the character level development, the 7 Days Crucible item will be crafted. However, after unlocking crafting, of course, what you need to do does not end. You also need to collect some materials required to produce 7d2d Crucibles.

7days to die crucible
7days to die crucible

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Crucible 7 days to die Crafting Materials

If you have made your Advanced Engineering level 5, now you need to go out to loot. Here are the crafting materials you need for the 7dtd Crucible;

Crafting MaterialsAmount
Forged Iron100
Mechanical Parts20
Small Stone1200
Clay Soil900

As you can see, you need a lot of Forged Iron to produce 7 Days to Die Crucible. For this, you may need to work a little more overtime at the forge. Likewise, in order to craft Oil, you have to search for Oil Shale in the desert and do a lot of digging.

Where to Find the Crucible in 7 Days to Die?

There are definitely players who want to solve some problems quickly. Therefore, we did a detailed research to see if there is a way to get 7 Days Crucible without grinding the Perk level. The result of this research led us to the traders who have the 7 Days to Die Crucible location where you can use the Better Barter perk.

7 days to die crucible location
7 days to die crucible location

If you don’t want to deal with leveling up the character, you just need to increase your Intelligence level to 3 or 5. After that, you will be able to go to a trader and buy a 7d2d Crucible for 8,000 coins.

7dtd Crucible Recipes

We bought it, crafted it, and somehow managed to get the Crucible in 7 Days to Die item. So you may not know exactly what to use Crucible for. As a matter of fact, Crucible is not used for many recipes by itself. Instead, Forged Steel, produced with Crucible, unlocks dozens of different recipes in the game.

Bulletproof GlassCrushed Sand -137, Small Stone -12, Lead -50, Iron -25,  Clay Soil -25Forge
Forged SteelIron -20, Clay Soil -10Forge
Steel ArrowheadIron -7, Clay Soil -1Forge

After you succeed in producing Forged Steel with 7 Days Crucible, dozens of different weapons and ammo recipes will now be unlocked. You will even be able to craft robots that will fight for you. In short, it is possible to produce everything you need for the endgame with Forged Steel.

7 days to die crucible forged steel
7 days to die crucible forged steel

Getting 7dtd Crucible by Looting

Some players try to explore everything they can by walking around while playing the game. If you are such a player, we would like to talk about a very interesting way to get 7 Days to Die Crucible. First of all, your character level must be +91 in order to find Crucibles with this method. Then you should start looting everything in the game with the +5 Loot Goggles and lv5 Lucky Looter perk. Although it is difficult, there is a possibility that a 7d2d Crucible item may be looted.


As Console Bandit, we made a detailed review on the Crucible in 7 Days to Die in our article today. We know that there are tens of thousands of people who love to play 7 Days to Die. Especially after the new updates, Crucible has become even more important.

Unlocking the advantages of producing Forged Steel, such as robots, will greatly increase your enjoyment of the game. Of course, we should not forget the new weapons, bullets and steel armor. If you want to survive the raid of thousands of zombies, our 7Days to die Crucible guide will be of great help to you. Good luck to everyone on the horde night!

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