10 Fancy Minecraft Lamp Designs


Besides torches and lanterns, there are many light sources in Minecraft that allow you to lighten up the area and prevent hostile mobs from spawning. However, if you’re too fed up with using basic light sources over and over again, let’s create something more unique!

That’s why in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Minecraft lamp designs!

minecraft lamp design

From the usage of strong light sources, such as lanterns and fire, to gloomy ones, such as cave vines, these cool Minecraft ideas can further enhance your pathway and provide an aesthetical appearance to the overall scenery. Moreover, check out those cool Minecraft chandelier designs for more light source decorations!

10 Best Minecraft Lamp Designs

To build those Minecraft lamp post designs, you’ll mostly need wooden blocks like trapdoors, slabs, and fences. While cobblestones, blackstones, and other iron components are required for more advanced Minecraft light designs. That said, let’s see the list!

1. Villager Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Cobblestone Walls, Oak Fences, Spruce Trapdoors, a Spruce Slab, and Lanterns.

Starting off the list, we have a basic Minecraft lamp design made by GraySun.

Living in the village in Minecraft can be boring sometimes, and there are so many ways to enhance that experience. One of the things is to rebuild that black wool and torches lamp post with this fresh-looking design. The materials are also easy to obtain, only requiring you to mine some stones and chop down a tree. That’s why we put this first on the list.

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2. Advanced Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Cobblestone Walls, Spruce Fences, Slabs, Trapdoors, Hoppers, an Anvil, a Smoker, Spruce Buttons, Chains, and Lanterns.

Next, we have an upgraded version of the previous Minecraft lamp design.

By extending the height, you can create more depth by using a smoker as a base and putting buttons around it. On top, the alternation in the usage of anvils and hoppers makes the idea even more interesting yet more expensive, costing around 41 iron ingots for only one lamp post.

Don’t forget to cover the top with some trapdoors and a slab!

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3. Levitating Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Prismarine Walls, Chains, a Prismarine Brick, Sea Lanterns, Warped Trapdoors, Gray Stained Glass Panes, and Polished Blackstone Buttons.

If you’re a fan of the aquatic theme or the cyan color, this levitating lamp design is something you can’t miss!

The design pushes imagination and creativity to the next level by making the lamp float, along with some chains and levitating energy crystals made from glass panes. However, it totally makes sense in this open-world sandbox game.

Using sea lanterns in this case not only provides a sense of aquatic contributing to the overall build, but they also have a lighting level of 15, which is the brightest light source in Minecraft.

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4. Modern Street Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Andesite Walls, an Anvil, Polished Deepslate Slabs, Stairs, a Dark Oak Trapdoor, a Lever, an End Rod, and an Andesite Block.

Talking about futuristic and modern builds, we immediately remember those bright streets with luminous Minecraft lamp post designs. So, if your street is too dark, try this design!

The main light source in this build is the end rod, which provides a light level of 14. Although this is not a maximum level, it’s the same level as normal torches and cave vines, and it still provides strong enough lighting to emit the surrounding area.

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5. Glowberry Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Mossy Cobblestones, Mossy Cobblestone Walls, Stairs, Spruce Fences, Signs, Trapdoors, Hoppers, and Cave Vines.

Overgrown is always the most loved building theme in Minecraft, and that’s why you should consider building this design in your world!

Start with some mossy cobblestone blocks, then make your way to the top with fences and cover the hoppers with spruce signs and stairs. Finally, to grow the berry on the vines for lighting, you must use bone meal and right-click on the vines.

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6. Crimson Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Polished Blackstone Bricks, a Chiseled Polished Blackstone, Crimson Trapdoors, Stairs, Slabs, Shroomlights, and Chains.

Next, we have a lamp design Minecraft belongs primarily using crimson wood as its material. Not only that, but blackstones and shroomlights are also common materials in the Crimson forest biome too, which you can easily obtain while in the Nether dimension.

Moreover, shroomlights also have a light level of 15, so you’ll have enough lighting for any purpose!

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7. Medieval Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Cobblestone Walls, Slabs, Spruce Trapdoors, Fences, Lanterns, and Grindstones.

Medieval is always a good choice when building in Minecraft since the game supports many blocks with a variety of shapes and colors. Like the basic and advanced lamp post designs above, this design primarily uses spruce and cobblestones as its materials.

To make the build stand out even more, a couple of grindstones are used on both sides to create more shape. Just remember to place the grindstones upside down for the best effect.

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8. Cyberpunk Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Andesite Walls, a Polished Andesite Block, Iron Bars, Pistons, Iron Trapdoors, a Lever, an Anvil, a Hopper, a Chain, and a Beacon.

Sir Derpol has a lot of cool cyberpunk Minecraft lamp posts, and this design makes it to the top of the list because of its complexity and expense.

Besides normal materials, you have to craft some pistons, anvils, and hoppers, costing around 38 iron ingots per lamp post. Moreover, the beacon in the center is super expensive to make, which you use to flex with your friends by showing them a street full of these.

Alternatively, you can use sea lanterns instead of beacons to reduce the cost.

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9. Acacia Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Acacia Logs, Red Sandstone Walls, Acacia Fences, Trapdoors, Lanterns, and a Smooth Red Sandstone Slab.

With so many wood types to choose from in Minecraft, acacia remains the least favorite among the others. However, when you use the right blocks and build it in the right place, the value of the build is significantly increased.

By combining the orange color from the acacia wood and the red sandstones, this Minecraft lamp design is a great decoration for any desert structure, including desert and savanna villages.

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10. Blackstone Lamp

minecraft lamp design

Materials: Polished Blackstone Bricks, Stairs, Walls, a Chiseled Polished Blackstone, Warped Fences, a Netherrack, and a Flint and Steel.

Finally, let’s explore this unique Minecraft lamp design which we usually see at the entrance to some kind of dark temples. The design is also material friendly for players who live in the Nether dimension, allowing them to decorate their nether base brilliantly.

To finish off the design, use a flint and steel or a fire charge to create a permanent fire source on top of the netherrack block.

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And that’s the list of 10 best Minecraft lamp designs. Let’s gather the materials and lighten up your base!

What’s your favorite idea? Let us know in the comment below!

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