Elden Ring – Why You Can’t Leave Rannis Rise [Easy Fix]

can't leave rannis rise

Found yourself stuck at Ranni’s Rise and can’t leave while playing Elden Ring?.

You are not alone as many players have been in this very same situation. Unlike a lot of quest-based games, Elden Ring can at times be quite complicated in following questlines, with multiple ways of altering different NPC’s Questlines it can get confusing at times.

In this guide, we will explain why you can’t leave Rannis Rise once you started dialogue with Ranni & the invisible barrier is stopping you leaving.

How to Solve Can’t Leave Rannis Rise

The most common answer to why can’t I leave Ranni’s Rise is that you haven’t exhausted the dialogues of the NPC’s within the tower & then returned to Ranni herself.

You need to have finished speaking to War Counselor Iji, Preceptor Seluvis & Ranni before you have the ability to fast-travel again or leave from the main entrance to the tower with the invisible barrier now gone.

Here’s how to achieve this in a few simple steps

  • Starting at the top room were Ranni is, head down the stairs.
  • You will now enter a room with a lift in it. Use the lift to go down.
  • Head straight down the stairs to the right of the site of grace to find War Counselor Iji.
  • Speak with War Counselor Iji and exhaust all his dialogue.
  • Leave the room by going down the stairs, and keep going until reaching the room with the blue glintstones in. Here you will find Preceptor Seluvis.
  • Speak with Preceptor Seluvis exhausting all his dialogue.
  • Now make your way back up the tower to Ranni.
  • Speak to her and exhaust all her dialogue. she should say “I shall soon enter my slumber and it will be some time before I wake”
  • You should now have the ability to fast-travel again or head back down to where Preceptor Seluvis was & exit Ranni’s Rise.

If you still find yourself unable to leave try double checking you have exhausted all dialog with the ghosts until they repeat themselves, then return to Ranni.

can't leave rannis rise

Hopefully, this guide on why you can’t leave Rannis Rise in Elden Ring has been helpful.

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