10 Best Minecraft Chandelier Designs to Light Up Your Base


In Minecraft, lighting plays an important in preventing hostile mobs from spawning. However, normal torches are too boring to decorate the base, especially since it will be impossible to light up the ceiling in case you have a tall roof.

That said, we’ll explore the top 10 gorgeous Minecraft chandelier designs in this article so you can have some inspiration for decorating!

Minecraft Chandeliers

These cool Minecraft ideas below will cover pretty much any Minecraft chandelier design theme, such as basic, advanced, modern, natural, glass, and aqua. So if you’re on your way to learn how to make a chandelier in Minecraft, read on!

10 Gorgeous Minecraft Chandelier Designs

In most cases, you’ll need some light sources to make a chandelier in Minecraft. Some popular light sources are torches, lanterns, sea lanterns, soul torches, end rods, and glowstones. When you’re ready, let’s see the list!

1. Red Chandelier

Minecraft Chandelier

Materials: Dark Oak Fences, Fence Gates, Torches, Red Banners, a Dark Oak Slab, a Hopper, Iron Bars, and a Cobblestone Wall.

First on the list, we have a simple yet attractive red chandelier in Minecraft.

With a fairly cheap material cost and a tiny shape, you can fit this design in almost every structure, including cliff houses. Besides, changing the banner’s color to blue or cyan and using soul torches can enhance the design even more!

The design fits best into medieval theme buildings, especially in the dining hall with a large table and numerous chairs below. Building multiple chandeliers is recommended to keep the base safe if the room is ginormous.

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2. Lush Cave Chandelier

Minecraft Chandelier

Materials: Cobbled Deepslates, Cobbled Deepslate Walls, Redstone Lamps, Lanterns, Endrods, Chains, Levers, Azalea Leaves, Flowering Azalea Leaves, Flower Pots with Ferns, and some Deepslate Gold Ores.

Next, let’s see a natural chandelier Minecraft! By combining the dark color from the cobbled deepslate blocks and the natural green from azalea leaves, we have a lovely design that can be used for any cave base.

Finding the materials is no longer challenging (except for end rods) if you have already found a lush cave underground. Deepslates spawn everywhere under Y zero, while the azalea leaves can be harvested quickly with shears.

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3. Jumbo Chandeliers

Minecraft Chandelier

Moving on, we have a set of chandelier designs with complex models that require a lot of empty space to build. Although they look complicated at first glance, once you’ve completely built one design, you can easily replica the rests since they share the same shape.

The first design on the left uses amethyst blocks, end rods, soul lanterns, crying obsidian, and purple glasses to create a mysterious feeling. The second design in the middle is made from cut copper blocks, end rods, lanterns, redstone lamps, polished blackstones, and orange glasses.

While the third design uses the same material pattern as the second chandelier on our list, which is cobbled deepslates and azalea leaves with some modifications.

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4. Modern Chandelier

Minecraft Chandelier

Materials: White Stained Glasses, Stained Glass Panes, End Rods, Iron Bars, a Sea Lantern, a Hopper, and a Wooden Fence.

Modern is one of the popular building themes in Minecraft, so to give you a fulfilling list, here’s a modern Minecraft chandelier design.

This Minecraft chandelier is relatively small from the rest since it only takes a five-block area. In the center, we have a hopper right below the sea lanterns. Then surround them with a bunch of white stained glasses for gloomy lighting.

On the outside are some more end rods, which not only contribute to the chandelier’s aesthetic but also provide more lighting to the surrounding area. Say no to hostile mobs now!

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5. Purple Crystal Chandelier

Minecraft Chandelier

Materials: End Rods, Amethyst Clusters, and White/Gray Stained Glass Panes.

Born from the combination of Jumbo and a modern chandelier, a purple crystal chandelier made from glasses, end rods, and amethyst may satisfy your needs with its gorgeous appearance.

This Minecraft tutorial consists of 7 different chandelier variants. Not only that, but Daia also provides a step-by-step and material list for each design so you can easily follow along. Check out the link below!

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6. Glass Chandelier

Minecraft Chandelier

Materials: End Rods, White Stained Glass Panes, Iron Bars, and a Beacon.

In a shape of a heart, here we have another Minecraft chandelier design that fits perfectly for both royal and medieval styles.

In the original video, Nether Cloud uses a beacon as a chandelier’s central block. It has a light level of 15, so using a beacon to make chandeliers is a great idea since you can basically have a working chandelier while flexing to your friends at the same time.

Alternatively, a beacon is really expensive to make, so you can use a sea lantern instead.

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7. Japanese Chandelier

Minecraft Chandelier

Materials: Anvils, Hoppers, Flower Pots with Cacti, Lanterns, a Shroomlight, a Wooden Fence, and Custom Banners.

If you’re really into Asian culture, let’s try this Japanese Minecraft chandelier out!

The design is distinctive by its long shape and the material used. We have the gray color from the anvils and hoppers, the green color from the cactus, and especially, the red color and the special pattern on the banners around the chandelier.

Making banners in Minecraft is fearsome for some people, but the tutorial below can help you get there! Moreover, it’s worth noting that this design is quite expensive because of the anvils and hoppers.

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8. Aqua Chandelier

Minecraft Chandelier

Materials: Spruce Fences, End Rods, Sea Lanterns, White Stained Glasses, and Blocks of Diamonds.

Light blue or cyan might be the best color out there since they provide most people with a calm and cool feeling. That said, let’s take a look at our aqua chandelier design!

At first glance, this is another expensive chandelier design on the list with two diamond blocks (that’s 18 diamonds). But you could always replace them with sea lanterns or any other cyan blocks. Our recommendations are lapis lazuli blocks, ice, blue or light blue glasses, terracotta, concrete, and prismarine blocks in general.

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9. Mini Chandelier

Minecraft Chandelier

Materials: End Rods, Stained Glasses, Oak trapdoors, and an Oak Fence.

Remember a chandelier with only five blocks wide above? What if you need a smaller, shorter version of it for your supermini base? Well, you’re lucky today!

Besides its modest width, this mini chandelier is only five-block tall, making it one of the most compact chandelier designs ever since. The only disadvantage is the use of end rods, which require you to travel all the way to the End to get them.

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10. Chinese Chandeliers

Minecraft Chandelier

Final on the list is a bunch of cool aesthetic Chinese chandelier designs by WWY Craft.

All chandeliers here are aesthetically pleasing to look at and quite easy to build. Instead of focusing on the size, WWY Craft did a great job by providing the details and a source for each build. Simply check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial!

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And that’s the list of 10 cool Minecraft chandelier designs. Let’s gather the materials and build yourself a lovely design!

What’s your favorite idea? Let us know in the comment below!

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