Starfield Rankings Surpass 2023’s Biggest Gaming Hits.

Starfield Rankings
Picture: Starfield Bethesda

The Starfield rankings just dropped and the game is doing stupendously well! Starfield has risen the ranks to become the fifth fastest selling game of 2023 in Europe. According to the latest data records, Starfield has overtaken the likes of Final Fantasy 16 and Resident Evil 4 Remake. This data is solid proof that despite the Reddit trash talk, the game is still massively successful.

Starfield is Bethesda’s biggest project to date and the studio’s most successful launch in history. However, the title’s massive commercial success is of little surprise considering the hype that was already around it pre-launch. Starfield was getting pre-ordered like there was no tomorrow through Steam, and its day-one entry into the Xbox Game Pass blew the player count through the roof. By the 6th of September, just two days into the initial release, the game already had 6 million players actively participating.

Who released the Starfield Rankings?

The sales report was released by GSD or Game Sales Data hosted by Video Games Europe. The charts released earlier today showcase the immense potential behind Starfield as it highlights its successful launch. Starfield topped the sales chart for the second week of September and is the fifth most successful game launch of 2023 within Europe. The games to surpass the Starfield rankings were Diablo 4, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, Hogwarts: Legacy, and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

starfield rankings
Picture: Video games Europe

And guess what? We believe that Starfield could’ve easily ranked higher on the list! With Starfield getting a day one release on Xbox’s Game Pass definitely hurt the sales department. It’s true that the player count is bustling, but GSD only counts actual sales for its Starfield rankings, and since the Xbox game pass doesn’t count as a sale, we believe Starfield’s launch is much more successful than what the stats say.

Some might argue that Starfield’s 10 day release week more easily compensates for its debut in the Xbox Game Pass, but we’ll have to wait for the stats on that one. Bethesda has always stated that direct sales of their titles aren’t a priority and that their goal is to make their game as accessible as possible to gamers! And they certainly did just that! It’s going to be interesting to view the Xbox Sales for the debut week of Starfield, as we believe it’ll give us a more compound analysis of Starfield’s launch. But the Xbox sales data aren’t coming around anytime soon, meaning we’ll have to base our assumptions using the Starfield rankings.

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