PlayStation Handheld “Project Q” To Run On Android


A recent leak shows how the upcoming PlayStation handheld by Sony will utilize Android over proprietary software. The recent leak contains a video that contains information regarding the handheld and how it operates. The video also showcases the prototype which seems to be made out of plastic, running a basic menu system. However, we highly doubt that what we see in the video is anywhere near the final product as it needs a ton of fine-tuning to be PlayStation-worthy.

The existence of a handheld prototype and its probable release in the future was first revealed by the president of the PlayStation corporation Jim Ryan. He stated that the handheld will never be a necessity for players to enjoy the console and will always be an option!

Something important to note is that the handheld in development was always mentioned to be a streaming handheld. This means that, unlike the hybrid handhelds that are produced by Nintendo and Steam, Project Q will only stream the game front the console to the handheld. It will not do any of the game’s processing on its own. Think of Project Q as a mini screen with a controller that lets you enjoy a game within the proximity of your console.

What Are the Specifications of the PlayStation Handheld?

playstation handheld

Sony is yet to officially reveal the specifications for the device, but from the pictures that have been released so far and through the video that emerged recently, we can make a few assumptions. Project Q has an 8-inch screen that is directly connected to a control pad. The design is oddly similar to the Steam Deck and has the same buttons that you would find in a Dualsense controller.

The video which was posted by Zuby_Tech featured an early prototype of Project Q. The handheld in the video contains a handheld running on an Android OS with a very basic menu. There seem to be four buttons behind the tablet-like section of the PlayStation handheld, along with two holes on the top and the button which are mostly liked ports for the Microphone and headphone jacks. There are speaker slots at the top which aren’t really spaced that far apart, we do fear that this will affect the stereo quality of the audio being broadcasted.

If you are interested in the PlayStation handheld, give the tweet a visit as it contains screenshots of the menu present within the handeld. The video also contains pictures of the PlayStation handheld with the tablet removed.

The community is not taking this news positively as they were demanding a successor for the PS Vita or PSP. But we highly doubt this PlayStation Handheld would come anywhere close to what the community expects from the company. With the leak already out, we expect more information regarding the development of the prototype to come out soon. So tune in for the info!

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