New Nintendo Console for 2024 Leaked Through Microsoft’s Documents


The battle between the FTC and Microsoft has been waging strong for months! But every cloud has a silver lining, and this came in the form of a new Nintendo console. It has been almost 6 years since the Nintendo Switch made its debut to the markets, and console lovers are wanting something new. It looks like our prayers have been answered!

There are no official releases about the new Nintendo console. We learnt about the upcoming console through a leaked document from the ongoing  FTC vs Microsoft battle. The topic was brought into the spotlight as Microsoft places the PlayStation game system as their only direct competitor. 

According to the documents submitted by Microsoft, they consider PlayStation to be the direct competitor to their Xbox game system. This is because both the consoles were released at the same time, and not because they provide a complete competitive landscape. The documents also state that Nintendo released the Switch console three years before the Xbox, which removes it from the comparison. Since the new Nintendo console is set to arrive in 2024, it doesn’t fall into the same lifecycle as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS.

Why is the new Nintendo console a big deal?

The Nintendo Switch marked a revolutionary turning point in the reputation of Nintendo. With the Wii U failing miserably, Nintendo was at a massive loss. The company was failing in both numbers and reputation as gamers expressed their disapproval over the Wii U console. The release of the Switch single handedly saved Nintendo through its massive success.

The Switch console raked in millions of units sold within the first few days and went onto be one of the most successful ventures by the Japanese gaming giant. Over the course of its lifetime, the Switch brought in over 122 million sales ranking it as the third most successful console ever! Only the Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS stand above the Switch purely in terms of sales.

new Nintendo console

With the Switch now entering the 6th year of its lifetime, it’s pretty obvious that the hardware is falling behind in terms of performance. Gamers have been pestering Nintendo to release a new handheld console that has the power to run modern games. Therefore, the successor to the Switch has a colossal role to fill, as it can once again make or break Nintendo’s reputation.

We were informed by our sources that the Sharp Electronics Corporation is in charge of producing the screens for the new Nintendo console. However, this is just a rumor and there isn’t enough evidence to back it up. However, by taking a look at the consoles being produced at the time of the rumor, we can easily reach the conclusion that Sharp is indeed working with Nintendo.

Are you excited for a new Nintendo console? The possibility of a Nintendo console being able to run high performance games such as Elden Ring is a dream for most. With the Steam Decks and ROG Ally making a name within the gaming community, we do think it’s high time Nintendo entered the markets once again.

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